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Alice Blue Margin/ Leverage/ Exposure details 2021

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Alice Blue Margin/Exposure

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Aliceblue, one of the big brand name in South India commodity brokerage segment, now moved to discount brokerage segment. The company launched F20 plan which offer trading in Equity, Commodity and Currency in maximum Rs 20 per executed trade. Company aslo offer traditional plan which was to avail higher margin, but now that plan is of no use as broker can not offer higher margin in any segment.

Alice Blue Margin/Leverage/Exposure Details

Below table will give your complete details of Alice Blue Margin policy. Due to market volatility broker may change their margin policy. This is standard leverage policy offered by Alice Blue .

Product Margin/ Leverage/ Exposure
Alice Blue Equity Delivery Margin No Margin/Leverage for Equity Delivery.
Alice Blue Equity Intraday Margin Up to 3x to 8x leverage for equity MIS orders with F15 Plan and 10x for Bracket order.
Alice Blue Future Margin (Index and Stocks) Up to 2x leverage
Alice Blue Options Margin Up to 2x exposure for Options shorting and Buying for MIS orders, Up 4x on buy for cover orders.
Alice Blue Equity CO/BO Margin Up to 10x margin/leverage in BO order for selected equity scripts and index.
Alice Blue Future CO/BO Margin (FCO) Up to 2x margin/leverage in CO/BO order for Futures contracts.
Alice Blue Options CO Margin (OCO) Up to 4x margin/leverage on buy with CO order for Options contracts.
Alice Blue Commodity Margin Up to 2x on MCX orders.
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Last Updated on 2021-05-19

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