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Tradeplus Mobile App|Desktop-INFINI TRADER|Review 2020

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Tradeplus online Trading Platform Review

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Tradeplus Mobile - Tradeplus mobile app

TradePlus Mobile AppTradeplus Mobile is officially mobile app from Tradeplus. This mobile app has all the features which you need to trade in stock marker. Single sign on for trading in equity, currency and commodities.Invest in IPO and Mutual funds.

Key feature of TradePlus Mobile App are:
  • Custom Market Watch List
  • Trade in equity, derivatives, currency derivatives and commodities
  • Reports - Order book, trade book, net position and funds view
  • Quick and fast, use low bandwidth
  • Holding report and intra-day charts
  • Portfolio tracker
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • Backoffice access
  • Invest in IPOs Mutual funds and Bonds
  • Reserch and blogs access
  • Real time streaming quotes
  • Quick order placement
  • Access your holdings in demat account, ledger balances, ledger statements, DP holdings, open positions, DP bill
  • Security and digital contract notes
  • Check available limits and total margin on your account
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Android App Size: 5.3 MB
  • IOS Version: Not Available
  • iSO App Size: NA
  • Customer Reviews: Average rating (4.3 out of 5)
  • URL:
  • Contact Email: [email protected]
  • Google Play Store Download Link

Tradeplus NSE NOW

Tradeplus offers NSE NOW as free trading tool for equity and currency segment. The NSE NOW trading platform is available in web based, desktop based and mobile app version. The broker provides these platforms through NSE NOW. It is available for website version, trading terminal version and as a mobile app for iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet devices, Blackberry and Java enabled phones.The NSE NOW is free software for equity and currency trading by Tradeplus.


Tradeplus INFINI TRADER is a desktop base trading terminal from OMNISYS NEST. You can trade in BSE/NSE/MCX. This is a downloadable version or exe based terminal. Single sign on for Equity,Currency and Commodity trading.

Key Feature of Tradeplus INFINI TRADER:

  • Market Watch
  • Snap Quote
    • Best 5 Bid and Ask
    • 52 Wk High and low
    • Open, High, Low
  • Buy and Sell Order
  • Reports
    • Order Book
    • Traded Orders
    • Top N Gainers and Losers
    • Account Balance
    • Net Positions
    • Bulk Trades
  • Options Calculator
  • Advance Charts
    • Intraday Charts
    • Historical Charts
  • Write in Excel
  • Alerts – Set Alerts
  • Bracket Orders
  • Cover Orders
  • After market orders
  • News and Notifications
  • Market Monitor


The INFINI POWER is paid trading platform from Tradeplus. This is a trading product by i-Dart and package is available for desktop, web and mobile app. Yearly plan for trading platform is Rs-2999, half yearly – Rs 1999, monthly plan – Rs 499.Downloadable version of INFINI POWER is available on backoffice site and can be install on your local machine. Link for login on web version -

Key feature of INFINI POWER

  • Single signoff for Equity, Currency and Commodities.
  • Real time watch list
  • Shortcut keys for Order entry and modifications.
  • Order book and order history
  • Easy position square off and product conversion options.
  • On screen Trading and Analytics dashboard.
  • One touch access to Back Office reports, Profile , Payin, Payout , Online MF.
  • Advance Charting - Best in class charting platform with more than 100 indicators , 13 different chart types to choose from, 6 different time scales
  • Advanced analytics with Live Scanners and EOD technical reports

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Last Updated on 2020-01-06

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