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SAMCO Securities Limited

Formerly known as Samruddhi Stock Brokers Limited, engaged in providing a trading facility in equity cash, derivatives (NSE, BSE), currency futures (NSE and MCX) and register member of NSE, BSE.

SAMCO Commodities Limited

SAMCO Commodities Ltd - Formerly known as Samruddhi Tradecom India Limited, is a member of both the commodity exchanges MCX & NCDEX and allows trading in all the commodities. At present, trading in commodities is restricted to futures contracts only.

Key Products & services by SAMCO Securities Limited and SAMCO Commodities Limited are:

SAMCO CashPlus

SAMCO CashPlus is one of the unique features by discount brokers where you can get leverage up to 4X in equity delivery. This is similar to T+5 days concept by few key full-service brokers, however, you need to pay .05% per day interest as delay payment on the outstanding amount. This service is paid service and you need to pay Rs 1000 PA to avail this service. 300+ stocks will be available for Equity Delivery Leverage with CashPlus.

SAMCO SPAN Margin Calculator

The SAMCO SPAN Margin Calculator is a tool to calculate the Span Margin charged by the exchanges and also the exposure margins being calculated by the Exchanges. This tool allows you to calculate comprehensive span margin requirements for option writing/shorting or for multi-leg F&O strategies while trading equity, F&O, commodity and currency before taking a trade.

Other tools supported by SAMCO are NSE SPAN margin Calculator, MCX SPAN Margin Calculator, Currency Derivatives SPAN Margin Calculator, Equity Derivatives Margin Calculator, Commodity Derivatives Margin Calculator.

The SPAN Margin calculates margins based on volatility, underlying price movements amongst other factors. The Exposure Margin is usually levied as a percentage of the Value of the Contract in addition to the SPAN Margin.

SAMCO Equity Margin/Leverage

SAMCO offers different and competitive leverage trading opportunity to the traders. With MIS orders in Equity Intraday segment, you can avail leverage up to 3X to 15X depending on the stocks. With MIS orders in intraday derivatives, segment trades are allowed at almost half the normal margins. Intraday cover order (CO) trades which have built-in compulsory stop loss order can have far higher leverage than the normal.

SAMCO Data Bank

SAMCO Data Bank is a snapshot of company financial report. This data bank includes Revenue, Gross Profit, %margin, Operational Profit, Net Income, EPS, Dividends and many more key financial data with history. To find the fundamental of company this data cost a good amount of money, but SAMCO is providing this free to its customer.  SAMCO data bank covers all major listed company from NSE and BSE.

SAMCO Stock Rating

With the SAMCO Databank, SAMCO created an analytical research and provided a rating for each stock from AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B, CCC, CC, C and Penny stocks. SAMCO rate stocks on key business parameters and matrices. With this, you can do more details fundamental analysis and better decision before investing your money in any script.

Algorithmic Trading with SAMCO

Usually, a professional investor needs this feature where they can decide there trading strategy and let the system to run this automatically. For enabling algorithmic trading, SAMCO has entered into an exclusive partnership with Global Financial Data feeds LLP (GDFL) to facilitate the Amibroker Trading Plugin for its clients across India. With this plugin, clients can do automated trading, backtesting, Multi-Symbol, Multi-Strategy and Multi-Chart Trading, Enables Line Pair Trading (LPT), Enables Trailing Stop Losses and Target Based Exits and manual trading. This is a paid service.

SAMCO Pledge Monitor

This is one more important factor/report for investors where promoters of companies pledge shares held by themselves with lenders to raise money in their personal capacity. This can create a significant negative impact on particular scripts performance when promoters invocate their shares by lenders. Samco provides approx. 4000+ scripts promoters holding and pledge data to investor and associated risk with that to his customers to take a safe call in investment.

SAMCO Call & trade

Using call & trade feature, you can place trades across Equities, Derivatives & Currency between 9 AM to 11:55 PM on Monday to Friday (Excluding Exchange Holidays) and SAMCO charge Rs 20 per executed order for call & trade and you receive a trade confirmation through SMS or Email. Call & Trade contact number: +91 – 22 – 2222 7777 | +91 22 - 6169 9000.

SAMCO Customer Services

SAMCO Customer service is delivered deliberately through toll-free no, email, online support portal. You can also go through FAQ onsite for all your trading related queries.

SAMCO Contact Number/SAMCO Customer Care Number: 91 22 2222 7777 | +91 22 6169 9000

SAMCO Indian Trading League

SAMCO India Trading League is another initiative from SAMCO Ventures Limited, where it allows SAMCO Customer to participants to showcase their investing and trading skills and outperform other market participants in a real market environment across asset classes including stocks, derivatives, and commodities to win the ultimate respect of being India’s Best Trader and win a Cash Prize of Rs. 1.5 Cr’s and many other prizes. This is optional service and not directly related to your SAMCO trading account. Indian Trading League brokerage is same as SAMCO brokerage. You can use SAMCO Brokerage Calculator to get more clarity on Indian Trading League Brokerage Calculator. However there is no brokerage service provided by India Trading League (or there is no broker register in SEBI/NSE/BSE as India Trading League), SAMCO customer can avail this service. To participate in Indian trading league you need to open an account with SAMCO, and need to do trading with SAMCO trading account, so Indian trading league brokerage charges (itl brokerage) are SAMCO brokerage charges.

SAMCO Securities Branches is an online investment website of SAMOC Securities Ltd. SAMOC Securities offers all of its customer services through its website only.

SAMCO has offices in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Mumbai Office:

SAMCO Securities Limited
1004 - A, 10th Floor, Naman Midtown - A Wing,
Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road,
Mumbai - 400 013, Maharashtra, India.

Ahmedabad Office:

916 Devpath Building, Behind Lal Bungalows,
Off C.G Road, Navrangpura,
Ahmedabad – 380009.
Contact Number - +91 -7405159636

SAMCO Securities Limited commonly misspelled as  “sam co”,”samcoin”,”samcoo”,”samcotrading’. SAMCO Securities Limited also know with popular names among investors like "samco trading","samruddhi stock brokers","samruddhi stock brokers limited","samruddhi stock brokers ltd","samco securities limited","samco securities ltd","samco security","indian stock league","indian trading league","samco india","samco indian trading league","samco itl","itl trading","samco trader","samco traders"

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