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Online IPO & Mutual Funds Investments with ICICIDirect 2019

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ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd. IPO and Mutual Funds Investment

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IPO Investment with ICICI Bank or

IPO investment with ICICI is very easy and available in both online and offline (physical form submission) mode. This is an easy and paperless investment.

As per SEBI guidelines, ICICI Bank is Self-Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB) for the purpose of Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA). Investors applying in IPOs through the ASBA process may submit their ASBAs to the SCSBs. Approx 3000 branches of ICICI bank are participating under the ASBA process.

ICICI Direct offers you 3 in 1 account which includes Bank, Trading and Demat account. Applying in IPO with ICICI Direct is just 2 minutes task. As your ICICI Direct account linked with ICICI Bank, so you just need to do 3 steps to apply in IPO.

For ICICI bank customers who don't have trading and demat service with ICICI Direct, the process is not efficient like SBI Online. ICICI bank doesn't allow you to save your DP information, so each time when you need to apply in IPO, you need to manually provide your DP information. ICICI Bank ASBA process is not allowing multiple IPO application(For Different Investors) from one bank account where SBI online (onlinesbi) allow 5 applications from one account. As per ICICI Bank ASBA FAQ section, an investor can apply up to 5 application from one bank account, but this option is not available for online investors as its not allowing a user to change PAN Card number for ASBA application.

To Apply in IPO with ICICI Bank ASBA process, you need ICICI saving or current account, valid DP account, PAN Card, sufficient clear credit balance.

How the ASBA process work with ICICI Bank?

With ICICI Bank ASBA process, once the bank receives the IPO application, they share the same information with exchange [BSE/NSE], Registrar of the Issue and block the requested amount from investors account. After issue closer date, Registrar completes the allotment process and the same information will be shared with SCSB. Depend on allotment status Success or reject - ICICI Bank (SCSB) unblock the investor's account. If you get the allotment, then the money is credited from your account to Issuer's Account or in case of rejection or withdrawal the amount is unblocked again to remain in your(investor's) account.

Current and Upcoming IPO's investment with ICICIDirect

List of ICICI Banks ASBA branch can be found on >> ICICI ASBA Branch list

5 Easy step to invest in IPO online with ICICIDirect or ICICI Bank:

  1. Login to ICICI Bank or ICICI Direct site.

    ICICI Bank >> INVESTMENTS & INSURANCE >> Invest Online

  2. ICICI Bank Online IPO investment

    ICICI Direct >> IPO >> Apply for IPO/FPO

    ICICIDirect Online IPO investment

  3. On this page you can see all open IPOs, select the IPO which you want to invest.

    ICICIBank Online IPO investment

  4. If applying from ICICI bank site, you need to provide your DP Information.

    If applying from ICICIDirect, process will take default ICICIDirect DP account.

    Provide your investment quantity, price in Rs and cut off price check box and then click on submit button.

    ICICIDirect/ICICIBank Online IPO investment

  5. Once you submit, this page will direct you to transfer fund in IPO account with the total amount of investment.

    ICICIDirect/ICICI Bank Online IPO investment-Fund Transfer

  6. After fund processing, you can see status on Order Book. – E-IPO Order Book

    ICICIDirect Online IPO investment - Order Status

Step by step guide to invest in IPO using physical application form and submitting to nearby ICICI Branch >> Guide

Mutual Fund Investment with ICICI Bank or

ICICI bank / ICICIDirect allow easy online investment option in Mutual Funds for its client. To invest in mutual funds online, investors need to be Mutual Fund KYC (Know your client) compliant.

ICICI Bank is acting merely as a distributor of third parties for their products  and services. ICICI bank has tie up with around 22 major Mutual Fund house to provide service through ICICI bank/ICIC Direct website. ICICI Prudential is ICICI own Asset Management Companies (AMC).

As of 2016, ICICI Bank/ICICIDirect is providing distribution of Axis Mutual Fund, BOI AXA Mutual Fund, Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, BNP Paribas Mutual Fund, Canara Robeco Mutual Fund, DHFL Pramerica Mutual Fund, DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund, Edelweiss Mutual Fund, Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund, Goldman Sachs MF, HDFC Mutual Fund, HSBC Mutual Fund, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, IDFC Mutual Fund, JP Morgan Mutual Fund, JM Financial Mutual Fund, Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund, LIC Mutual Fund, L&T Mutual Fund, Mirae Mutual Fund, Reliance Mutual Fund, Religare Mutual Fund,, SBI Mutual Fund, Sundaram Mutual Fund, Tata Mutual Fund, Taurus Mutual Fund, UTI Mutual Fund.

7 Steps to invest in Mutual Fund online with ICICI Bank/ICICIDirect:

  1. Login to ICICI bank or ICICI Direct Site.

    ICICI Bank >> INVESTMENTS & INSURANCE >> Invest Online

    ICICIDirect Online easy investment

    ICICIDirect Online Mutual Fund investment

  2. Click on purchase option – with that you are going to redirect to page” Mutual Fund Selection page.”

    You can use specific fund name form Quick Search option or select fund form Research recommendation fund option.

    ICICIDirect Online Mutual Fund investment

  3. Once you select specific fund, you can see snapshot of specific fund and see the performance of fund:

    ICICIDirect Online Mutual Fund Snapshot

    ICICIDirect Online Mutual Fund Performance

  4. Click on buy option –on this page you need to provide the amount or quantity you wish to buy and few other information.

    ICICIDirect Online Mutual Fund Buy

  5. After that you need to allocated fund online for investment and submit the application.

    ICICIDirect Online Mutual Fund -Fund Allocation

  6. After submitting application, you will get confirmation number from ICICI.

    ICICIDirect Online Mutual Fund Buy

  7. You can see the status of your online investment in Order Book.

    ICICIDirect Online Mutual Fund Order Book

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