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ICICI Direct, pioneering online trading platform of ICICI Securities, charges more than its competitors,but delivers with a fantastic platform and innovative offering and strong customer service. With these attributes, the company earns its No. 1 overall ranking as best online broker in the industry.

ICICIDirect Brokerage and Demat Account Review - 2019

The iconic brand ICICI Direct, award-winning online retail trading and investment platform from ICICI Securities -"Best Full-Service Broker in India", is one with which nearly every investor is familiar. The full-service broker was founded in the year 2000, and as of now, ICICI Direct is home to a staggering 3 million+ in total clients. From advisory services to research, active trading, customer service, ease of use, and more, ICICI Direct understands what it means to provide a high-quality offering. With ICICI Direct you have the facility to invest in Equity, Derivatives, Currency Futures, Mutual Funds, IPOs along with other services like Fixed Deposits, Loans, Tax Services, New Pension Systems and Insurance.

TO facilitate the trade ICICIDirect has unique 3-in-1 account which integrates customer's saving, trading and demat accounts - "Best Bank to Open Demat Account". Comprehensive research information, stock picks and mutual fund recommendations are other useful add on services provided by ICICI Direct to its clients. ICICIdirect.com is the first broker in India to introduce "Digitally Signed Contract Note" to its customers.

ICICI Securities has 250 offices across 66 cities in India to facilitate potential customers to open an account, speak and understand their financial plans and goals. Through ICICIdirect.com, you can trade on NSE as well as BSE.

Its 'Centre for Financial Learning' initiative offers number of online and classroom programs for retail investors. ICICIdirect Knowledge Programs provide you with an insight into a wide range of financial products like derivatives, shares, mutual funds, IPOs, small savings, and insurance.

You can do cash trading, avail margin product, margin plus product and call & trade facility and can place market and limit order while using ICICI direct.

Online Support-Insta-help, FAQs and Community have most of the answers to trader's questions.

  • ICICI Direct Customer Care - 18601231122
  • ICICI Direct Customer Care Email id - Easy Mail after login
  • ICICI Direct Call and Trade Number - 18601231122
  • ICICI Direct NIR Customer Care - +91-22-3914-0422

Why to choose ICICIDirect as your stock broker?

  1. Largest Equity E-Broking House in India.
  2. Number 1 Full Service Broker in India.
  3. Seamless, Secure and Integrated 3-in-1 trading account[Bank, Trading and Demat Account].
  4. Share trading in both NSE and BSE, innovative offerings like - Margin, MarginPlus, BTST, SPOT, Derivatives trading, overseas trading, mutual funds, IPOs and on-line life insurance.
  5. Two brokerage Plans to choose from:Fixed brokerage plan(I-secure plan) and Variable brokerage plan(I-Saver Plan).
  6. Valid Till Cancel(VTC) - Its custome feature by ICICICirect, Set your trigger on order for Buy and Sell for a period of 45 days, No need to spend time on daily basis for limit orders.
Special Offer:

Get ICICI Direct 3-in-1 account, an integrated trading + demat + bank account for one-click investment in stock market and mutual funds.

Simply leave your contact information with us and ICICI Direct representatives will contact you.


  • 3-in-1 online trading account.
  • Rich research offering.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Easy-to-use website.
  • Innovative offerings like - Margin, MarginPlus, BTST, SPOT.
  • Derivatives trading,NRI services, mutual funds, IPOs and on-line life insurance.


  • Minimum brokerage charges.
  • No commodity trading.
  • High brokerage.
  • Not a good fit for small and penny stock traders.
  • Charges for trading terminal usage.

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What are the Investments Options available with ICICIDirect?

ICICIDirect - Equity Cash and F&O
ICICIDirect - Currency F&O
ICICIDirect - Commodity Trading
ICICIDirect - Mutual Funds
ICICIDirect - Online IPO
ICICIDirect - Bonds Investment
ICICIDirect - Debt Investment
ICICIDirect - Banking Service
ICICIDirect - Insurance Service
ICICIDirect - MF SIP Investment

How is ICICIDirect with closest competitors?

Here we are comparing ICICIDirect with its 5 close competitors, who are currently market leader in brokerage industry.

Broker ICICIDirect Sharekhan Zerodha SAS Online ProStocks
Service Type Full Service Broker Full Service Broker Discount Broker Discount Broker Discount Broker
Brokerage 0.05 to .55% 0.1 to 0.5% Rs 20 Rs 9 or 999 PM Rs 15
Account Type 3 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1
Monthly Plans No No No Yes Yes

Please refer unique and accurate ICICIDirect Brokerage Calculator

ICICIDirect Brokerage Plans Review - 2019

Brokerage and Commission Rated 2.5/5

    The full Service Broker,ICICIDirect brokerage plan is bit complex in nature.The broker offers two tier commission structure: flat rate percentage and variable percentage depending upon volume.

    ICICIDirect brokerage charges for Equity Delivery, flat rate plan of .55% is high but almost in line when compared to its closest full service brokers like sharekhan offering .50%, Indiabulls securities at .30%, SBI Securities at .50%.

