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Last Updated - 2018-12-04

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Why Beeline?

  • Services of Relationship Managers and Research Analysts.
  • Recommendations and tips through direct mailers.
  • Percentage brokerage and per order brokerage options available.
  • Trading facility available across multiple asset class on NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX.
  • Facility to investment in ETFs and bonds.
  • Assistance to companies for listing as SMEs.
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Beeline Review - 2019

    Beeline broking limited is a mix of full service broker and discount broker offering trading across different asset class and add on services like equity SEP(Systematic Equity plan), SME listing & planning, research and market analysis, technical and fundamental analysis, tips and recommendations and so on.

    The broker is based in Ahemedabad, GJ and promoters have a long experience of the market.

    Beeline Broking lets you trade online across equity delivery, intraday, equity derivatives, currency, commodity by having membership of NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX through their online trading platforms via single sign on.

    Trading in commodity Segment is offered by Beeline Commodities Pvt Ltd. Beeline is a depository participant. Demat account opening onetime fee is Rs 876 with free AMC.

    Beeline has tie up with NSDL, a repository to have all your insurance policies in demat form. The broker helps you create an e-insurance account (e-IA) absolutely free of cost and you can buy as many insurance policies under the same demat account. You can also pay your premiums, view your portfolio and make amendments to your policy online.

    The broker also offers NRI trading service.

    If we talk about brokerage then Beeline offers both per order brokerage and percentage based brokerage. They have a brokerage bidding page where you can choose your own lowest brokerage for different segments. Flat fee brokerage is fixed at Rs 18 per executed order in equity delivery, equity derivative, currency and commodity future segment.

    Beeline runs a daily rewarding program where they reward participant with gift e-vouchers for predicting  the daily closing of indices future, currency future and commodity future of the current month. You can participate every day and the participant who makes the nearest predictions on either side of the close is the winner. Beeline value any contribution by our esteemed clients and based on your contribution in terms of Client referral , Sub broker/ Associate Programme/ Remisier referral , Participation in a survey/giving us feedback & Brokerage generated.Based on your contribution we assign reward points to our clients.2% of the average monthly brokerage will be converted into reward points. The reward points that you accumulate can be redeemed on a monthly or quarterly basis. More details can be followed on their website

    On Customer Service, Beeline serves customer through email, call and live chat. Branches of Beeline is not available at this point of time.Beeline have two branche offices, one in Ahmedabad and one at Gandhinagar.

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A full service cum discount broker with some unique services like guidance on going SMEs, SEP, reward point system for brokerage and brokerage bidding to choose your own brokerage.

Brokerage Charges
Investments Offering
Trading Platform
Customer Service


  • Beeline Loyalty Rewards Program.
  • Referral Program to earn 10% on revenue generated by your referral on first layer and 5% in second layer.
  • Systematic Equity Plan (SEP).
  • Free trading account.
  • Equity, Commodity and currency trading.
  • IVRS facilities for backoffice and balance confirmation.


  • Two brokerage plans creating confusion.
  • Lacking in innovative tools.
  • Doesn’t offer after market trades.
  • Software charges.

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Beeline with closest competitors

Broker Beeline Zerodha ICICIDirect Sharekhan ProStocks
Service Type Discount Broker Discount Broker Full Service Broker Full Service Broker Discount Broker
Brokerage Rs 18 Rs 20 0.05 to .55% 0.1 to 0.5% Rs 15
Account Type 2 in 1 2 in 1 3 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1
Monthly Plans No No No No Yes
Please refer unique and accurate Beeline Brokerage Calculator

Beeline Brokerage Charges - 2019

    Beeline offer per order brokerage and percentage based brokerage both. Per order is fixed at Rs 18 per executed order for all the segments but percentage based brokerage can be chosen using brokerage bidding page. The brokerage of per order of Rs 18 is neither very high nor very low and most commonly quoted by discount brokers. It is lower than Zerodha, UpStoxs,SAMCO, Fyers (Rs 20), higher then ProStocks and TradeSmartOnline (Rs 15), SASOnline, RKGlobal (Rs 9), 5Paisa and MyValueTrade (Rs 10).

    The percentage brokerage of Beeline is variable depending upon bidding and negotiation with the broker. The maximum brokerage offered is .25% for equity delivery, .02% for equity intraday and future, Rs 50 per lot for options,.01% for commodity and currency future and Rs 15 per lot for currency options. The percentage brokerage is at the lower side in the industry.

    Beeline Account Opening and Demat Charges

    • Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time): NIL
    • Demat account Opening Charges (One Time): NIL
    • Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC): NIL
    • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): Rs 876(Life time)

    For complete brokerage charges and trading plans detail please visit Beeline Brokerage Charges.

