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HDFC Securities Trading Platforms Review 2023

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HDFC Securities Ltd Trading Platform Review
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  • HDFC Securities Ltd (HSL) is one of the largest full-service brokers in India that offers clients a wide range of products including equity, future & option, currency, commodity, NPS, fixed deposits, insurance, IPOs, mutual funds, NCDs etc. The brokeroffers trading & investment facilities across multiple trading platforms that are easy to use, convenient, and highly secure. Its trading platform includes mobile app, web-based trading, trading terminal, mutual funds investment platform, and others. The platforms come up with many advanced features including but not restricted to personalized watch lists, powerful charting, real-time market updates, and portfolio tracking & monitoring to provide seamless and digital trading experience to users. Check the complete HDFC Securities Trading Platforms Review with types of trading platforms, usefulness, features & key considerations.

    The trading platforms by HDFC Securities are listed as follows:

    • Mobile Trading App
    • Web-based trading
    • Blink
    • ProTerminal
    • Digify
    • HDFC Securities smallcase
    • Voice-enabled trading platform, Arya
    • Call & trade

    HDFC Securities Mobile Trading App

    HDFC Securities offers a mobile trading facility that is a highly convenient platform as it can be accessed anywhere via your mobile device. The mobile app by HDFC Sec provides you an uncountable number of features including but not restricted to powerful charting, real-time market updates, watch lists, and investment ideas.

    Key features of HDFC Securities mobile trading app are pointed below:

    • A single platform to trade in equities, derivatives, ETF, and mutual fund
    • Multilingual app in English and 11 different regional languages
    • Customized multiple segment market watch list
    • Market snapshot, real-time market update, and news coverage
    • Access to both the fundamental and technical trading & investment ideas
    • Real-time intraday charts for technical analysis
    • Exhaustive investment portfolio
    • Regular equity, derivative and currency research calls
    • Instant IPO application
    • Check margin limits on your account
    • Timely notifications and alerts of key market events
    • Interactive demos to sharpen market knowledge
    • Set up SIP in equities via DIYSIP


    • Trading tips and recommendations are not updated regularly.

    HDFC Securities mobile app demo

    You can check the HSL mobile trading app demo on HDFC Securities youtube channel. Alternatively, you can also visit the broker’s website, click on the video icon available on the right-hand side and under the filter option, select mobile app demo. You can check the number of videos presented on the screen.

    Click here to check mobile app Demo

    HDFC Securities mobile trading app download

    • Android users: To download the trading app on android, go to google play store, search HDFC Securities app and click on install.
    • iPhone users: To download the trading app on iOS, go to the app store, search the HDFC Securities app and click on install.
    • You can also give a missed call on 08010945114 to get app download link.
    • Download HDFC Securities app on Android
    • Download HDFC Securities app on iOS

    HDFC Securities Web-based Trading

    HDFC Securities website is its web trading platform that runs on browser-based applications accessible anywhere using desktop, laptop or mobile devices. The platform is very easy to use and offers many interesting features to provide you the best trading experience.

    Key features offered by HDFC Securities web trading are presented below:

    • One platform to invest in equity, F&O, IPO, mutual funds, bonds, and other segments.
    • Highly customized trading platform that offers a personalized trading experience.
    • Advanced interactive charts for technical analysis.
    • Real-time market updates, exchange announcements, and company-specific information.
    • Track & monitor your investment portfolio.
    • Personalized watch lists feature.
    • Free research reports and market tips.

    HDFC Securities Blink

    HDFC Securities Blink is a desktop downloadable trading software that can be setup on your computer or laptop. The platform is very easy, highly customized and exhaustive in nature with ample of unique features that are extremely useful for heavy level traders, especially intra-day traders. It provides high-speed trading experience to users to trade in equity and F&O segments.

    Blink by HDFC Securities comes with many features, listed below:

    • Place fast buy/sell orders
    • Monitor & track real-time price movements
    • Highly-customized trading platform
    • Latest market tips and research reports across segments i.e. equity, currency, mutual funds, IPO
    • Portfolio & transaction monitoring such as order book, trade book, net position.
    • One user interface to place orders in equity and F&O segment.
    • Advanced charting with various charts, technical indicators, and options strategies.
    • Real-time market quotes across indices.
    • Shortcut keys configuration to execute orders and access features quickly.
    • User-defined alerts and notifications to get reminders.
    • Multiple market watch screens as you can create 5 market watch screens


    • No trial available to use the platform.
    • Difficult to use for initial level traders or beginners.
    • It is a paid or chargeable trading platform.

