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Zerodha Demat Charges 2020

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 Demat Charges

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Zerodha is the Depository Participant (DP) with CDSL. Zerodha Demat charges details includes account opening charges & Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), transaction charges, Demat and Remat charges, pledge charges, failed Instruction charges and other charges.

Zerodha Demat Account Details

Zerodha Demat Charges - 2020
1.DP SourceCDSL
2.Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC)₹300 pa
3.Statutory Charges (Stamp Charges payable upfront)₹50
4.Advance DepositNil
5.Transaction Charges (Market Trades)
Buy (Receive)₹ 0
Sell (Debit)₹8 + ₹5.50 (CDSL Charges) per transaction
6.Demat & Remat Charges
Demat₹150 per certificate + ₹100 courier charges
Remat₹150 per certificate + ₹100 courier charges + CDSL Charges
7.Pledge Charges
Pledge Creation₹20 + ₹12 CSDL charges
Pledge Creation ConfirmationNil
Pledge Closure₹20 + ₹12 CSDL charges
Pledge Closure ConfirmationNil
Pledge Invocation₹20
8.Failed Instruction Charges₹50 per instraction
9.Other Charges DematNil

Demat FAQs

  1. 1. How much Zerodha charge its client base for the annual maintenance?

    Zerodha only charges to Demat account holders as the below:

    1. For Individuals and partnership and LLP accounts: Rs 300 + GST
    2. For companies: Rs 1000 + GST

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  2. 2. Brief me on shifting my shares from other broker accounts into a Zerodha Demat account.

    You have to fill up the DIS slip to initiate the transfer of shares from one account to another. Send that DIS Slip at the Zerodha's head office address. As there is receipt of your DIS slip to Zerodha, your shares will be transferred within 48 hours.

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  3. 3. Is the Zerodha demat account goes with NSDL or CDSL?

    Zerodha acts as a depository (DP) and has opted to be under the guidelines of CDSL.

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  4. 4. How do I find my Demat account number in Zerodha?

    Your Demat account number will be the DP ID followed by the Beneficiary ID. To find your DP Number, Go to Zerodha Back Office Application - console > my profile > Demat.

    Zerodha Demat Account Number

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Last Updated on 2019-08-09

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