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SAS Online offers light, fast, and intuitive ALPHA trading platforms to customers to offer them a superior trading experience. The discount broker provides all kinds of trading platforms such as installable desktop software, mobile trading application, and browser-based trading platform. SAS Online ALPHA Mobile, SAS Online ALPHA Web, and SAS Online ALPHA Trader are the three platforms available to customers to trade-in different financial products. The broker further facilitates mutual funds investment across web trading and mobile version. SAS MF is the mobile app by SAS Online to invest in various mutual funds. Get the complete analysis of SAS Online Trading Platforms in detail with its features, key considerations, and download.

SAS Online Trading Platforms

The trading platforms by SAS Online includes the following;

  • SAS Online ALPHA Mobile (Mobile app)
  • SAS Online ALPHA Web (Online trading website)
  • SAS Online ALPHA Trader (Trading terminal)
  • SAS MF (Mutual fund app)

SAS Online ALPHA Mobile

In 2017, SAS Online has launched a new trading app - ALPHA Mobile that made online trading easier than it was ever before. As the name itself, it is the mobile trading application by SAS Online. The mobile app is compatible across various devices such as Android, iOS, and windows. The feature-rich ALPHA Mobile gives the power to trade on the go. The SAS Online mobile app allows people to place trade anytime anywhere, monitor real-time quotes, advanced charts, check trading positions, and others.

SAS Online ALPHA Mobile Features

The ALPHA Mobile app by SAS Online comes with an uncountable number of features that are provided here;

  • Trade-in equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency on BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • Check and manage your holdings and positions from ALPHA Mobile.
  • Real-time market data of market indices and stocks.
  • Technical charts for various time frames and drawing tools.
  • The market watchlist feature at SAS Online allows users to create a customized watchlist.
  • Five market watch available with 20 scrips in each of the watchlist.
  • 13 real-time advanced market screeners to capture hot stocks such as 52 weeks high and low and most active stocks.
  • You can place various orders such as limit, market, stop loss, and stop-loss market.
  • Get higher intraday leverage with bracket orders and cover orders.
  • Market depth provides information about the top 5 buyers and sellers along with quantity and price.
  • The mobile app allows customers to place aftermarket orders.
  • Fund transfer to your SAS Online Trading Account.
  • The ALPHA Mobile app provides notification on price alerts and order execution and 9 advanced alerts.

SAS Online ALPHA Mobile Demo

On the YouTube channel, “SAS Online, South Asian Stocks Limited”, the broker provides the product demo video of various trading platforms that provides details about product features and usage.

Steps to check product demo on the SAS Online website

  • Visit the broker’s website.
  • On the top, under the “Support” tab, click on the “Video” option.
  • Here, on the page, you’ll find all the videos of its trading platforms.

SAS Online Alpha Mobile App Demo

SAS Online ALPHA Mobile Download

The mobile app by SAS Online is accessible across multiple devices such as Android devices, Apple iOS, and Windows smartphones.

To download the mobile application from the broker’s website, follow these steps;

  • Visit the SAS Online website.
  • On the top, under the “Trading option” click on the “Trading Platform”.
  • A new page will appear, scroll down the page where you’ll find the ALPHA Mobile section.
  • App download links are available for all the 3 devices i.e. Android, Windows, and iOS from where users can download the app.

SAS Online ALPHA Mobile App on Android: Android device users can also download the mobile app directly from the Google Play Store.

Download SAS Online Mobile app on Android

SAS Online ALPHA Mobile App on iOS: Apple iOS users (iPhone and iPad) can download the SAS Online mobile app from the App Store.

Download SAS Online Mobile App on iOS

SAS Online ALPHA Mobile App on Windows: Windows smartphone users can download the mobile application from the Microsoft Play Store.

Download SAS Online Mobile App on Windows

SAS Online ALPHA Web (Online trading website)

ALPHA Web is the web-based trading platform by SAS Online. The browser-driven trading application allows users to trade by simply log-in their account on a desktop or laptop without any requirement to download or install.

SAS Online ALPHA Web Features

The light, fast and adaptable web trading platform provides users following set of features;

  • Real-time market data through the use of Advanced socket technology.
  • Get an instant view of your account summary.
  • Real-time market alerts and advanced alerts based on various conditions.
  • Place instant buy and sell orders on ALPHA Web.
  • Keyboard shortcuts facilitate to navigate the platform with greater ease.
  • Get full coverage of market news, trending financial news, exchange announcement, etc.
  • Market watch lists feature allows users to create up to 5 personalized watchlists.
  • Product types i.e. CNC, NRML, and MIS and limit, market, stop loss, and stop-loss market are available.
  • 100+ technical indicators and 10+ technical charts.
  • Market screeners provide a quick update about the hot stocks i.e. most active stocks, volume shockers, 52 weeks high/low breakers, etc.
  • Get details of order book i.e. pending orders and completed orders
  • Check the position book to view your trade positions.
  • Real-time price alerts with various conditions i.e. less than, greater than, outside range, etc.