    HDFC Securities Blink Charges

    HDFC Securities Blink charges a subscription fee from clients, mentioned below;

    • Blink subscription fee for 6 months: Rs. 2,999
    • Blink subscription fee for 1 year: Rs. 3,999

    HDFC Securities ProTerminal

    ProTerminal by HDFC Securities Ltd is one of the best trading terminals designed for privileged customers. The platform is an extremely convenient tool for researchers, traders, and analysts to do the in-depth market analysis. The modern technology software works on advanced technology and mathematical algorithms. The app collects data from a thousand sources across the world and presents the real-time and readily available information to traders to help them make the right investment decisions. With HDFC Securities ProTerminal, you can examine the market sentiments behind the stock price movement and predict future direction.

    The ProTerminal offers a multitude of advanced features that are listed below:

    • Sentiment analysis to understand the sentiments behind market trends.
    • Predictive data analysis to get future market predictions.
    • Full news coverage on market outlook.
    • User-defined watch lists to keep eye on desired stock price movement.
    • Signals/alerts when a stock breaches important levels
    • Place buy and/or sell orders directly from the chart.
    • 8 different types of charts including line, candlestick, area, linebreak, Heikin-Ashi, range bars, OHlC, and Renko.
    • Comprehensive market analysis with real-time 3600 market news.
    • Advanced ProTerminal screeners to shortlist stocks based on multiple criteria.
    • Built option strategy builders

    HDFC Securities ProTerminal Charges

    ProTerminal is a chargeable trading platform so not for everyone. To access the platform, you have to pay a subscription fee. Currently, ProTerminal subscription charges is Rs. 1,999 plus applicable taxes and will be valid for 1-year tenure. 

    HDFC Securities ProTerminal Demo

    You can check the ProTerminal demo at the HDFC Securities website or its YouTube channel.

    Click here to check HDFC Securities ProTerminal Demo

    HDFC Securities ProTerminal Download

    You can install ProTerminal on your laptop, desktop or smartphone. You can download the ProTerminal app on android from Google Play store and on iphone and iPad through app store.

    Download ProTerminal on Android

    Download ProTerminal on App store


    Likewise, Zerodha that has a separate platform, coin for mutual fund investment, HDFC Securities Ltd also has Digify, one-stop-shop for mutual fund investment. Digify is a 100% online mutual fund investment platform. An Indian resident with an age of 18 years or beyond can register with their mobile number and login with Digify at zero account opening charges. 

    To get the complete review of Digify, Click Here

    Key features of Digify

    • Digify does not charge any account opening fees from clients.
    • Completely paperless online mutual fund investment platform.
    • HSL has tie-up with 30+ leading AMCs that offer you a wide range of schemes to invest in.
    • You can invest either by SIP, lumpsum, STP or SWP mode.
    • You can track, monitor and manage your mutual fund portfolio anytime, anywhere.
    • You don’t need to have an HSL demat & trading account to invest with Digify.


    • The broker does not offer mutual fund investment advice.

    HDFC Securities Digify Demo

    HDFC Securities has a youtube channel where the broker posts regularly update about their products, services, research, trading & investment tips and recommendation as well. Alternatively, you can also visit the broker website, click on Digify and check the available product demo.

    Click here to check Digify Demo

    Mutual Fund Investment with Digify

    You can invest in mutual funds with Digify in a paperless manner as the process is completely online or digital. To open Digify mutual fund account online, you have to follow the below-mentioned process;

    • Visit the company’s website and click on Digify
    • Fill registration details
    • You have to enter the OTP received on your mobile number and email.
    • Enter PAN card number and click on proceed.
    • Enter bank details for KYC compliance.
    • Auto-featured FATCA will be available, check it and proceed.

    HDFC Securities Smallcase

    Likewise other brokers such as Zerodha and 5paisa, HDFC Sec also offers smallcase, a thematic investment product that allows you to invest in ideas. A smallcase can be defined as a product with a basket of stocks from a particular theme of your choice that is likely to perform better in the near future. There are number of smallcase themes such as Shubh Aarambh (particularly for new investors), HDFC Pack (group of companies from HDFC Group), Dividend Aristocrats (consistently dividend-paying stocks), Tata Pack (companies from Tata Group), Double Earning Pack, Rising Rural Demand (companies likely to benefit from growing rural consumption), Top 100 stocks, Oil & Gas Pack, Life Insurance Pack, and many others.

