Reliance Securities Brokerage and Demat Account Review 2019

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From best in class research to competitive Brokerage Plan to exclusive reward Program, Reliance Securities earns the position of India's one of the best leading retail broking houses.

Reliance Securities Brokerage and Demat Account Review - 2019

Reliance Securities is the broking firm of Reliance Capital Group of Anil Ambani. The Reliance Capital Group as a whole has presence in many financial fields like asset management and mutual funds; life and general insurance; commercial finance; equities and commodities broking; wealth management services; distribution of financial products; asset reconstruction; proprietary investments and other activities in financial services.

Not to confuse here, Reliance Money is a separate division of Reliance Capital, offering financial planning, investment planning and protection planning solutions and provides investment in Gold, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, Insurance, and Portfolio Management Services.

Reliance Securities is a well-established and highly reputed Brokerage firm offering services to trade in equities, derivatives, currency, IPOs, mutual funds, bonds, and corporate FDs. The Broker is a corporate member of NSE and BSE and has a huge network through branches across all over India and has around 7 lakh customer base. The Broker offers online trading with its in house secured website or you can trade offline through variety of means including live Chat, Call and Trade, Branch Dealing Desks and network of affiliates. With Reliance Securities, you also get stock related information, share market news, market outlook, Share Market updates at your fingertips.

When reviewing Reliance Securities customer service, we expected great results as it is a big name and that's not exactly what we got. The Broker doesn't has good reputation as far as customer service go, giving only average service, regardless of whether you are on the phone, emailing or using live chat.

Brokerage is average cheaper than the big shots but equal to most average brokers.

Why to choose Reliance Securities as your stock broker?

  1. Research Service - Finest quality research.
  2. Competitive Brokerage Plans & Wide range of investment option specially bonds and corporate fixed deposits.
  3. ISO 9001:2008 certified for Online Trading Platform.
  4. Largest E-Broking House 2010 by Dun & Bradstreet report.
  5. Superfast and user friendly trading platforms.

  • Big margin and option to pay within t+5 days.
  • Dedicated research team.
  • Site wide quote bar.


  • Commodity trading not available.
  • Not a 3 in 1 account.
  • Average customer service.
  • Lots of hidden charges.

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What are the Investments Options available with Reliance Securities?

Reliance Securities - Equity Cash and F&O
Reliance Securities - Currency F&O
Reliance Securities - Commodity Trading
Reliance Securities - Mutual Funds
Reliance Securities - ETF
Reliance Securities - Online IPO
Reliance Securities - Bonds Investment
Reliance Securities - Debt Investment
Reliance Securities - Banking Service
Reliance Securities - Insurance Service
Reliance Securities - MF SIP Investment

How is Reliance Securities with closest competitors?

Here we are comparing Reliance Securities with its 5 close competitors, who are currently market leader in brokerage industry.

Broker Reliance Securities ICICIDirect Sharekhan Zerodha ProStocks
Service Type Full Service Broker Full Service Broker Full Service Broker Discount Broker Discount Broker
Brokerage 0.04 - 0.4% 0.05 to .55% 0.1 to 0.5% Rs 20 Rs 15
Account Type 2 in 1 3 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1
Monthly Plans No No No No Yes

Please refer unique and accurate Reliance Securities Brokerage Calculator

Reliance Securities Brokerage Plans Review - 2019

Brokerage and Commission Rated 3/5

    Reliance Securities offers a variety of Brokerage plans to choose from as per your best fit.

    Their R-Fixed Plan is the most basic plan where you pay fixed brokerage charges (Not Variable with volume) and avail help from your local branch and relationship manager and take trading decisions based on fundamental and technical reports generated by them. The brokerage charges are as per market standard(With reference to Full service brokers) and come in average range.

    Delievery - .50%, Intraday - .05%, Future- .05%, Options- Rs 100 per lot.

    But if you are smart enough and don't want to use reserch service than their R-Fixed Online plan is right for you.The brokerage is lowest in this plan and a good fit for online traders.

    Delievery - .40%, Intraday - .04%, Future- .04%, Options- Rs 100 per lot.

    Their RMAX Plan is especially designed for more active investors who wants to take informed decisions based on exclusive research. You have to buy a subscription for this plan and your brokerage rates get reduce during tenure of the plan.

    The fourth plan is R-Flexi Plan,This plan is like I-Saver Plan of ICICIDirect where you can pay low brokerage only if your trading volume is high otherwise your brokerage will be high. The brokerage for NSE/BSE Cash ranges from .60% for monthly turnover of less than 10 lakh to .15% for turnover more than 2.5 crore.