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Beeline Brokerage Charges - Flat Fee Rs 15 Plan

Brokerage Plan Flat Fee Rs 15 Plan
Flat Fee NA
Equity Delivery Flat Fee Rs 18
Equity Intraday Flat Fee Rs 18
Equity Futures Flat Fee Rs 18
Equity Options Flat Fee Rs 18
Currency Futures Flat Fee Rs 18
Currency Options Flat Fee Rs 18
Commodity Flat Fee Rs 18

Account Opening with Beeline Broking Ltd

For online trading with Beeline Broking Ltd, investor has to open an account. Following are the ways to open an account with Beeline Broking Ltd:

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Beeline Web, Mobile app and Desktop base trading platform - 2019

    Trading platforms of Beeline are offered through NSE NOW and ODIN. NSE’s NOW is available in all three versions –Desktop Exe Trading, Web Trading and Mobile App. This software directly connects to the exchange for orders and feeds. NSE NOW is free for all segments on NSE but for trading on BSE customer has to pay Rs 150 per segment per month.

    NSE NOW Desktop

    This is the software based application that has to be downloaded on your pc. The software can be downloaded on PC with windows. This is a feature rich trading platform available to the customers for free of cost.

    NSE NOW Web

    The NSE NOW web version is supported on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. This is the most widely used browser based platform for convenient and hassle free trading.

    NSE NOW Mobile App

    NSE NOW mobile app is available for download on Android as well as IOS smartphones. It is easy, customizable and intuitive with real time feed and quality execution.

    My Armour

    My Armour is another software offered by Beeline in Exe version and web version. The desktop version is available at Rs 100 per segment per month. Web version is free.

    For detail review of mobile app and download please visit Beeline Mobile App.

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Beeline Membership Information

  1. Beeline Broking Ltd NSE/BSE Membership:
    • Capital Market (CM) - INB231193310
    • Future & Options (F&O) - INF231193310
    • Currency Derivatives (CDS) - INE231193310
  2. Beeline Broking Ltd BSE Membership:
    • Capital Market (CM) - INB000000638
    • Future & Options (F&O) - INF000000638
  3. Beeline Commodities Pvt. Ltd:
    • NCDEX / TM / CORP/1136
  4. Beeline Broking Ltd Corporate Office:
    • B- 307, Ganesh Plaza,
      Beside Navrangpura Post Office,
  5. Beeline Broking Ltd Registered Office:
    • B- 307, Ganesh Plaza,
      Beside Navrangpura Post Office,

Beeline Product and Services Features

Beeline - 3 in 1 Account help
Beeline - Multiple Plans help
Beeline - Monthly Plan help
Beeline - Yearly Plan help
Beeline - Portfolio help
Beeline - Charting help
Beeline - Automated Trading help
Beeline - AMO Order help
Beeline - Allow GTC Order help
Beeline - SMS Alerts help
Beeline - Margin Trade Funding help
Combined Ledger for Equity and Commodityhelp
Beeline - NRI Trading help

Offering of Investments by Beeline

Beeline - Equity Cash and F&O help
Beeline - Currency F&O help
Beeline - Commodity Trading help
Beeline - Mutual Funds help
Beeline - ETF help
Beeline - Online IPO help
Beeline - Bonds Investment help
Beeline - Debt Investment help
Beeline - Banking Service help
Beeline - Insurance Service help
Beeline - MF SIP Investment help

Beeline Trading Platforms & Tools Options

Beeline - Desktop Platform (Windows) help
Beeline - Desktop Platform (Mac) help
Beeline - Web Platform help
Beeline - Stock Alerts via Email help
Beeline - Stock Alerts via SMS help
Beeline - Virtual Trading help
Beeline - Watch-lists, streaming real-time quotes help
Beeline - Mobile App help
Beeline - Android Tablet App help
Beeline - Android App help
Beeline - iPhone App help
Beeline - iPad App help
Beeline - Mobile Trading Site help

Customer Service Offered by Beeline

Beeline - Phone Support help
Beeline - Toll Free Number help
Beeline - Email Support help
Beeline - Branch Offices help
Beeline - Live Chat help
Beeline - 24/7 Support help

Beeline Research and Market Reports

Beeline - Daily Market Report help
Beeline - Free Tips help
Beeline - Quarterly Results help
Beeline - New Alerts help
Beeline - Mutual Funds Research help
Beeline - Research Equity Reports help
Beeline - ETF Research help

Final thought about Beeline

Beeline Broking Ltd is a mid way broker between full service and discount broker. Out of two trading platforms offered by Beeline, one is free. The broker offers service little more than discount broker but has to work on innovative tools and platform. The broker provide tips for stocks, has relationship managers but doesn’t provide any research reports and analysis. Overall an average broker with a potential to offer more in future.

If you like what you have read and want to choose Beeline or any other broker, leave your contact information with us and we will guide you.

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