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Indira Securities Trading Platforms 2021

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Indira Securities Trading Platform Review

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Indira Securities offers equity trading, derivatives trading, commodity trading, currency trading, IPOs, mutual funds and depository services. The broker provides trading facilities on number of trading platforms across web, mobile and terminal.

Different trading platforms of the broker includes Indira Investor Web, Indira Trader Terminal, and mobile app-Indira TradeInsta that can be downloaded on Android as well as App Store. Customers can use any of the trading platforms to trade-in different financial products offered by the broker. Scroll down further to check the complete review of Indira Securities Trading Platforms including key aspects i.e. features, benefits, and download.

  • Indira Trade Insta (Mobile App)
  • Indira Trader Terminal (Trading Terminal)
  • Indira Investor Web (Web Trading)
  • Indira MF Planet (Mutual Fund App)

Indira TradeInsta

Indira TradeInsta is the in-house mobile app by Indira Securities to allow mobile trading services to people. The Indira Securities Mobile App is one of India’s best trading and analytical app that matches the requirement of both traders & beginners and incorporates a number of advanced features and benefits that are pointed below;

  • Live market view of Indices and market statistics such as top gainer & loser, FII & DII data, etc.
  • Multifarious Dashboard to check market updates, positions, order limits, research & news at a single click.
  • 300+ scanners and advanced technical charting tools with 100+ indicators.
  • Comprehensive set of research reports & research calls to match your trading & investment objective.
  • Easy and hassle-free fund transfer process.
  • Fundamental & technical score for every stock provides a clear picture about stock performance.
  • Real-time market news and important announcement.
  • Refer & Earn facility provides monetary benefits to clients on account referral.
  • Access to MF Planet, an intelligent automated mutual fund investing platform.
  • Call & Trade to place orders by talking to Indira Securities executives.
  • Dedicated customer care support facility.
  • Free stock market education to have the basic understanding of the market.

Indira Securities Mobile App Demo

    Indira Securities has a channel on YouTube whereby it regularly posts its research, inform users about its product & service offerings, and use of its trading platforms.

Indira TradeInsta Download

    The Indira Securities app is available to download on both the Google Play Store and App Store. Android users can download the mobile app from Play Store whereas iOS users can download the app from the App Store.

    Steps to download the mobile app by Indira Securities

    • Visit the broker’s website.
    • On the top, you will find the “Trade Insta” option, just click on it.
    • If you’re Android device user, then click on the “Get It On Google Play” to download the app.
    • If you’re an iOSdevice user, then click on the “Get It OnApp Store” to download the app.
  • Download Indira TradeInsta app on Android
  • Download Indira TradeInsta app on iOS

Indira Trader Terminal

It is the downloadable trading terminal offered by Indira Securities. The application (EXE) based trading platform allows traders to download the Diet Software on their desktop or laptop and then facilitate trading across many financial products. ODIN Diet is one of the most popular online trading platforms in India and around 1000+ brokerage houses tied-up with ODIN. The terminal-based platform allows trading across BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX. The software comes with following key features, listed here as under:

  • The software provides many specialized tools such as Greek market watch, Resistance Watch, Pivot point support, conditional ticker, Heat map, and others.
  • Real-time market data enables to trade swiftly.
  • Various calculators such as Options, Retracement, extension, Pivot, etc. helps to build trading strategy.
  • Users can set customized and conditional alerts & notifications for stocks & options.
  • ODIN Diet scanners capture important events and notify users.
  • The software is integrated with Indira Securities back office.
  • Users are allowed to customize user-interface according to their preference & trading needs.
  • The application is highly secure with a two-way authentication process.
  • ODIN Diet software allows a dynamic portfolio and basket trading facility.
  • An integrated payment gateway allows people to transfer funds from trading account to bank account.
  • Use short cut keys to access features instantly.


  • The trading terminal provides a limited charting options.

Indira Trader Terminal Demo

    On the Indira Securities YouTube channel, you can check the video to know how to operate the ODIN Diet Client Software.

Indira Trader Terminal Download

    You can download the Indira Trader Terminal via ODIN Diet software from the broker’s website following these steps;

    • Visit the Indira Securities website.
    • On the top-side, click on the “Downloads” option.
    • Under the “DIET” option, click on the “Download” button in front of Diet Full Setup.