    Reliance Securities - R-Flexi Plan
    Delivery (NSE, BSE Cash Segment) Margin (NSE, BSE Cash Intraday & Futures) Options
    Monthly Turnover Brokerage Monthly Turnover Brokerage Monthly Premium Turnover Brokerage Per Lot (in Rs.)
    More than 2.5 Cr 0.15% 50 Cr. or More 0.015% 25 Lacs or More 50
    More than 2.5 Cr 0.15% 25 Cr. to 50 Cr.. 0.02% 25 Lacs or More 50
    50 Lacs to 2.5 Cr 0.25% 10 Cr. to 25 Cr. 0.025% 10 Lacs to 25 Lacs 60
    25 Lacs to 50 Lacs 0.40% 5 Cr. to 10 Cr. 0.04% 5 Lacs to 10 Lacs 70
    10 Lacs to 25 Lacs 0.50% 2 Cr. to 5 Cr. 0.05% 2 Lacs to 5 Lacs 80
    Less than 10 Lacs* 0.60% Less than 2 Cr.* 0.06% Less than 2 Lacs* 100

    Demat AMC:Rs 400 p.a. or pay refundable amount of Rs 2500 and get free AMC for lifetime.Call and Trade can be done at Rs 20 per call (first 20 calls per month are free)

    How mush margin/exposure Reliance Securities provides?

    • MIS - Margin Intraday Square off is a product that offers approximately 5 times exposure in cash segment, 6.5 times in stock futures and 10 times in index futures.Position must be square-off by EOD trading hrs.
    • Plus Multiplier(MIS) - is a product that offers approximately 10 times exposure in cash segment, 8 times in stock futures and 15 times in index futures.Position must be square-off by EOD trading hrs.
    • Super Multiplier(MIS) - is a product that offers approximately 10 times exposure in cash segment, 10 times in stock futures and 18 times in index futures.Position must be square-off by EOD trading hrs.
    • NRML CASH - Reliance Securities offers a facility to take a delivery position by paying the required margin during the day and pay the balance not later than 5 days from the exchange payout day.
    • NRML Derivatives - Futures & options, margin percentage as specified by exchange will be blocked. Derivatives positions are marked to market on daily basis. In case margin falls below the exchange margin requirement, client is required to bring in additional margin, failure to which may result in position square-off.

Reliance Securities Brokerage Charges - R-FIXED Online Plan (Percentage Based)

Brokerage Plan R-FIXED Online Plan (Percentage Based)
Flat Fee NA
Equity Delivery 0.4% or 40 paisa
Equity Intraday 0.04% or 4 paisa
Equity Futures 0.04% or 4 paisa
Equity Options Rs 100 Per Lot
Currency Futures 0.04% or 4 paisa
Currency Options Rs 100 Per Lot
Commodity 0.04% or 4 paisa

For complete brokerage charges and trading plans detail please visit Reliance Securities Brokerage Charges.

What are the various Product and Services offered by Reliance Securities?

Product & Services Rated 4.5/5
Reliance Securities - 3 in 1 Account
Reliance Securities - Multiple Plans
Reliance Securities - Monthly Plan
Reliance Securities - Yearly Plan
Reliance Securities - Portfolio
Reliance Securities - Charting
Reliance Securities - Automated Trading
Reliance Securities - AMO Order
Reliance Securities - Allow GTC Order
Reliance Securities - SMS Alerts
Reliance Securities - Margin Trade Funding
Combined Ledger for Equity and Commodity
Reliance Securities - NRI Trading

How to Open Trading and Demat Account with Reliance Securities Limited?

For online trading with Reliance Securities, investor has to open 2-in-1 account(Trading and Demat). Following are the ways to open an account with Reliance Securities:

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What are the Customer Support options availabel with Reliance Securities?

Customer Support Rated 3/5
Reliance Securities - Phone Support
Reliance Securities - Toll Free Number
Reliance Securities - Email Support
Reliance Securities - Branch Offices
Reliance Securities - Live Chat
Reliance Securities - 24/7 Support

What are the trading platform offered by Reliance Securities?

Trading Platforms Rated 4/5

    Reliance Securities supports software based, web based and mobile app based trading platforms.

    INSTA XPRESS:This is an installable application powered by 'Omnesys NEST Trader' that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. It is fully functional trading terminal allowing fast execution of orders with real time monitoring, dynamic charts and indicators, streaming quotes and many more.