SAS Online ALPHA Web Demo

The demo of the web platform is available on the website as well as on its YouTube channel. You can find the product demo video here;

Check SAS Online ALPHA Web Demo

SAS Online ALPHA Trader

ALPHA Trader is a trading terminal by SAS Online that is downloadable or installable on desktop. The trading software is an integrated trading platform that is highly useful for active traders. The platform provides a range of features, pointed below;

  • A single platform to across the BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • Advanced charting feature with 80+ technical indicators and 10+ charts i.e. candle, bar, Point & Figure, Renko, Heikin Ashi, etc.
  • ALPHA Trade scanner such as 10X volume breakout and others inform you about live hot stocks.
  • Expert Advisors feature on ALPHA Trader allows users to code a login in human-readable language and backtest the particular trend over historical market data.
  • Trade from the charts facility.
  • Create customized price alerts that notify users automatically.
  • Execute buy and sell trade orders faster.
  • Hassle-free fund transfer to your account.

SAS Online ALPHA Trader Demo

The product demo video is available on both the SAS Online website and its YouTube channel. There are a number of videos available on ALPHA Trader about its features such as basic functionalities, ALPHA Trader Fund Transfer, ALPHA Trader limits and Margins, ALPHA Trader BO and CO, ALPHA Trader Scanner, ALPHA Trader Expert Advisors, and others.

Check ALPHA Trader Software Demo

SAS Online ALPHA Trader Download

You can download the ALPHA Trader set up from the broker’s website following the below steps;

  • Visit the official website of the broker.
  • Under the “Trading Option, click on the “Trading Platform”
  • Scroll down, you’ll find the ALPHA Trader Setup, click on the “Download” button and the setup will be installed.

Download SAS Online ALPHA Trader

SAS MF (Mutual Fund App)

SAS Online provides investment in mutual funds across the web and mobile trading platforms. SAS MF is the mutual fund investment app by SAS Online. The app facilitates users to invest in regular mutual funds anytime anywhere through the mobile device.

SAS MF App features

MF App by SAS Online incorporates the following set of features;

  • Wide range of scheme choices across equity, debt, and hybrid categories.
  • Online investment in mutual funds.
  • Users can view their MF holding reports anytime.
  • Investment in mutual funds via SIP or lumpsum investment route.
  • Market view, news, and MF report such as equity market outlook and debt market outlook.
  • Calculators such as SIP Return Calculator, lumpsum calculator, etc.
  • E-locker facility to keep all personal documents safe.
  • Alerts for SIP termination, expiry, and bounce.

SAS MF App Demo

The SAS MF product demo video is unavailable on the website and YouTube channel.

SAS MF App Download

The mutual fund mobile application is downloadable on the Android as well as iOS version. To download the mobile app from the broker’s website, follow the below steps;

  • Visit the broker’s website.
  • On the top, under the “Support” menu, click on the “mutual fund” option. It will be directed to a new web page – SAS Wealth Management Pvt Ltd. You can even directly visit the page.
  • Scroll down the page, you will find the app download links. Click on it to install the SAS MF App.

Android users can download the mutual fund mobile app by SAS Online from the Google Play Store whereas iOS users can download it from the App Store on iPhone and iPad.

Download SAS MF on Android

Download SAS MF on iOS

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Trading Platform FAQs

  1. 1. How to download SAS Online ALPHA Mobile?

    You can download the ALPHA Mobile app by SAS Online following below steps;

    • Visit the broker’s website.
    • Go to the “Trading option”, and click on the “Trading Platform”
    • Scroll down the page, you’ll find downloadable links to install the app on your device. The app is compatible across all devices such as Android, iOS, and windows.

    Download SAS Online Mobile App on Android

    Download SAS Online Mobile App on iOS

    Download SAS Online Mobile App on Windows


  2. 2. How can I download SAS Online ALPHA Trader?

    SAS Online ALPHA Trader is the trading terminal by the broker that provides many features such as bracket order, cover order, scanners, hassle-free fund transfer, and others.

    Steps to download the trading terminal, ALPHA Trader.

    • Go to the SAS Online’s official website.
    • Go to the “Trading Option” and then click on the “Trading Platform”.
    • Click on the ALPHA Trader setup to download the trading terminal.

    Download SAS Online ALPHA Trader


  3. 3. How to use charts on ALPHA Web for trading?

    ALPHA Web that is the online trading platform by SAS Online. Users can access their trading account on the web platform on any supported browser on laptop, desktop or even mobile.

    ALPHA Web Charting features:

    • Access technical charts for stocks on various time-frame i.e. 1 min, 5min, 10 min, 30 min, 1 hour, etc.
    • 6 types of technical charts such as Heikin Ashi, Kagi, Renko, Point & figure, Line Break, and Range Bars.
    • Get access to various charting style i.e. candle, bar, line, hollow candle, and others.
    • Users can study multiple technical indicators to backtest the pattern such as Bollinger bands, MACD, etc.

    Check ALPHA Web Charting Demo


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