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Buyback Dashboard, Latest Updates, News - 2019

Buyback Dashboard

Buyback Dashboard presents to you a quick navigation through all the upcoming and in process buyback offers of Indian Stock Market. You can take a quick look at the Record Date, Open Date, End Date, Payment Date of the Buy Back offer to take action as needed. You can click on the company's name to get in depth detail of all the information related to buyback offer. You will also get information on Buyback Type (Tender Offer or Open Market), Proposed Acceptance Ratio and Actual Acceptance Ratio. You can compare Buyback Price and Last Traded Price (LTP) (which is updated every day) of the share for decision making.

Latest and Updated Buyback Dashboard - 2019

Eris Lifesciences Limited TOJul-2019Rs 100 Cr57515-07-20193.5/5
S H Kelkar and CompanyTOJun-2019Rs 59.40 Cr18020-06-20193.0/5
Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone LtdTOJun-2019Rs 1960 Cr50021-06-20194.0/5
Triveni Engineering & Industries LtdTOJun-2019Rs 100 Cr10019-06-20193.5/5
Savita Oil Technologies LtdTOMay-2019Rs 40.28 Cr160512-06-20193.5/5
Gandhi Special Tubes LtdTOMay-2019Rs 49.50 Cr550TBD2.5/5
FDC LtdTOMay-2019Rs 120.05 Cr35007-06-20193.5/5
GeeCee Ventures LimitedTOMay-2019Rs 11 Cr13507-06-20192.5/5
Welspun Corp LimitedTOMay-2019Rs 360 Cr14005-07-20193.0/5
Frontline SecuritiesTOMar-2019Rs 7.56 Cr4024-05-20194.0/5
BSE limitedTOMay-2019Rs 460 Cr680TBD3.0/5
Greaves Cotton LtdTOMay-2019Rs 240 Cr175TBD3.0/5
KPR MillTOApr-2019Rs 263.3 Cr70219-06-20173.5/5
Sasken Technologies LtdTOApr-2019Rs 169.88 Cr85005-07-20193.0/5
Glance Finance ltdTOFeb-2019Rs 3.75 Cr5026-04-20193.0/5
Wipro LtdTOApr-2019Rs 10500 Cr32521-06-20194.5/5
SQS India BFSI LtdTOJan-2019Rs 25.34 Cr55012-04-20192.5/5
Balrampur Chini Mills LtdTOApr-2019Rs 147.67 Cr17518-04-20193.5/5
PBM PolytexTOFeb-2019Rs 11 Cr8008-03-20193.5/5
Zenith Fibres LimitedTOMar-2019Rs 30.25 Cr5512-04-20192.5/5
Shervani Industrial Syndicate LtdTOJan-2019Rs 20.75 Cr50029-03-20192.0/5
eClerx ServicesTOMar-2019Rs 262 Cr150010-05-20192.5/5
Aarti Drugs LtdTOMar-2019Rs 25.38 Cr90029-03-20192.0/5
Quick Heal Technologies LtdTOMar-2019Rs 175 Cr27526-04-20193.5/5
Tulive Developers LimitedTOFeb-2019Rs 16.80 Cr35022-04-20194.5/5
Tech Mahindra LtdTOFeb-2019Rs 1956 Cr95006-03-20194.0/5
Coal India LtdTOFeb-2019Rs 1050 Cr23515-02-20193.5/5
Ajanta PharmaTOJan-2019Rs 100 Cr130012-02-20193.5/5
R Systems International LimitedTOJan-2019Rs 23.98 Cr6501-02-20193.5/5
NMDCTOJan-2019Rs 1000 Cr9818-01-20193.5/5
Shanthi Gears LtdTODec-2018Rs 70 Cr14008-02-20194.0/5
Indian Energy Exchange LtdTODec-2018Rs 69 Cr18515-02-20193.5/5
ONGCTODec-2018Rs 4022 Cr15904-01-20193.5/5
Techno Electric & Engineering Company LtdTODec-2018Rs 109.97 Cr41003-01-20193.5/5
Indian Oil Corporation LtdTODec-2018Rs 4435 Cr14925-12-20183.5/5