    ICICIDirect Intraday Brokerage runs at .275% for flat rate and range from .375% for less than Rs 10 lakh to .125% for above Rs 5 crore for variable plan. It is highest in the Industry where Sharekhan, Reliance, HDFC Securities charges .10%, .05%, .10% for Intraday trade respectively.

    For ICICIDirect Futures Brokerage, broker is charging .05 to .03% which comes in average range from its competitors where Sharekhan(.1% - Higher),HDFC Securities(.05% - Average),Reliance Securities(.04% Lower),Geojit(0.03% Lower).

    For ICICIDirect Options Brokerage, broker is charging Rs 95 to 35 which is falling in higher range bucket sharing space with other neighbor Full service brokers,where HDFC(Rs 100 Per lot)and Sharekhan(Rs 100 Per lot or 2.5% whichever is higher). Reliance Securities (Rs 70 Per Lot) and Ventura(RS 50 Per Lot) are on lower side in industry.

    Currency Future - ICICIDirect is offering third lowest among full service brokers with Rs 25 Per contract which is lower side, where sharekhan is charging Rs30 which is slightly higher and Geojit is offering between 10 to 15 Rs as lowest.

    Currency Option - ICICIDirect is offering .05 to .03% as average range, where sharekhan is charging .10% which is higher range and HDFC Securities is offering Rs 23/Per lot on lowest side.

    ICICIDirect Brokerage Plan details

      ICICIDirect Bullet Brokerage Plan or ICICIDirect Free Brokerage Plan

      This plan is valid on Intraday Margin plus Trades which are square off in 5 minutes. When you close your intraday trade in 5 minutes, you dont have to pay any brokerage. In Such case you can save on high brokerage and do multile trades in low price movement.

        Advantage of ICICIDirect Margin Plus - Bullet Brokerage Plan

        • You will get high margin – for Rs 20000 trade you need Rs 1000 as margin amount.
        • Zero Brokerage or Free Brokerage plan.
        • Stop Loss order.
        • Profit order – or Bracket order, you can fix your profit and place profit order with Stop Loss order.

      I-Secure Plan

      This is a fixed brokerage plan irrespective of turnover volume best suited for casual traders.

      • Equity Delivery - .55% Flat
      • Equity Intraday - .275% Flat

      I-Saver Plan

      This is the plan with variable brokerages as per your trading volume. The brokerage will be high if trading volume is low and brokerage will be less if trading volume is high.So this plan works well if your trading volume is high.

      • Equity Delivery- .75% to .25% [depending on volume]
        • Less then Rs 10 Lakhs - 0.75%
        • Between Rs 10 lakhs to 25 Lakhs - 0.70%
        • Between Rs 25 lakhs to 50 Lakhs - 0.55%
        • Between Rs 50 lakhs to 1 Crore - 0.45%
        • Between Rs 1 Crore to 2 Crores - 0.35%
        • Between Rs 1 Crores to 5 Crores - 0.30%
        • Above Rs 5 Crores - 0.25%
      • Equity Intraday - .375% to .125% [Turnover on trading Per Calendar Quater]
        • Less then Rs 10 Lakhs - 0.375%
        • Between Rs 10 lakhs to 25 Lakhs - 0.350%
        • Between Rs 25 lakhs to 50 Lakhs - 0.275%
        • Between Rs 50 lakhs to 1 Crore - 0.225%
        • Between Rs 1 Crore to 2 Crores - 0.175%
        • Between Rs 1 Crores to 5 Crores - 0.150%
        • Above Rs 5 Crores - 0.125%
      • ICICIDirect Futures and Options Brokerage, Currency F&O Brokerage rates are same in I-Secure and I-Saver plan, please refer below:
        • Equity Futures & Currency Futures - 0.05% to .03% [Turnover Per Month]
          • Less then Rs 5 Crores - 0.05%
          • Between Rs 5 Crores to 10 Lakhs - 0.040%
          • Between Rs 10 Crores to 20 Lakhs - 0.035%
          • Above Rs 20 Crores - 0.03%
        • Equity Future second leg of Intraday square off Rs 15.
        • Currency Future second leg of Intraday square off Rs 10
        • Equity Options - Flat Rs 95 to 35 Per contract lot.
        • Brokerage on second leg of Intraday square off- Rs 15
        • Currency Options - Flat Rs 25 to 10 Per lot
        • Brokerage on second leg of Intraday square off Rs 10.

      ICICIDirect Minimum brokerage charged

      • The minimum brokerage charges are Rs 35 or 2.5% whichever is lower for stocks valued more than Rs 10.
      • For stocks valued upto Rs 10, the minimum brokerage would be 5 paisa per share.

ICICIDirect Brokerage Charges - I-Secure Plan (Percentage Based)

Brokerage Plan I-Secure Plan (Percentage Based)
Flat Fee NA
Equity Delivery 0.55% or 55 paisa
Equity Intraday 0.03% or 3 paisa
Equity Futures 0.05% or 5 paisa
Equity Options Rs 95 Per Lot
Currency Futures 0.05% or 5 paisa
Currency Options Rs 25 Per Lot
Commodity NA

For complete brokerage charges and trading plans detail please visit ICICIDirect Brokerage Charges.

