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Upstox is a brand name of RKSV Securities and RKSV Commodities. The company has changed its name from RKSV to Upstox. Upstox Products & Service are carry forwarded from RKSV and added more product under Upstox brand name. User should not get confuse between RKSV and Upstox, as both are one company only.

RKSV Securities

Upstox is the online trading brand name of RKSV Securities, engaged in providing trading facility in equity cash, derivatives (NSE, BSE), currency futures (NSE and MCX) by being registered member of NSE and BSE.

RKSV Commodities

Upstox ( RKSV) Commodities is a member of both the commodity exchanges MCX & NCDEX and allows trading in all the commodities.  At present, trading in commodities is restricted to futures contracts only.

Key Products & services by RKSV Securities Limited and RKSV Commodities under banner of Upstox are:

Upstox SPAN Margin Calculator

The Upstox SPAN Margin Calculator is a tool to calculate the Span Margin charged by the exchanges and  exposure margin provided by them. This tool allows you to calculate comprehensive span margin requirements for option writing/shorting or for multi-leg F&O strategies while trading equity, F&O, commodity and currency before taking a trade.

You can find out NSE SPAN Margin, MCX SPAN Margin, BSE Currency Derivatives SPAN Margin and  NSE Currency Derivatives SPAN Margin.

The SPAN Margin Calculator calculates margins based on volatility, underlying price movements amongst other factors. The Exposure Margin is usually levied as a percentage of the value of the contract in addition to the SPAN Margin.

Upstox Priority Pack

Upstox added new product in their portfolio as Upstox Priority Pack for professional or active trader who are looking for higher leverage. This is a paid service and need to pay monthly fee to avail this service.

Upstox Priority Pack for equity, F&O and CDS segments: Rs 999 + Service tax

Intraday leverage/margin with Upstox Priority Pack:

  • NSE/BSE Cash:20x
  • Index Futures:6x
  • Stock Futures:4x
  • NSE Option Buy:NA
  • Index Option Sell:6x
  • Stock Option Sell:4x
  • NSE Currency:4x

CO/OCO leverage/margin with Upstox Priority Pack:

  • NSE/BSE Cash:25x
  • Index Futures:7x
  • Stock Futures:6x
  • NSE Option Buy:2x
  • Index Option Sell:5x
  • Stock Option Sell:5x
  • NSE Currency:5x

Upstox Priority pack for commodities: Rs 499 + Service tax

Intraday Leverage/margin with Upstox Priority Pack:

  • MCX Futures:3x

CO/OCO leverage/margin with Upstox Priority Pack:

  • MCX Futures:4x

Upstox Options Strategy Builder

Upstox Options Strategy Builder or payoffs is a tool which allow clients to find potential profit or loss for options put and call on buy and sell side. Same feature is available for equity future also. This will give you a visualize payoffs for better understanding of your trade.

Upstox Equity Margin/Leverage

Upstox offers competitive leverage trading opportunity to the traders. With MIS orders in Equity Intraday segment you can avail leverage up to 3X to 20X depending on the stocks. With MIS orders in intraday derivatives segment, trades are allowed at almost half the normal margins. Intraday cover order (CO) trades which have built in compulsory stop loss order can have far higher leverage than the normal. Upstox offers upto 3X margin in Non Agri commodities with CO orders and 2.5x for MIS orders.

Upstox Trade Academy

Trade Academy is the eLearning portal from Upstox, with the prime focus on educating and training people about the financial markets. The courses are available  as online videos as well as online interactive/live classes. The courses includes basics of the stock markets to options trading strategies to introducing algorithmic trading to experts in the industry. The Upstox Trade Academy runs free and premium online courses that are attended by large number of audience every day.

Upstox Paperless Account Opening form

Upstox  E-Aadhaar account opening process is allowing new clients with paperless account opening. No courier or signature needed with your account opening. You just need your Aadhaar Card number and PAN Number in order to open an account with Upstox. It is completely paperless and seamless.

Upstox Demat Service

Upstox is registered as a Depository Participant with CDSL and NSDL. You can avail Demat service with Upstox to get fast and paper less transaction. Upstox demat account opening is free with zero AMC charges.

Upstox NRI Trading Services

Upstox, the 2nd largest discount broker by number of clients started offering NRI Trading and Demat account services since Jan 2016. Upstox NRI Brokerage is flat Rs 200 per executed order plus applicable taxes as per actual.

Upstox NRI Trading Account charges

  • Trading Account Opening Charges: Rs 250
  • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC: Rs 300

Upstox Call & trade

Using call & trade feature, you can place trades across Equities, Derivatives & Currency between 9AM to 11:55PM on Monday to Friday (Excluding Exchange Holidays) and Upstox charge Rs 20 per executed order for call & trade and you receive a trade confirmation through SMS or Email. Call & Trade contact number: + 91-22-6130-9999.

Upstox Customer Services

Upstox Customer service is delivered deliberately through toll free no, email, online support portal. You can also go through FAQ onsite for all your trading related queries.

Upstox Contact Number/Upstox Customer Care Number: +91-22-6130-9999

Upstox Branches is an online investment website of RKSV Securities Ltd. Upstox offers all of its customer services through its website only.

Upstox  have offices in Mumbai ,New Delhi, Delhi, Pune and Ahmedabad.

  • Upstox Mumbai Office:
  • 30th Floor, Sunshine Tower,
    Senapati Bapat Marg,
    Dadar (W), Mumbai - 400 013.
  • Upstox Delhi Office
  • 211, 2nd floor, Agrawal Chamber-II, 30-31,
    Veer Savarkar block, Shakarpur,
     Near Nirman Vihar Metro,
    Delhi 11092, 011-43763323
  • Upstox New Delhi Office:
  • 807, New Delhi House,
    Barakhamba Road,
    New Delhi - 110 001
  • Upstox Pune Office:
  • Shreenath Plaza 3rd Floor,
    B-wing, Office no. 71,
    Shivaji Nagar, FC Road,
    Pune – 411005
  • Upstox Ahmedabad Office:
  • C-614, Siddhivinayak Tower, Makarba,
    Ahmedabad - 380051
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