    RSL TICK:This is the advanced online trading platform of Reliance Securities where you have integrated market watch for equities and Derivatives, live streaming quotes, real time news and market coverage, integrated research with fundamental and technical analysis, charting tools, payment gateways and many more features.This web based portal is intrigrated with analytical engine for better and calculated decisions.

    RSL TICK PRO: is the mobile app that can be downloaded for trading on the go. It comes with features like Real time quotes, live streaming market watch, view balances and holdings, access to real time charts on NSE and BSE, customized watch list.

    Other than normal trading hours, Reliance Securities supports After Market orders (AMO).The Broker provides an option to place Bracket Orders, NRML and Cover Order.With NRML you have flexibility to pay the remaining amount within 5 days (T+5) from the exchange pay out day.

    For detail review of mobile app and download please visit Reliance Securities Trading Platform Review.

What are the Trading Platforms & Tools Options available with Reliance Securities?

Reliance Securities - Desktop Platform (Windows)
Reliance Securities - Desktop Platform (Mac)
Reliance Securities - Web Platform
Reliance Securities - Stock Alerts via Email
Reliance Securities - Stock Alerts via SMS
Reliance Securities - Virtual Trading
Reliance Securities - Watch-lists, streaming real-time quotes
Reliance Securities - Mobile App
Reliance Securities - Android Tablet App
Reliance Securities - Android App
Reliance Securities - iPhone App
Reliance Securities - iPad App
Reliance Securities - Mobile Trading Site

Reliance Securities Membership Information

  • Equities Capital Market:
    • NSE:- INB 231234833
    • BSE:- INB 011234839
  • Equities Derivatives:
    • NSE:- INF 231234833
    • BSE:- INF 011234839
  • Currency Derivatives:
    • NSE:- INE 231234833
    • BSE:- INE 011234839
  • CDSL SEBI Reg Number: IN-DP-CDSL-357-2006
  • NSDL SEBI Reg Number: IN-DP-NSDL-363-2013
  • Mutual Funds : AMFI ARN No.29889

Final thought about Reliance Securities

Overall, Reliance Securities is a very well respected broker, competing among the largest brands in the online broker space. As a full service Broker, they have a lots of value added services to enhance the trading quality. What impresses us most about Reliance Securities is its drive to continue innovation and push forward across all its products to provide the best possible client experience.

Compare to other full service brokers,their offerings are strong,customer service is poor, brokerage plans are average.Biggest disadvantage is that Reliance securities is not supporting commodity trading.

But if you are someone who is already a seasoned investor and can survive without taking tips and recommendations and their research reports, then you can head towards more cheaper brokers (Discount Brokers) whose main focus is to let you trade on your own at fairly cheaper brokerage rates.

If you like what you have read and want to start trading, leave your contact information with us and we will guide you.

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Reliance Securities Limited User Reviews

9. raja koteswar rao k  Mar 2, 2019 2:07:21 PM IST Reply
I want to know some details about my account.
8. Bharti patel  Dec 27, 2018 4:02:02 PM IST Reply
I want to know office adress for reliance securities ltd at bharuch
7. Suhith  May 11, 2018 12:50:09 PM IST Reply
They are FRAUDS.

They take your money in the name of Mutual Funds and invest where they feel fit and will lose the money.
You cant do anything,since we dont have anything in written. IF you file a complaint, the branch manager (who did this) will be investigating this fraud.

NEVER ever invest here.



Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
6. Kapil Jain  Feb 25, 2018 4:04:52 PM IST Reply
Like Trading Platform
Dislike Brokerage, Customer Service.


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Average
Customer Service - Below Average
Overall Experience - Below Average
5. Alok singh  Feb 10, 2018 3:45:54 PM IST Reply
I am coustmer of RSL


Brokerage - Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Average
Customer Service - Above Average
Overall Experience - Average
4. Mohil Davera  Feb 7, 2018 12:57:27 PM IST Reply
Its awesome!!!!!


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Above Average
Customer Service - Excellent
Overall Experience - Excellent
3. S.PERUMAL  Sep 9, 2017 4:51:57 PM IST Reply
Reliance sec Chennai branch personnel did unauthorized trade and made loss in my A/C
the company also not acted as meddle man. I lodged complaint to NSE, the case still active.
2. ravikumar  May 3, 2017 1:14:34 PM IST Reply


Brokerage - Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Above Average
Customer Service - Average
Overall Experience - Above Average
1. KK  Sep 10, 2016 6:44:58 AM IST Reply
How can i buy reliance mutual funds?

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