Monte Carlo Fashions LtdTONov-2018Rs 55 Cr55022-02-20193.5/5
HEG LtdTONov-2018Rs 750 Cr550009-02-20194.0/5
Oil India LtdTONov-2018Rs 1085 Cr21503-12-20184.0/5
Tata Investment CorporationTONov-2018Rs 450 Cr100011-01-20194.0/5
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd TONov-2018Rs 82.50 Cr55002-01-20193.0/5
NHPC LTDTONov-2018Rs 600 CR2830-11-20183.0/5
Baba Arts LtdTONov-2018Rs 3.38 Cr4.5015-01-20193.5/5
Bosch LtdTONov-2018Rs 2159 Cr2100021-12-20183.0/5
Triveni Turbine LimitedTONov-2018Rs 100 Cr15028-12-20184.0/5
Bharat Heavy Electricals LtdTOOct-2018Rs 1628 Cr8606-11-20184.0/5
SKF India LtdTOOct-2018Rs 399 Cr210021-12-20183.5/5
Cochin Shipyard LtdTOOct-2018Rs 200 Cr45531-10-20183.0/5
Just DialTOJul-2018Rs 220 Cr80012-10-20183.5/5
NALCOTOOct-2018Rs 504 Cr7526-10-20183.5/5
NLC IndiaTOOct-2018Rs 1248 Cr8824-10-20184.0/5
KIOCL LTDTOSep-2018Rs 214 Cr18501-10-20185.0/5
Redington India LtdTOSep-2018Rs 139 Cr12528-09-20184.0/5
JB Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals LtdTOAug-2018Rs 130 Cr39012-09-20183/5
Navneet Education LtdTOAug-2018Rs 75 Cr16031-08-20184.0/5
Larsen & Toubro LtdTOAug-2018Withdrawn147515-10-20184.0/5
Mphasis LimitedTOAug-2018Rs 988 Cr135025-10-20184.5/5
HCL Technologies LtdTOJul-2018Rs 4000 Cr110031-08-20184.0/5
TCSTOJun-2018Rs 16,000 Cr210018-08-20184.5/5
Weizmann Forex LTDTOJun-2018Rs 34.64 Cr70216-08-20183/5
DB Corp LtdTOMay-2018Rs 312.8 Cr34018-07-20183.5/5
Kaveri Seed Company LtdTOMay-2018Rs 200 Cr67503-08-20182.5/5
Smartlink Network Systems LimitedTOApr-2018Rs 67.20 Cr12018-05-20184.0/5
Akzo Nobel India LimitedTOApr-2018Rs 235.20 Cr210007-06-20183.5/5
KPR Mill LtdTOFeb-2018Rs 108 Cr81007-03-20183.0/5
Balrampur Chini Mills LtdTOFeb-2018Rs 99 Cr15006-03-20183.0/5
FDC LtdTOFeb-2018Rs 120.05 Cr35027-02-20183.5/5
MOIL LtdTOFeb-2018Rs 210.4 cr24020-02-20183.5/5
Mangalam Organics LimitedTOFeb-2018Rs 14.03 Cr23004-04-20182.5/5
Bharat electronicsTOJan-2018Rs 372 Cr182.5009-02-20183.0/5
Paushak Limited TOJan-2018Rs 21.25 Cr170023-03-20183.0/5
Alembic LtdTOJan-2018Rs 82 Cr8023-03-20183.0/5
Savita Oil Technologies LimitedTOJan-2018Rs 44.94 Cr160509-02-20183.0/5
Unichem Laboratories LtdTOJan-2018Rs 885.8 Cr43016-02-20184.5/5
Aarti Drugs LtdTOJan-2018Rs 24.06 Cr87519-01-20183.0/5
SJVN LtdTOJan-2018Rs 801.47 Cr38.7518-01-20184.0/5
Orbit Exports LtdTOJan-2018Rs 7.99 Cr18019-01-20183.0/5
Pidilite IndustriesTODec-2017Rs 500 Cr100012-02-20183.5/5
Gandhi Special TubesTODec-2017Rs 44 Cr50009-02-20183.5/5
eClerx Services LtdTODec-2017Rs 258 Cr200005-02-20183/5
Aarti Industries LimitedTODec-2107Rs 98.45 Cr120005-01-20183/5
Swaraj Engines LtdTONov-2017Rs 70.74 Cr240012-01-20183/5
Novartis IndiaTOSep-2017Rs 231.15 Cr67008-12-20173.0/5

  • TO: Tender Order
  • OM:Open Market
  • AR:Acceptance Ratio

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