Online IPO & Mutual Funds Investments with SBICAP Securities 2018

Last Updated - 15th Dec 2018

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IPO Investment with SBICAP Securities

SBICAP Securities as a Stock Broker is no longer offering online IPO application to its clients. After SEBI’s mandate in Jan 2016, all application in IPO and FPO (Initial Public Offering and Follow on Public Offering) has to be channel through ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) process through Self-Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB).

Instance you can apply in IPOs with SBI Online Bank Account ( which is self-certified syndicate bank by providing SBICAP Securities DP account details. After allotment, you can use your SBICAP Securities Trading account to trade and sell in your holding of shares.You can view latest news about upcoming and current IPO’s including their listing dates online on

SBICAP provides distribution of Mutual Fund and IPOs through a physical form with / without a trading account with them. The easiest way to invest is download the required forms from web site and submit them with your payment to your nearest branch.

How many IPO application I apply with one SBI Online Netbanking?

Investor can apply at most 5 application with one SBI Bank account(Current or Saving). Each application must be on different name, PAN Number and his own demat account. Payment will be blocked from primary bank account holder's account. With this if you have 2 SBI Bank account you can apply in 10 separate application for same IPO for different users/family members in one go.

    Things what you need when applying ASBA with SBI-

    1. Must have Saving or Current account with SBI.
    2. Must have DP account - With SBI or Any other broker.
    3. PAN number is must.
    4. Investor must have sufficient clear credit balance.

    If you satisfy all the above requirements, you can apply 5 IPO application from one SBI bank account.

Current and Upcoming IPO's investment with SBICAP Securities

Step to Invest in IPOs with SBI Online Netbanking Account (

  • Login into your net banking account on
  • Go to e-services > demat and ASBA Services.
  • Under IPO Page – Select the IPO you wish to invest.
  • Provide the required information like PAN No, SBICAP Securities Demat Account Number Or any other DP Number and number of shares and bid price (including option to select cut off price).
  • Submit application subject to availability of clear balance in your bank account.

Detail Article on ASBA Process for IPO Investment >> Read

Note: Client having account in those bank who are not offering paperless ASBA application or those client who do not do online banking has to fill the physical application and submit to syndicate member for onward submission to client’s bank for blocking required amount in client ‘s bank account.

What type of account I need to invest in IPO?

To invest in IPO, you need to have:

  • Bank account with Self-Certified Syndicate Bank.
  • DP account with any broker.
  • Trading Account to trade in holding of shares.
  • PAN Card.

Where can I find the Self-Certified Syndicate Bank branches list to apply in IPO online?

List of Self-Certified Syndicate Banks under the ASBA facility are available on SEBI, NSE and BSE Sites.

Where can I find my SBICAP Securities DP Account Number?

You can find SBICAP Securities Depository Account Number from welcome letter sent to you , back office software , your monthly demat holding statement or calling SBICAP Securities Customer care.

Mutual Fund Investment with SBICAP Securities

With SBICAP Securities you can choose from over 3000+ mutual fund schemes from over more than 20 AMC available online on their web portal. You can invest in Mutual Funds by using one time, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) or Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP).

SBI Funds Management Private Limited is a AMC from SBI group, manages Mutual funds. You can invest in SBI Mutual Funds via directly registrng on www sbimf com or any other commission brokers who provide mutual funds service.

You can also use their smart mutual fund tool Portfolio Tracker, use personalized mutual fund research reports and actionable tips to make right investment.

You can invest in Mutual Funds with SBICAP Securities in four easy ways:

  1. With the assistance from their Relationship Managers that help you in choosing a Mutual Fund that meet your needs.
  2. Online via their trading website Free research and tips on Mutual Funds is also available online for better decision making.
  3. From online netbanking account with SBI bank.
  4. Via SBI Asset Management Company - by registring on

Steps to Invest in Mutual Funds  SIP online with SBICAP Securities Trading Account:

  • Login to your SBICAP Securities Account.
  • Select Investment Offerings > Mutual Funds.
  • Click on register SIP.
  • Select Fund > select SIP amount and tenure.
  • Confirm your SIP.

What are benefits using mutual funds service from SBICAP Securities?

Key benefits with Religare for investing in Mutual funds are:

  • Schemes from all major fund houses
  • Latest Mutual Fund news, research, recommendations and Fund Manager viewpoints
  • Online and offline transaction facility
  • PAN India Presence for in-person help, as well as invest directly with your bank account, no need for trading and demat account.
  • 24x7 web-enabled client back office
  • Own AMC so can invest in SBI's Mutual Funds direct Plans.


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