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Online IPO & Mutual Funds Investments with HDFC Securities 2019

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HDFC Securities Ltd IPO and Mutual Funds Investment

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IPO Investment through HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities as a Stock Broker is offering online IPO application to its clients. After SEBI’s mandate in Jan 2016, all application in IPO and FPO (Initial Public Offering and Follow on Public Offering) has to be channel through ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) process through Self-Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB).

You can apply in IPOs online with HDFC Securities 3 in 1 account or directly using HDFC Bank netbanking. After allotment, you can use your HDFC Securities Trading account to trade and sell your holding of shares.

HDFC Securities offer 3 in 1 account Ė Bank, Trading and Demat, So if you have HDFC Securities account than applying in IPO is just 3 step process.

In case you have only HDFC Bank account and want to use ASBA process, than you need to login to HDFC bank net banking. Under Request section, select IPO Application. This process will redirect you to IPO solution page. On IPO solution page, select IPO from available option. That open Order screen, please fill number of shares, price, Date of Birth, DP information and confirm details.

As per SEBI Policy, with one bank account we can apply 5 ASBA applications for same IPO. But we donít see such option in HDFC Bank ASBA online process. In online process itís always selecting primary account holder and we have only place for one DP account information. We can see second and third applicant place is there on order form, but itís not clear, is it for multiple applications or something else.

We see one more issue with HDFC Bank ASBA that system is not allowing to save DP account information. With this each time one apply for IPO he need to key in DP information.

Eligibility criteria for applying in IPO with HDFC bank ASBA is Ė HDFC Bank account, Valid PAN Card, Valid DP Account (With HDFC or any other brokers/Bank), Clear Balance in your HDFC current or saving account.

Current and Upcoming IPO's investment with HDFC Securities

Steps to Invest in IPOs with HDFC Securities through ASBA Process

  • Login to with your User ID & password
  • Go to IPO action section & click on "Place Order"
  • After filling in your details, click on "Place Order" tab which will lead you to "Order Confirmation Page"
  • Check & confirm the details that you have filled in & click on "Apply" tab to complete the IPO transaction

Step to Invest in IPOs with HDFC Bank ASBA Process

  • Login into your net banking account.
  • Go to Investment options, Select IPO.
  • Under IPO Page – Select the IPO you wish to invest.
  • Provide the required information like PAN No, Demat Account Number and number of shares and bid price (including option to select cut off price).
  • Submit application subject to availability of clear balance in your bank account.

What are the benefits of investing through ASBA at hdfcbank net banking?

The benefits of investing through ASBA are as follows:

  • Online application, no paper work required.
  • Invest at your convenience through using Netbanking.
  • Continue earning interest on the application amount, since the amount is only blocked & not debited from your bank account.
  • Shortens the time between allotment & refund, since it cuts down the time involved in refund of application amount.

Detail Article on ASBA Process for IPO Investment >> Read

Note: Client having account in those bank who are not offering paperless ASBA application or those client who do not do online banking has to fill the physical application and submit to syndicate member for onward submission to client’s bank for blocking required amount in client ‘s bank account.

Mutual Fund Investment with HDFC Securities:

You can invest in Mutual Funds with HDFC Securities in three easy ways:

  1. With the assistance from their Relationship Managers that help you in choosing a Mutual Fund that meet your needs.
  2. Online via their trading website Free research and tips on Mutual Funds is also available online for better decision making.

How to online invest in Mutual Funds via HDFC Securities?

To Invest in Mutual Funds you should be KYC Compliant.

Steps to invest in Mutual funds via
  • Login to
  • Go to Mutual fund > Purchase
  • Select "AMC","Schema","Folio #:"
  • Enter the Amount you wish to invest.
  • In case of Dividend scheme, select Dividend option (payout / reinvest)
  • Read and accept the Mutual funds Terms & Conditions
  • Submit Order
  • You should have sufficiaent funds in your Mutual Fund -ledger with HDFC Saving account to process the order.
  • You can refer order status tab to see the status of your investment.

HDFC Securities Ltd/HDFC Bank Netbanking allows you to Invest in MF through the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

  • Login to your HDFC Securities Account.
  • Select Investment Offerings > Mutual Funds.
  • Click on register SIP.
  • Select Fund > select SIP amount and tenure.
  • Confirm your SIP.

What are benefits using mutual funds service from HDFC Securities?

Key benefits with HDFC Securities for investing in Mutual funds are:

  • Schemes from all major fund houses
  • Online and offline transaction facility
  • Investment option available for tx saving funds
  • Professional Fund Managers to invest your money by picking smart investment opportunities
  • Latest Mutual Fund news, research, recommendations and Fund Manager viewpoints
  • With Open ended schemes, you can withdraw or redeem your money at any time.
  • PAN India Presence for in-person help
  • Dedicated customer help desk
  • 24x7 web-enabled client back office
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