What are the various Product and Services offered by ICICIDirect?

Product & Services Rated 5/5
ICICIDirect - 3 in 1 Account
ICICIDirect - Multiple Plans
ICICIDirect - Monthly Plan
ICICIDirect - Yearly Plan
ICICIDirect - Portfolio
ICICIDirect - Charting
ICICIDirect - Automated Trading
ICICIDirect - AMO Order
ICICIDirect - Allow GTC Order
ICICIDirect - SMS Alerts
ICICIDirect - Margin Trade Funding
Combined Ledger for Equity and Commodity
ICICIDirect - NRI Trading

How to Open Trading and Demat Account with ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd.?

For online trading with ICICIDirect, investor has to open 3-in-1 account. Following are the ways to open an account with ICICIDirect:

Contact ICICIDirect


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What are the Customer Support options availabel with ICICIDirect?

Customer Support Rated 4/5
ICICIDirect - Phone Support
ICICIDirect - Toll Free Number
ICICIDirect - Email Support
ICICIDirect - Branch Offices
ICICIDirect - Live Chat
ICICIDirect - 24/7 Support

What are the trading platform offered by ICICIDirect?

Trading Platforms Rated 4.5/5

    ICICIdirect supports web-based, terminal-based trading and mobile app based trading.


      ICICIdirect com is a website based share trading site of ICICI Securities for convenient Cash Trading, Margin Trading, MarginPLUS Trading, Spot Trading, Buy Today Sell Tomorrow, IPO Investment, Mutual Fund Investment, etc. This is one of the best online trading platforms in India. ICICI Direct started the first online trading platform with the web version and reached to number 1 brokerage firm in India with highest active customers.

      ICICI Direct Trade Racer

      The power-packed Trading platform of ICICIdirect, provides an investor with Live streaming quotes & Research Calls, technical analysis and charts, integrated fund transfer system along with multiple watch list facility. This is a software-based trading platform and you need to download exe file to trade with Trade Racer.

      ICICI direct Mobile

      ICICIdirect has "I mobile trader app" which is one of the best mobile app for trading and investment. This mobile app allows you to trade in equity, future and option, view latest quotes, track your portfolio and market movement, get live research calls and place an order. ICICI Direct Mobile is available in both Andriod and iOS version.

    ICICIdirect.com uses the most advanced commercially available 128-bit encryption technology enabled Secure Socket Layer(SSL).

    For detail review of mobile app and download please visit ICICIDirect Trading Platform Review.

What are the Trading Platforms & Tools Options available with ICICIDirect?

ICICIDirect - Desktop Platform (Windows)
ICICIDirect - Desktop Platform (Mac)
ICICIDirect - Web Platform
ICICIDirect - Stock Alerts via Email
ICICIDirect - Stock Alerts via SMS
ICICIDirect - Virtual Trading
ICICIDirect - Watch-lists, streaming real-time quotes
ICICIDirect - Mobile App
ICICIDirect - Android Tablet App
ICICIDirect - Android App
ICICIDirect - iPhone App
ICICIDirect - iPad App
ICICIDirect - Mobile Trading Site

ICICIDirect Membership Information

  1. ICICIDirect NSE Membership:
    • Capital Market (CM) - INB230773037
    • Future & Options (F&O) - INF230773037
    • Currency Derivatives (CDS) - INE230773037
  2. ICICIDirect BSE Membership:
    • Capital Market (CM) - INB011286854
    • Future & Options (F&O) - INF010773035

Final thought about ICICIDirect

Investors while with ICICI Direct are in safe hands as it is the well reputed name in India with their presence in banking sector, Life Insurance, General Insurance and capital market.

But in today's changing Brokerage Industry where flat rate brokers or discount brokers are emerging, with availability of high speed internet, increased use of computers/mobile and customer long term desire to reduce the brokerage, big names like ICICIDirect even has to work hard for being in the business.

As far as the brokerage goes,it is a costly deal for casual inventor and day traders, because they will fall either in higher bucket of brokerage or constraint of minimum brokerage. The brokerage ranging from .75% to .25% and minimum brokerage charges ranges from Rs 35 or 2.5% with ICICI as compared to discount brokers like Zerodha,which is only Rs 20 or.01%, you may have to think twice before choosing a broker.

Customized solution, 3-in-1 account, Fund availability, best offering and stable trading platform is key of ICICI Direct. ICICIDirect Direct Zero Brokerage plan or ICICIDirect Bullet Plan is one step twoards giving some quick offers to traders. High Margin with Margin Plus prdocut is one more key advantage. For biggners no dought ICICI Direct is the best choice. For Traders and/or experiance investor ICICI Direct is still a costly deal.

If you like what you have read and want to open an trading and demat account with ICICIDirect, leave your contact information with us and we will guide you.

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