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Indira Securities Products & Services-2021

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Indira Securities Product and Services

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Indira Securities Pvt Ltd or IndiraTrade provides trading and investment services across equity, derivatives, commodity, currency, IPO, and Mutual Funds. Clients having a 2-in-1 account means demat and trading account with Indira Securities can trade across different financial products. The Indira Securities 2-in-1 account is accessible across all the trading platforms such as Indira TradeInsta, Indira Trader Terminal, and Indira Investor Web. Further, the broker also offers a mutual funds account to facilitate clients to undertake investment in various mutual funds. MF Planet is its mutual fund app that provides seamless and algorithm-based investment experience to users. In addition, being a full-service broker, it provides free research services to clients where they can have access to various research reports such as market reports, sectoral reports, and many others. Get here the complete details of all the Indira Securities Products & Services.

Indira Securities Products & Services

The broker provides the following products & services to its client base that are discussed here one by one as follows;

Indira Securities Demat Account

    Indira Securities, being a DP with CDSL, serves a demat account opening facility to people. The demat account with Indira Securities allows customers to get physical certificates converted into electronic form. Thus, the Indira Securities Demat Account facilitates account holders to dematerialize securities such as shares, derivatives, mutual funds, etc. The key advantage is that the broker offers a free demat account at zero account opening charges.

Indira Securities Trading Account

    Trading Account with Indira Securities or Indira Trade enables clients to buy or sell shares and other financial product offerings. It linked with the demat account henceforth, whenever someone places a buy order through the trading account, then the said transaction will go for processing and upon successful execution, the bought shares will be credited into demat account. On the contrary, whenever a sell order is passed then after execution, the sold shares will be debited from the demat account. One can open a free trading account with IndiraTrade at zero charges.

Indira Securities Equity Trading

    In today’s era, every individual has a desire to make money from equity trading and to achieve the said objective, humans make all the efforts. Trading in equities is one of the most widely used avenues to gain a reasonable rate of return on the investment made. Indira Securities is a trading member of both the stock exchanges; BSE and NSE and thereby facilitates equity trading services across both the exchanges.

Indira Securities Derivatives Trading

    Derivatives are the financial instruments that include futures, options, swaps, and others that are used to hedge or protect from any financial risk such as interest rate risk, price fluctuation risk, etc. Futures & options are the most popular derivative products, wherein future contracts obliged the buyer to buy a particular number of shares and sellers to sell particular shares at a future specified date. Options contract, on the other hand, provides right but not the mandatory obligation to buy or sell shares at a specified date and at a particular price. People can trade-in the derivative segment with Indira Trade at both the stock exchanges; BSE and NSE, the F&O trading requires an upfront margin that needs to be paid by the client.

Indira Securities Commodity Trading

    Indira Commodities Pvt Ltd is the authorized trading member of MCX and NCDEX to provide an opportunity to their clients to trade in the commodity market. One can open a Commodity Trading Account with Indira Securities to trade-in different commodities. The broker provides trading across gold, silver, Zinc, agricultural, energy, and other commodities.

Indira Securities Currency Trading

    Currency trading, as the name implies, refers to the buying and selling of different country’s currencies such as US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, etc. At Indira Trade, retail investors, corporations, and financial institutions can trade in currencies. As currencies can be very volatile therefore, currency trading tends to be highly risky therefore, one must have good knowledge and take cautions while trading in the currency market.

Indira Securities Mutual Funds

    The idea of pooling money from investors and investing in various instruments i.e. shares, debentures and others for common investors’ objectives is gaining popularity all around the world. Mutual funds are the most common or popular investment vehicle wherein customers invest their money that is managed by professional experts. Indira Securities provides an intelligent automated mutual fund investing platform to clients wherein it provides Robo advisory services to select funds based on intelligent algorithms. One can open a mutual fund account to invest in different types of mutual funds with Indira Trade via any route whether SIP or lumpsum. You can also pursue goal-based investing such as holiday planning, wealth creation, dream car, higher education, and others. The broker has a mutual fund investment app, MF Planet to undertake investment in mutual funds.

    Download Indira Securities MF Planet

Indira Securities IPO Investment

    Initial Public Offering is a process whereby a private company becomes a public company by offering its shares to the public. Investment in IPO is possible with Indira Trade. The investment process is so simple and hassle-free because the broker facilitates customers to undertake IPO investment via following the UPI process. Clients can also access free IPO research provided by Indira Trade.

