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5paisa Mutual Fund Investment 2022

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5paisa Capital Ltd Mutual Fund Investment

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5paisa offers online mutual fund investment facilities wherein one can undertake investment in both the direct and regular plans. Investment in direct mutual funds allows earning greater benefits due to lower commission whereas, on regular mutual funds, AMCs distribute the commission to brokers. If you’ve opened a 2-in-1 account with 5paisa then you will also get a free mutual fund account, however, if you are only a mutual fund investor, then instead of opening an all-in-1 account, you should only open a 5paisa Free Mutual Fund account. Here are the key advantages that justify mutual fund investment with 5paisa. Get access to both direct as well as regular plans for clients.

  • Open a free mutual fund account with 5paisa at zero fees.
  • 5paisa has partnered with 23+ AMCs that provide you a wide selection of schemes.
  • Investment across categories i.e. equity, hybrid, debt, etc.
  • NFOs are also available with 5paisa.
  • Availability of both the SIP and lumpsum mode of investment.
  • Portfolio tracking and monitoring anytime as per your convenience.
  • Investment in MFs via either browser-based platform – Trade Station Web or mobile app.
  • Zero brokerage for investment in direct plans saves investment costs.
  • Get a lifetime Free demat account for mutual funds.
  • 5paisa Demat Account is an integrated platform to manage stocks, securities, and mutual funds at a single place.
  • Invest, redeem, and stop your mutual fund investment as per your choice except for ELSS funds that have a 3 years lock-in period.
  • Handpicked funds by experts in every MF category.
  • Use 5paisa Fund Screener to apply advanced filters to find out the best MF schemes.
  • 5paisa Auto Investor is an Algo Trading platform that creates a customized MF portfolio in line with their investment specification i.e. risk, tenure, and goal.
  • Customized MF basket: High-Risk High Return, Equity Funds for Long-term, Moderate Risk Balanced Funds, Low-Risk Debt Funds, Tax Saving ELSS Funds, Insta Redemption ELSS Funds

5paisa Mutual Fund Account

The discount broker offers a completely online or paperless account opening process. Here is the step by step process to open a free mutual fund account with 5paisa;

  • Visit the broker’s website.
  • Go to Mutual Funds.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Fill up your personal details i.e. Name, PAN, etc. and bank details i.e. account no., type, IFSC code, etc.
  • Upload necessary documents and complete the digital signature process and your account will be opened.

5paisa Mutual Fund Investment Process

Login to your 5paisa account either on the online platform or mobile trading app.

  • Navigate the fund you want to invest in and click on “Invest Now”
  • The scheme window page will be displayed presenting info such as name, NAV, return history.
  • Click on your preferred route whether SIP or lumpsum.
  • In case of SIP investment, enter the amount and choose the SIP date while, if you’re a lumpsum investor, then enter the amount and click on the “Proceed” button.
  • Make payment and mutual fund units will be allotted as per the cut-off timing rules.
  • The bought mutual fund units will be reflected in your demat account.
  • You can track your mutual fund portfolio anytime anywhere.

5paisa Mutual Fund brokerage

    The discount broker provides a free of cost investment services in regular funds means at zero brokerage. However, direct mutual fund brokerage varies according to the subscription plan preferred by the client. Under the Optimum plan, the brokerage charges are Flat Rs. 10 per order for direct MF whereas there are zero brokerage charges under Titanium and Platinum Subscription Plan. This is one of the reasons that encourage people to invest in mutual funds with 5paisa.

5paisa Mutual Fund Trading Platform

Mutual fund investors can use any of the below trading platforms available with 5paisa.

    5paisa Mobile Trading App

    Mobile users can undertake investment in mutual funds with 5paisa through using 5paisa mobile app. It is one of the most convenient and preferred routes that allows provides MF investment facility on your fingertips.

    5paisa Trade Station Web

    Trade Station Web is the online trading platform on One can log-in his/her 5paisa account on any supported browser i.e. Firefox, Chrome, etc and buy Quick SIP or lumpsum in direct as well as regular plans. People can also access tools such as fund screener, SIP and lumpsum calculator, Auto investor, and many others.

5paisa Mutual Fund Calculators

  • 5paisa SIP Calculator: The broker has a simple and easy to use SIP calculator that helps to calculate SIP returns just by entering monthly investment amount, tenure, and return.
  • 5paisa Lumpsum Calculator: This calculator figures out the growth value on lumpsum investment of a fixed sum of money for a target period at an expected rate of return.

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5paisa FAQs

5paisa offers mutual funds investment services wherein you can invest in direct as well as regular funds via SIP or lumpsum route. To start SIP in mutual funds with 5paisa, follow the process.

  • Log-in your account on either web platform or mobile app.
  • Select the scheme, you want to invest in.
  • Click on invest now, and select “SIP” as mode of investment.
  • Enter details such as SIP start date, SIP amount, etc.
  • Payment of the required money.
  • Once the order is processed and units are allotted, you can check your MF holdings in your 5paisa Demat Account.


Last Updated on 2022-05-25