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HDFC Securities Demat Charges 2022

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 Demat Charges
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  • HDFC Securities is a registered depository participant with both CDSL and NSDL to offer HDFC Securities Demat Account. Clients can open a free demat account with HDFC Securities to keep securities in dematerialized form. The broker does not charge any demat account opening fees (Free) however, demat AMC charges of Rs 750 PA (Waived for 1st year) is levied. Here, check the complete HDFC Securities demat charges details including account opening charges & Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), transaction charges, Demat and Remat charges, pledge charges, failed Instruction charges and other charges.

    Trading Account Opening ChargesRs 999
    Trading AMCFree
    Demat Account Opening ChargesFree
    Demat AMCRs 750 PA (Waived for 1st year)

    HDFC Securities Ltd Demat Account Details

    HDFC Securities Ltd Demat Charges - 2022
    1.DP SourceCDSL
    2.Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC)₹750 pa
    3.Statutory Charges (Stamp Charges payable upfront)Nil
    4.Advance DepositCustomer having only Depository relationship with the Bank has to pay an advance fee of Rs.7,500/-
    5.Transaction Charges (Market Trades)
    Buy (Receive)₹ 0
    Sell (Debit)0.04% (Min ₹20) + CDSL charges
    6.Demat & Remat Charges
    Demat₹5 per certificate + ₹35 request charges
    7.Pledge Charges
    Pledge CreationNil
    Pledge Creation Confirmation0.04% of transaction value (Min ₹40)
    Pledge ClosureNil
    Pledge Closure Confirmation0.04% of transaction value (Min ₹40)
    Pledge Invocation0.04% of transaction value (Min ₹40)
    8.Failed Instruction ChargesNil
    9.Other Charges DematNil

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    Yes, HDFC Securities offers 3 in 1 account, so your HDFC bank account is linked with your demat account, you can transfer funds in and out any time from your demat account to the bank account.


    When you open your account with HDFC Securities, your User ID and password will be provided to you in the welcome letter and email. However, in case you have not received the same, you can contact the customer service on 3355336 (prefix 0+local STD code) to retrieve the same.


    You can add and withdraw funds from HDFC Securities to your bank account with one single click. As your account is a 3-in-1 account, this is just a company transfer and will process in just seconds.


    No, there is no charge on withdrawing money from your trading account by HDFC Securities. You can withdraw the balance amount in your account partially or fully at any time without any cost as the broker offers a 3-in-1 account.


    Cash order is another name of delivery based trading in which the stocks are deposited in the demat account of the investor. It is known as a cash order or cash and carry order (CnC) because you need the entire transaction value to place this order including the brokerage charges. These shares get credited in your demat account on T+2 day.


    The DP ID and client ID is the identification of the applicant. The Registrar is required to process an application based on a bid file for IPO or right issue and in absence of any other possible validation, a wrong but valid demat account can lead to a wrong refund/credit of shares. Thus it is very important that the Demat Account Number is stated correctly in the application form.

    The Registrar is responsible for complying with the time deadlines of updating the electronic credit of shares to the successful applicants, dispatching refunds, and attending to all investor-related queries after the issue is completed.


    Good Till Date (GTDt) is a facility offered by HDFC Securities which lets you place buy and sell Limit orders in scrips of your choice specifying the period. The period selected by you should be within the maximum validity date defined by the broker. All the clients have the right to avail of this facility and those who order in Equity Cash product and E-Margin product. This is also called a GTC order.


    HDFC Securities provides the facility of placing Cover Orders to its clients with Limit price facility. It also allows “Stop loss Limit Order” which means the position created on execution of a Fresh Order under the Facility.


    Smart Order Routing or SOR is a feature of HDFC Securities that finds the best price for buy or sell orders on available exchanges. When you select this feature, the system automatically compares the price of stock across the available exchanges and helps you to get the best price instantly. The"SOR" option is provided in the “Exchange” drop-down menu in the order panel. Only the ‘Market’ and ‘Limit’ order types will be allowed for SOR orders.


    Trigger Price is the price provided by the trader at which the stock market makes an order and executes buy and sell. These trigger prices are to be set in stop-loss limit or stop-loss market orders. The trigger price on HDFC Securities has to be between the limit price and the last traded price (LTP) of the stock. It should be lower than 1% of the LTP.