Indira Securities Mutual Fund Investment

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Indira Securities Mutual Fund Investment

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Indira Securities provides mutual fund investment facilities to its customers. The broker provides a completely online or paperless mutual funds investment services to people. Investment in mutual funds with Indira Trade is free because the brokerage house doesn’t charge any fee from clients. The brokerage provides equity, debt, and hybrid/balanced schemes from top AMCs. It further provides a facility to invest in new fund offers (NFO). It allows investment via SIP as well as a one-time or lumpsum route. Customers can invest in regular schemes with IndiraTrade.

Mutual Fund Investment with Indira Securities comes with following advantages;

  • Wide range of scheme choices from 43 Asset Management Companies.
  • All kinds of schemes i.e. equity, hybrid, and debt mutual fund schemes.
  • Free mutual fundsinvestment at Zero charges.
  • Online investment in mutual funds provides ease and convenience.
  • Flexible investment options including SIP and lumpsum.
  • Goal-based investing i.e. retirement, holiday planning, home purchase, higher education, dream car, etc.
  • It provides a downloadable mutual fund investment app named “MF Planet”.
  • The Intelligent automated investing platform, MF Planet provides 24*7 Robo advisory and monitoring.
  • Robo Advisory chat facility is also available on MF Planet.
  • Risk profiling test to identify your risk appetite.
  • Portfolio Health Checkup provides the facility to check your portfolio performance anytime.
  • Instant redemption on a few clicks from your phone.
  • Dedicated customer care service desk.


  • MF Planet, the mutual fund investment app by Indira Trade is not yet available on the App Store.
  • The investment allowed in regular mutual fund schemes only and direct funds is unavailable.

Indira Securities Mutual Fund Charges

    The key benefit of undertaking mutual funds investment with Indira Securities is that the broker doesn’t charge any fee means it facilitate people to invest in mutual funds at zero charges.

Indira Securities Mutual Fund Investment Demo

    Currently, the demo of the product is unavailable, however, interested clients can contact the broker to know the MF investment process with IndiraTrade.

Investment in mutual funds with Indira Securities

MF Investment with IndiraTrade can be done either through the broker’swebsite or Mutual Fund App, MF Planet.

  • Go to the official website of the broker.
  • On the left-hand side menu, click on the MF Login.
  • MF Investment page will open and click on the “Invest Now” button.
  • Click on the login page and enter your e-mail and password.You can also log-in directly on MF Planet App.
  • Select the scheme you want to invest in.
  • Select the route whether SIP or lumpsum, enter the investment amount and proceed with it.
  • Accept the terms & conditions and confirm it.

Mutual Fund Account with Indira Securities

To invest in mutual funds with Indira Securities, one has to open a free mutual fund account on MF Planet following below steps;

  • To open a new account, sign-up by providing details such as name, e-mail, and mobile number.
  • You’ll receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, enter it.
  • Provide personal info i.e. PAN, residential status, Gender, Profession, etc. and save it.
  • Enter your address, PIN code, city, state, and country and click on the “Save &Continue” button.
  • Provide your bank details such as Bank IFSC Code, Account number, Bank Account type and save the information.

Indira Securities Mutual Fund Calculators

  • SIP Amount Calculator

  • SIP Amount Calculator or Monthly Investment Need Calculator helps people to figure out the amount of monthly investment required to achieve the desired corpus in the target period.

  • SIP Value Calculator

  • SIP Value or SIP Planner Calculator determines the expected target corpus that an individual can achieve by investing a fixed sum of money at a regular fixed interval at an expected rate of return.

  • SWP Calculator

  • SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) Calculator is a useful tool to determine the amount required at a fixed interval i.e. monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or yearly to meet monthly financial requirements of customers. People can use this calculator to ascertain their financial requirements during the post-retirement period.

Indira Securities Mutual Funds Customer Care

The broker has a dedicated customer support team to resolve customers’ queries regarding mutual funds investment. The contact numbers are provided below:

  • Indira Securities Mutual Fund customer care number: 07314797228, 07314797236
  • Indira Securities Mutual fund customer care email: [email protected]

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Mutual Funds Investment FAQs

  1. 1. How to open a mutual fund account with Indira Securities?

    You can open a free mutual fund account with Indira Securities to undertake paperless investment in mutual funds at zero charges.

    • Go to the broker’s website, click on MF login and click on Invest Now.
    • Sign-up with your mobile number and E-mail address.
    • Complete OTP-based verification process
    • Enter personal details such as residential status, PAN, address etc and “save” the information.
    • Add bank details including account type, account number and IFSC code to open an account.


  2. 2. How to invest in mutual funds with Indira Securities?

    Investment in mutual funds with IndiraTrade is completely free because the brokerage house doesn’t charge any fee from clients. The brokerage firm provides regular schemes across equity, hybrid, and debt category. To invest in mutual funds with Indira Securities, follow these steps;

    • Log-in with your mutual fund account either on the website or mutual fund app, MF Planet.
    • Chose the mutual fund scheme, in which, you want to invest.
    • Select the mode of investment i.e. SIP or lumpsum and enter details i.e. amount, tenure, etc.
    • Accept the terms & conditions and submit it.


  3. 3. Does Indira Securities provide mutual fund app?

    Yes, Indira Securities provides a mutual fund investment app called “MF Planet” to undertake investment in regular mutual funds across equity, debt, and hybrid categories. The MF Planet app is an intelligent automated mutual fund investment platform that offers Robo advisory services to help people selecting the best scheme for varied investment objective. One can invest in mutual funds with Indira Trade either systematically or one-time/lumpsum route at zero brokerage.


  4. 4. What is your review on Indira MF Planet app?

    Online investment is mutual funds with Indira Securities platform, MF planet app comes with abundance of advantages, see below;

    • Investment across schemes i.e. equity, hybrid, and debt.
    • Free online mutual fund investment at zero fees.
    • Robotic advisory and personal counselling to select the right scheme for investment.
    • Portfolio Health Checkup and portfolio rebalancing.

    Notably, although the app is the best mobile app for first-time investors but if you have good market and mutual funds knowledge then it is always better to go with direct funds, however, Indira MF Planet doesn’t offer direct plans.


  5. 5. Does Indira Securities offer mutual funds advisory?

    Yes, Indira Securities serve customers at every point, if you're looking to invest in mutual funds with IndiraTrade then you will be assigned with a dedicated relationship manager who will advise you on the right scheme based on your specification i.e. risk and investment tenure.


Last Updated on 2020-12-07

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