How can I get access to the Kotak Security FIT Plan?

  • For new customers, you can avail FIT plan on account opening.
  • For existing customers, need to connect with customer care team to get access.
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  171. What all documents are required for Custody Account with ILnFS?
  172. How to get CP-Custodial Participant code?
  173. How NRI can trade in Equity Futures and Options in India?
  174. What are the segments a NRO Trading Account holder can trade in?
  175. What are the segments a NRE Trading Account holder can trade in?
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  177. What is Portfolio Investment Scheme-PIS?
  178. What are the regulations for NRI Trading in India?
  179. What are the steps NRI has to take for trading in India?
  180. What are the differences between NRE Account and NRO Account?
  181. What is the NRO Account?
  182. What is the NRE Account?
  183. What I have to do if I have any issue/problem with a contract note?
  184. Where to get a contract note?
  185. Why one should keep a contract note for reference?
  186. When will I expect contract note from a broker?
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  201. Is STT charges differ for different brokers?
  202. How to reduce STT charges in option trading?
  203. How to choose the best Intraday Broker?
  204. Is there any brokerage charges I have to pay for tendering the shares for buyback?
  205. How long will it take to receive the money in my account after submitting the buyback application?
  206. How much time buyback process takes in a tender offer?
  207. How to offer shares for buyback?
  208. When to invest in buyback scripts?
  209. What are the steps and dates in a Buyback Process?
  210. Buybacks vs Dividend payments-Which one is good for shareholders?
  211. What does the company do with the buyback shares?
  212. What are the limitation of the Kotak Security FIT Plan?
  213. How can I get access to the Kotak Security FIT Plan?
  214. How to create UPI ID with my bank?
  215. What is a UPI fund transfer and what are the charges for transferring money through UPI?
  216. Can I send money to someone who is not registered on BHIM-UPI from my BHIM-UPI ID?
  217. What is the current limit for sending money through BHIM-UPI?
  218. What is BHIM-UPI ID?
  219. What are prerequisites to start using fund transfer through UPI?
  220. What is transaction charges charged by Zerodha for adding funds using UPI?
  221. How can I transfer funds via UPI to my Zerodha Trading Account?
  222. What is Options Trading and how to use Sensibull for options trading?
  223. What benefits you get for being a business partner with Angel Broking?
  224. What type of support you get from Angel Broking to spread and regulate your business?
  225. What is your work as a Sub-broker?
  226. How to Become Sub broker with Angel Broking?
  227. What are the limitation of Streak?
  228. How to build a strategy on streak?
  229. Can I create my own strategy on Zerodha Streak?
  230. How many Technical Indicators are available in Streak?
  231. Is the buy and sell orders are taken automatically in Streak?
  232. Is Arbitrage auto-trading allowed on Streak?
  233. Which instruments are supported on the Streak Auto Trading Platform?
  234. Can I use Zerodha Streak for algo-trading in Commodities on MCX?
  235. Which exchange I can trade on using Zerodha Streak Platform?
  236. What is the pricing plan for Zerodha Streak?
  237. Is Streak free to use?
  238. Is there a Streak app available for mobile?
  239. How safe is the streak Platform?
  240. How to start using the Zerodha Streak?
  241. How to access Zerodha Streak Platform?
  242. Is Streak fully automated?
  243. What type of platform is Streak?
  244. What is one of the unique features on The Zerodha Sentinel Platform?
  245. For which segments I can set alerts via Sentinel Platform?
  246. What is the cost of Zerodha Sentinel?
  247. What are the data points/alert conditions that are supported by Zerodha Sentinel?
  248. Do I need a Zerodha Account to use Sentinel?
  249. What are the taxation with Bonds/T-bills?
  250. How much brokerage do I need to pay with Bonds/T-bills Investment with Zerodha?
  251. How can retail Investor invest in Bonds/T-bills with Zerodha Coin?
  252. Can Angel Bees help save on taxes?
  253. How to download AngelBee Mobile App?
  254. Do I need Angel Broking Trading or Demat Account to use AngelBee?
  255. What are the Angel Bee charges?
  256. What is Big Savings Account 24*7?
  257. Does Angel Bee allow Direct Mutual Fund Plans?
  258. Can I start SIP with AngelBee?
  259. What are the document requirements?
  260. How to open an account with AngelBee?
  261. Can I convert my existing Zerodha account to 3-in-1 account?
  262. Why Zerodha is providing a 3-in-1 account to IDFC bank only customers?
  263. Can an existing customer of Zerodha avail the benefits of the Zerodha IDFC First Bank 3-in-1 account?
  264. How much interest do I need to pay for MTF facility?
  265. Which scripts are included in MTF?
  266. How can I opt for Margin Trading Facility?
  267. Does HDFC Digify allow investment in direct funds?
  268. What are the charges one has to pay for opening an HDFC Digify account?
  269. Do I need to have a Demat account to invest through HDFC Digify?
  270. Do I have to be an HDFC securities trading account holder to use HDFC Digify?
  271. Can I invest in mutual funds on a holiday?
  272. How and where will I get my login details?
  273. How do I know if I'm eligible to invest through HDFC Digify?
  274. Can I check my portfolio with Motilal Oswal PMS?
  275. What are the charges for Motilal Oswal PMS Service?
  276. How is Motilal Oswal PMS service?
  277. Is the Edelweiss Mobile Trading App available in the Windows Store?
  278. Can I invest in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) through the Guided Portfolio?
  279. Does Edelweiss Broking Limited Service offer GTC Order facility?
  280. What are the Account Opening Charges for Edelweiss Broking Limited?
  281. Does Edelweiss offer a 3 in 1 trading account?
  282. Am I required to maintain a minimum balance to operate an Edelweiss Trading Account?
  283. Am I eligible to open an Edelweiss Trading Account?

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