Indira Securities Research

    The broker with a dedicated team of experts provides free research services to customers. There are a number of research reports provided by the broker to assist clients to make rationalized and smarter investment decision includes the following;

    • Morning reports
    • Sector reports
    • Weekly reports
    • Monthly newsletter
    • IPO Reports
    • Alpha Delivery Pick
    • Research Performance
    • Special Reports such as FII investment reports, Turnaround companies report, Highest Dividend Yield, etc.

Indira Securities Algo Trading

    The broker offers an Algo trading platform based on fully automated and chart based trading functions. Algo trading is about placing trading orders automatically based on in-built preprogrammed algorithms. Automated and hassle-free trading, scalability, based on advanced technology, etc. are the key benefits associated with Algo trading.

Indira Securities Advisory/Personal Counselling

    Personal Counselling (PCS) is an initiative made by Indira Group to enable individuals to interact with the advisors. The platform facilitates users to formulate investment strategies in line with risk appetite, calculate the risk-reward ratio, portfolio review, manage targets & stop losses, intraday positions, and many others. PCS can be accessed in two different ways such as for clients who are outside Indore can interact with Indira Securities research counsellor via Web Camera. However, if clients reside in Indore then they can physically visit the office premises to interact with relationship managers, advisors, and associates.

Indira Securities Inspire Education

    Inspire Education is the financial literacy initiative by Indira Trade to educate traders and investors. There are number of modules designed to educate people about financial modelling, system trading, algo trading, derivative market, fundamental and technical analysis as well.

Indira Securities Back Office

    The full-service broker provides online back office support to clients for services betterment. In this, if any client faces any problem then he/she may contact the back office at 0731-2567108/109 or also drop an e-mail on [email protected] to fix the issue as early as possible. The brokerage house has a separate customer service desk for different segments such as Equity Desk, Depository Desk, Mutual Funds & IPO Desk, Commodities Desk, Currency Desk, and Marketing Desk. Clients can also call on toll-free number 18001030059 for any of the inquiries or feedback associated with its products & services.

Indira Securities Call & trade

    The broker provides call & trade services wherein a client can interact with the customer service executive of Indira Securities over the phone and place buy and sell orders.

Indira Securities Refer n Earn

    Likewise other brokers, Indira Securities also run a refer n earn program wherein a client can refer his/her personalized link with their friends, relatives, and family members. On successful account opening, you will get a voucher of Bookmyshow or Paytm worth Rs. 250 + 20% points sharing. However, the referred person will get a brokerage credit of Rs. 500. Notably, to win the reward, the referred person must have a minimum margin of Rs. 11,000 in his account.

Indira Securities Feedback

    Any client can visit the broker’s website, click on the “Contact Us” option and then click on the “Give us Feedback” to provide feedback online. The broker invites customers’ feedback relevant to the account opening process, executives’ services, staff responsiveness, satisfaction level, research, dealing, website user-friendliness, portfolio review, and other key aspects.

Indira Securities Calculators

    The broker provides a range of calculators to assist users in analyzing their financial requirements and make smart financial decisions. Clients can use any or all of the below calculators;

  • SIP Planner

  • The SIP Planner calculator shows how small investment periodically helps you to get a large corpus at the end of the investment period due to the power of compounding.

    Indira Securities SIP Planner calculator

  • Monthly Investment Need

  • It is also known as reverse SIP Calculator that is a useful tool to let you identify what amount of monthly investment you would require to make to get the desired expected corpus at the end of the specified investment period.

    Indira Securities SIP Reverse Calculator

  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan

  • It is called SWP that figures out the periodic financial requirements whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. One can use this particular calculator to plan regular financial requirements during the post-retirement period.

    Indira Securities SWP Calculator

  • Brokerage Calculator

  • The full-service brokerage firm provides a brokerage calculator for every segment i.e. equity derivatives, currency, and commodity that helps users to calculate the brokerage amount that the client has to pay to trade in different segments.

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Product FAQs

  1. 1. What is Indira Securities Inspire Education?

    Inspire Education is a financial literacy initiative by IndiraTrade to educate traders and investors with the stock market. Inspire Education offers trading education and stock market training courses to help users understand market dynamics. There’re number of courses offered by Inspire Education such as derivative market, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, financial modeling, algo trading, system trading, and many others that provides practical market knowledge to readers.



  2. 2. Is Inspire Education by IndiraTrade free?

    Inspire Education by Indira Securities is not a free financial education program as users are charged with a fee to attend various courses on fundamental and technical analysis, financial modeling, and other stock market learning courses.