    IndiraTrade ODIN Diet Software Download

Indira Investor Web

It is a web-based online trading platform offered by Indira Securities. The online trading interface allows people to trade through its website from anywhere in the world. Indira Investor Web or Indira Investor Terminal is based on the “NETNETHT” technology that offers following sophisticated features, pointed below:

  • IndiraTrade web trading platform allows to trade-in equity, F&O, commodity, currency, etc.
  • Advanced charting feature to analyze various scrips.
  • Market watch allows to view real-time market movement.
  • Live updates and alerts.
  • Place trade orders, modify orders & cancellation.
  • View the order book, transaction book, and account balance.

Indira MF Planet

MF Planet is the mutual fund investment app by Indira Securities. The brokerage house facilitate people to invest in regular mutual fund schemes across equity, debt, and hybrid categories. The intelligent automated MF investing platform, “MF Planet” allows online investment in mutual funds at zero brokerage or fee. One can open a free mutual fund account with Indira Securities to invest in regular mutual fund schemes from 43 AMCs.

MF Planet by Indira Securities/IndiraTrade provides a number of benefits, pointed below;

  • Equity, debt, and hybrid schemes from 43 AMCs.
  • MF Planet allows free mutual fund investment at zero charges.
  • Flexible investment options via lumpsum (one-time) or SIP.
  • 24*7 Robo advisory and monitoring help to select the most appropriate scheme.
  • Portfolio Health Checkup facility to review clients’ portfolio anytime.
  • Instant mutual fund redemption.
  • Dedicated customer care service.
  • Risk-profiling questionnaire to assess your risk profile.
  • Personal counseling services to seek advisors help for investment.


  • MF Planet mobile app is not available on the App Store.
  • Investment can’t be done in direct mutual fund schemes.

Indira MF Planet App Demo

    On the broker’s YouTube channel, you can check the MF Planet to check out the key features of the app.

Indira MF Planet App Download

    Only Android device users can download the MF Planet app following the below process;

    • Go to the broker’s website.
    • On the left-hand side, click on the “MF Advisor login”.
    • A new page will be open, scroll down the page.
    • Click on “Get It On Google Play”.
    • Click on the “Install” button on the Play Store to download the app.

    Download MF Planet App on Android

Trading Platform FAQs

  1. 1. How to download Indira Securities TradeInsta app?

    To download the TradeInsta mobile app by IndiraTrade, follow below steps:

    • Visit the broker’s website.
    • At the top, click on the “Trade Insta”.
    • Android users must click on the Play Store link whereas iOS users must click on the App Store to download the Indira Securities mobile app.

    Download Indira TradeInsta on Android

    Download Indira TradeInsta app on iOS



  2. 2. How to Download Indira Trader Terminal?

    Indira Trader Terminal is an application based trading platform that facilitate people to trade in various products through the ODIN Diet software. The software is installable on a laptop as well as desktop and facilitates trading across BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX.

    • Go to the official website of the broker.
    • Click on the “Downloads” option available at the top.
    • Under the “DIET” option, you’ll find Diet full set-up, just click on the “Download”.

    Download IndiraTrade ODIN Diet Software



  3. 3. How to Download Indira MF Planet app?

    MF Planet by Indira Securities is a mobile app for mutual funds investment app. The app is an intelligent automated platform that provides all categories of mutual funds from 43 AMCs. It further offers Robo advisory services to suggest the best scheme to clients in line with their risk objective and investment goals based on intelligent algorithms. The app can be downloaded on the Android devices from the Play Store.

    • Visit the official website of the broker.
    • Click on MF Advisor Login available in the left-hand side.
    • Scroll down the page and click on the Google Play Store Link, and install the MF Planet App.

    Download MF Planet App on Android



  4. 4. Can I download IndiraTrade MF app on iOS?

    IndiraTrade MF investment app, popular as "MF planet" allows users to undertake investment in different types of mutual funds offered by 43+ top AMCs. However, the biggest drawback is the broker's app is only available on the Google Playstore and not yet still available on the iOS thus, if you're a smartphone users such as iPad and iPhone then, you can't download the app.



  5. 5. What is your review on Indira TradeInsta mobile app?

    Indira TradeInsta app is one of the best mobile applications for beginners to high-level traders. Indira Securities app allows trading and investment across BSE, NSE, and MCX. The mobile app comes with many advanced features i.e. 300+ scanners, advanced charting, fundamental and technical score, market news and announcement, daily research calls, live market overview, and others. Due to the number of advanced features, CEO Magazine awarded the app as the best trading & analytical app. The mobile app by Indira Securities is available to download on both the Android and iOS devices



Last Updated on 2020-12-07

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