What is Zerodha Sensibull?

Sensibull is the third party Options Strategy Platform by Zerodha that allows Zerodha customers to get suggestions on strategies on their view on the market and execute the options trading from the same platform. The core focus of Sensibull is to make Options trading simple and hassle-free for traders. You can execute complex strategies like Spreads, Butterflies, Condors, and so on with a single Click. The platform provides you with information like the strike, expiry, maximum profit and loss to expect, ROI, the risk level, capital required etc. You can not only view strategies but also trade NIFTY Options, bank NIFTY Options, Stock Options, Currency Options using the platform. It helps you compare strategies on various scenarios, tracks your positions, helps you do a scenario analysis of your trades. Sensibull comes with features like IVs, IV percentiles, Events, Volume Breakouts, OI Buildups, PCR etc.

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User Comments

2. Hemang Rana  7/28/2019 11:18:56 PM Reply
Does this facility provides direct strike price (Nifty Bank option) to be directly filled in like tip or shall we read graph and candle analysis?

What if I have no idea to read candles and fix the strike price in option?
1. Arpit Singh rathore  12/15/2018 10:26:34 AM Reply
Its good tool, but my luck is not working in Options Trading.

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