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Online IPO & Mutual Funds Investments with 5paisa, Direct and Regular Mutual Fund Plans 2019

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5paisa Capital Ltd IPO and Mutual Funds Investment

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IPO Investment through 5paisa

5paisa as a Discount Stock Broker is not directly providing IPO Investment service, however if you have demat and trading account with 5paisa, you can still apply in IPOs. After SEBI’s mandate in Jan 2016, all application in IPO and FPO (Initial Public Offering and Follow on Public Offering) has to be channel through ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) process through Self-Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB).

You can apply in IPOs with any of the self-certified syndicate banks by providing 5paisa DP account details. After allotment, you can use your 5paisa Trading account to trade and sell in your holding of shares.

Current and Upcoming IPO's investment with 5paisa

Step to Invest in IPOs with ASBA using 5paisa demat account

  • Login into your net banking account.
  • Go to Investment options, Select IPO.
  • Under IPO Page – Select the IPO you wish to invest.
  • Provide the required information like PAN No, Demat Account Number(5paisa - 16 digit DP Number) and number of shares and bid price (including option to select cut off price).
  • Submit application subject to availability of clear balance in your bank account.

Detail Article on ASBA Process for IPO Investment >> Read

Note: Client having account in those bank who are not offering paperless ASBA application or those client who do not do online banking has to fill the physical application and submit to syndicate member for onward submission to client’s bank for blocking required amount in client ‘s bank account.

What type of account I need to invest in IPO?

To invest in IPO, you need to have:

  • Bank account with Self-Certified Syndicate Bank.
  • DP account with 5paisa.
  • Trading Account to trade in holding of shares.

Where can I find the Self-Certified Syndicate Bank branches list?

List of Self-Certified Syndicate Banks under the ASBA facility are available on SEBI, NSE and BSE Sites.

Where can I find my 5paisa DP Account Number?

You can find 5paisa Depository Account Number from welcome letter sent to you, back office software, your monthly demat holding statement or calling 5paisa Customer care number.

Mutual Fund Investment with 5paisa

5paisa is providing paperless and worry free Mutual Funds investment. With 5paisa, you can opt tailor made plan or pick your own funds.

The Auto Investor is programs which understand your investment requirements, provide intelligent solution for your investment need, guide and monitor your investment to close to achieve your goals.

Auto Investor program is common, but unique in discount brokers which takes input from investor like objectives, your income and risk appetite. Recommend a portfolio to invest in, after investment its monitor, track your portfolio and advice in case you need to do changes to achieve your goals. Pick your own funds - in this you can choose your own fund and start inventing in lumpsum or start SIP investment.

Mutual fund purchases are enabled for only those clients who have 5paisa Demat Account. 5paisa MF providing services with 23+ AMC and almost 6,000+ mutual funds.

How to invest in Mutual funds with 5paisa?

  • Login to your 5paisa broking Account.
  • Select Investment Offerings > Mutual Funds.
  • Select fund, schema type, plan type> select amount or units
  • Review and Confirm

How much fee I need to pay for investing in Mutual Funds?

Zero, Mutual Funds investment with 5paisa is Free.

Can I start Mutul Funds SIP with 5paisa?

Yes, 5paisa is providing MF SIP facility.You can invest lumpsum or SIP.

Can I Invest in Direct Mutual Funds with 5paisa?

Yes, with 5paisa you can invest in direct mutual funds. Rs 10 will be charge per transaction as transaction fee.

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Last Updated on 3rd Jul 2019

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