    Key features of HDFC Securities smallcase are pointed here as under:

    • Range of selections from 55+ different selections
    • 4 thematic choices; model-based, thematic, sector trackers and beta.
    • As smallcase is a bunch of stocks helps to diversify your investment risk.
    • Regular investment with SIP frequency i.e. weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
    • You don’t need to undertake any research to select the best stocks from a particular theme.
    • Buy multiple stocks on a single click.
    • Easy portfolio tracking and monitoring.
    • There are no management fees on smallcase.
    • Create personalized smallcase with up to 50 stocks.
    • Selection based on your risk appetite whether conservative, moderate or aggressive

    Voice-enabled trading platform, Arya

    Keeping into account investors’ convenience and ease, HDFC Securities Ltd is the first brokerage house that introduced a voice-enabled trading platform. The virtual assistant, Arya offers you the facility to serve through voice IoT devices over Google Assistant, Google Home and Amazon Alexa powered devices.

    Key features offered by Arya

    • Open HDFC Securities trading account online with Arya by just providing a mobile number.
    • Investment in equities and mutual funds.
    • Facilitate you to invest in mutual funds on Digify Platform without a trading account.
    • Latest stock recommendation tips from the HSL research team.
    • Redeem your mutual fund investment.
    • Portfolio tracking and monitoring.
    • Stock market quotes.

    Virtual assistance with Arya

    • Download Google Home/Assistant/Amazon Alexa on your device.
    • Speak “Talk to HDFC Securities”
    • Virtual assistant, Arya will appear to help you in different aspects including but not limited to following;
      • Provide mutual fund schemes for investment
      • Give latest stock recommendation tips by HSL research team
      • Find stock share price to undertake investment
    • After selecting an investment option, if you are an existing client with HDFC Securities, then Arya will send link to your registered number via SMS to enjoy a seamless investment experience. Otherwise, if you are a non-registered user, then, Arya will ask your mobile number to send SMS.
    • As Arya helps you to invest in mutual funds on the Digify trading platform so you don’t need HDFC Securities trading account and just need to register with it.
    • You can open a trading account by just providing your mobile number and then will get a call from HDFC Securities customer representative who will explain the account opening process.

    HDFC Securities Call & trade

    HDFC Sec offers free call n trade facility to place buy and/or sell orders over the phone. All you need to do is just make a call to the broker’s centralized dealing desk and tell your trading requirement. A representative will execute orders on your behalf.

    Request call back from Zerodha


    HDFC Securities ProTerminal is the trading terminal offered by the broker. The platform works on the latest technology and mathematical algorithm and provides enrich data that can be used by researchers, traders, and analysts to do an in-depth market analysis and predict future market movement.


    You can download the HDFC Securities ProTerminal on both the android and app store.

    Download ProTerminal on Android

    Download ProTerminal on app store


    No, HDFC Securities ProTerminal that is the trading terminal offered by the broker is not a free platform as users have to pay the subscription fee of Rs. 1,999 to access the platform for 1 year period.


    Blink is a desktop downloadable trading software by HDFC Securities that is highly customized platform particularly useful for intra-day traders. Although the platform offers multiple features but it is not free and charges a subscription fee from users.

    • Blink subscription fee for 6 months: Rs. 2,999
    • Blink subscription fee for 1 year: Rs. 3,999


    To invest in mutual funds with Digify, follow the below mentioned process:

    • Visit the company’s website and click on Digify.
    • Fill registration details.
    • Enter the OTP received on your mobile.
    • Enter PAN number and click on proceed.
    • Enter bank details for KYC compliance.
    • Auto-featured FATCA will be available, check it and proceed. 
    • Once the mutual fund account gets opened, you can invest in mutual funds with Digify.


    Yes, HDFC Securities Global Investing platform offers its clients to invest in 3,500+ US stocks. Investors can own any of America's leading companies for as little as $1 with fractional investing. The platform is in partnership with Stockal Inc. and one is allowed to invest up to $250,000 every year.


    HDFC Securities has made trading easy with the help of multiple trading platforms where you can invest easily in an online or offline manner.

    mPowered: Here you can log in instantly and trade for easy-to-navigate and speedy transactions.

    Mobile App: HDFC Securities clients can download the mobile app on iPhone, Android, and other iOS devices to trade. The app is available on the Playstore and the Apple store. Or to download the app, you can give a missed call on 08010945114.

    Call N Trade: To trade, you can also call the RMS team of HDFC Securities on the centralized dealing desk, at 33553366. Here you can place the order at no extra cost.


    Intraday trading is easily possible on the platforms of HDFC Securities. Traders can trade intraday and realize profit or loss on the same day via HDFC Securities mPowered trading platform, Mobile Trading App or through Call N Trade method.


    Digify is a platform where you can buy and sell mutual funds easily in just 3 easy steps without a Demat or Trading Account. Anyone can open an account aged above 18 years without any opening and maintenance charges and start investments.


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