ICICI Direct Systematic Equity Plan

ICICI Direct Systematic Equity Plan (SEP) allows you to invest a pre-specified sum of money or buy a pre-specified quantity of shares consistently. Regularly Adding direct equity stocks to your portfolio helps you get the compounding effect and achieve your financial goals faster. You can automate your equity investments by setting up a SEP. You need to select the stock, the frequency, the duration of SEPs, the commencement date, and the rest shall be done by us.

But the point to remember is that SEP requests and SEP orders are entirely different terms because the former is the authorization you get to place orders by I-Sec. In contrast, the latter is the actual order you place as per instruction you give in to the online portal of icicidirect.

New features are added to ICICI Direct SEP:

  1. Pause SEP: You can now Pause your SEP for a certain number of installments until you are ready to start again.
  2. Auto-Renew: With this, you can ensure that your SEPs start again automatically on completion of previous ones.
  3. Step Up: You can increase your installment amount or quantity periodically to invest more and reach closer to your investment goals.
  4. Same day SEP Trigger: You can now start your SEPs on the same day or the next day.
  5. SEP Till Cancellation: It offers you the freedom to keep investing regularly and gets canceled only when you desire.

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