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IPO Dashboard, Latest Updates, News - 2020

IPO Dashboard

IPO Dashboard presents to you a quick navigation through all the upcoming, in process and closed IPO of Indian Stock Market. You can take a quick look at the IPO Open Date, Close Date, Listing Date, Issue Price and Lot Size to take action as needed. You can click on the company's name to get in depth detail review of all the information related to IPO. You will also get information on IPO Type (Mainline or SME).

Latest and Updated IPO Dashboard - 2020

IPO NameIPO TypeStatusDatesPriceLotLTPRating
Rossari Biotech LtdMainlineUpComingOpen Dt: Not Yet Announced
Close Dt: Not Yet Announced
Listing Dt: Not Yet Announced
Nirmitee Robotics India LtdSMEClosedOpen Dt: 31st Mar 2020
Close Dt: 9th Apr 2020
Listing Dt: 21st Apr 2020
₹185 Per Equity Share600 Shares2.5/5
DJ Mediaprint & Logistics LtdSMEClosedOpen Dt: 26th Mar 2020
Close Dt: 31st Mar 2020
Listing Dt: 13th Apr 2020
₹206000 Shares2.5/5
Laxmi Goldorna House LtdSMEClosedOpen Dt: 20th Mar 2020
Close Dt: 3rd Apr 2020
Listing Dt: Not Yet Announced
₹158000 Shares3/5
RO JewelsSMEClosedOpen Dt: 12th Mar 2020
Close Dt: 17th Mar 2020
Listing Dt: 25th Mar 2020
₹363000 Shares2.5/5
Antony Waste Handling Cell LimitedMainlineWithdrawnOpen Dt: 4th Mar 2020
Close Dt: 16th Mar 2020
Listing Dt: Not Yet Announced
₹294 - ₹30050 Shares3.5/5
SBI Cards and Payment Services LtdMainlineClosedOpen Dt: 2nd Mar 2020
Close Dt: 5th Mar 2020
Listing Dt: 16th Mar 2020
₹750-₹75519 Shares4/5
Ascom Leasing & Investments LimitedSMEClosedOpen Dt: 26th Nov 2019
Close Dt: 28th Nov 2019
Listing Dt: Not Yet Announced
₹30 Per Share4000 shares3/5
Indian Telephone Industries LtdMainlineWithdrawnOpen Dt: 24th Jan 2020
Close Dt: 5th Feb 2020
Listing Dt: 14th Feb 2020
₹71 to ₹77 per equity share150 Shares 3.5/5
DC InfotechSMEClosedOpen Dt: 12th Dec 2019
Close Dt: 18th Dec 2019
Listing Dt: 27th Dec 2019
₹453000 Shares3.5/5
Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd MainlineClosedOpen Dt: 18th Dec 2019
Close Dt: 20th Dec 2019
Listing Dt: 31st Dec 2019
₹177 ₹178 per share84 shares3.5/5
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank LimitedMainlineClosedOpen Dt: 2nd Dec 2019
Close Dt: 4th Dec 2019
Listing Dt: 12th Dec 2019
₹36 ₹37 per share400 Shares4/5
CSB Bank LimitedMainlineClosedOpen Dt: 22nd Nov 2019
Close Dt: 26th Nov 2019
Listing Dt: 4th Dec 2019
₹193-₹19575 shares4/5
IRCTC LimitedMainlineClosedOpen Dt: 30th Sep 2019
Close Dt: 3rd Oct 2019
Listing Dt: 14th Oct 2019
₹315-₹320 Per Share40 Shares4/5
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