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State is group company of IIFL which was incorporated in 1995. IIFL Holdings limited is a leading financial group with diverse operating business mainly in  Non Banking and Housing finance, Wealth and Asset Management, Broking and Financial Advisor, Mutual Funds, Financial Product Distribution, Investment banking, institutional Equities, Realty Broking and Advisory services. is retail discount broking arm of IIFL which providing the “lowest brokerage” in industry with 10 Rs per trade. 5paisa Capital Ltd also providing free mutual fund account to its customers to start investing in Mutual funds. Company also providing online Insurance policies to its customer. Their online real-time platform provides custom to trade in NSE, BSE and MCX, Investment option in equity cash, derivatives, currency, commodities, Mutual Funds, NCD’s, Bonds, Corporate FDs.

Products & Services from 5paisa

5paisa Equity Broking offer online trading on key exchanges — NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).  They have created a very robust trading platform that facilitates customers to trade online not only in equities, but also buy fixed deposits, mutual funds, currencies and commodities. 5paisa online platform enables customers to view their portfolio online and also access various 5Paisa exclusive money making ideas (research reports) and views on stocks and mutual funds. So in summary robust trading platform and strong research reports are key benefit of 5paisa which makes a “best stock broker in India”.

    5paisa is “online broker” and opening account with 5paisa is paperless and Aadhar based. If your Aadhar is linked with your primary account number, you can open your account in just 5 to 10 mins.

    Traders need to open demat + trading account with free mutual fund account. 5paisa started offering direct mutual fund investment @Rs 10 per transaction.

5paisa Margin Trading

    With 5paisa demat and trading account, you can avail additional Margin Funding Facility. You can get additional funds from 5paisa capital ltd for margin funding @18 % interest p.a. You can hold scripts for T+90 days in Margin Funding facility. 5paisa is keep enhancing its margin policy and coming in top list of “high leverage brokers in india”.

5paisa Depository Participant

    5paisa is providing Demat facility, 5paisa is member of NSDL (DP ID:IN302269) and CSDL(DP ID:12082500) for Demat service. Opening Demat account with 5paisa is mandatory when you open trading account.

    Even though 5paisa demat account is not coming under cheapest demat account, but demat account opening is Free with 5paisa. 5paisa is not charging demat AMC upfront. Demat charges for 5paisa is Rs 45 per month, if you trade. In case you have not done any trading in a month you dont have to pay any demat charges even though you are holding any script in your demat holding. The new move on demat charges from 5paisa is good for Investors but bit costly for trades.

5paisa Currency Derivatives Trading

    Currency derivative are part of 5paisa discount broking, where 5paisa specialized research team provide customized hedging strategies for importers, exporters and companies with foreign exchange exposure. 5paisa is active member of Currency Derivatives Segment with National Stock Exchange (NSE).

5paisa Commodities Trading

    From April 2019, 5paisa started offering Commodity trading in MCX. Broker charges for commodity trading with 5paisa is same as its other discount broker offering which is Flat Fee Rs 10 per executed order.

5paisa NRI Service

    Unfortunately, 5paisa is not offering NRI trading service. IIFL which is parent company of 5paisa is offering NRI service. You can open NRI trading and demat account with IIFL.

5paisa Advanced Research

    5paisa is providing advance research with 4 different product in that, this is well designed analytical tool to get best out of stock market and your investment need. This is a paid service from Marketsmith India.

    • Model Portfolio: In Model Portfolio, there is a selected list of stocks suggested by a research team, this list is keep updating depends on market movement. Addition and removal of script details are shared with a valid reason so you can take a call to sync your portfolio.
    • Idea List: This is good to have script list which has good past history and strong fundamentals. This list is generated by robo advisor which is calculated by the algorithm. Idea List gets updated every Friday.
    • Stock Evaluation: The evaluation view provides a stock chart with pattern recognition, proprietary ratings for the stocks. This view efficiently combines key stock information you need to validate your decision to buy or sell or to commit to further research.
    • Market Outlook: This is daily and weekly market outlook report, also include the weekly performance of Model Portfolio.

5paisa Distribution of Financial Products- Mutual Funds Investment

    5paisa, provide online investment options in Mutual Funds, National Pension System (NPS), Corporate Fixed Deposits, Capital Gain Bonds and many more. Advance Mutual Fund Research and customized solution for investment is also provided by 5paisa. 5paisa is offering Direct Mutual Funds investment option @10 Rs per trade.

5paisa Portfolio Management strategies (PMS)

5paisa,a discount broker is not offering direct Portfolio Management strategies (PMS). IIFL AMC which is part of IIFL group is offering PMS facility. 5paisa clients who want to avail PMS can contact 5pasia support team to avail IIFL AMC PMS facility.

Mutual Fund Smart Investment with 5paisa

    5paisa has built an analytical engine which will take your input about goals, risk profile and suggest an investment plan for your future requirements. Intelligent Advisor will suggest you plan for your Mutual Fund Investment. You can keep track of your investment and realign your portfulio to achieve your goals. Automated guide will help you monitor your investments and better manage your money as you reach closer to achieving all your goals. 5paisa AI engine generate Personalized Portfulio for each individual as each person has its own personal financial goals and plan.

5paisa IPO Investment

    Investment in IPO is applicable through ASBA process with 5paisa demat account details. On IPO News section, 5paisa is maintain upcoming IPO’s, Performance of past IPOs and more. To apply in IPO, company is giving 2 options – ASBA process direct from net banking, second one is if user don’t want to do ASBA, they can visit nearest IIFL branch and submit the paperbased application.

5paisa Insurance Advisory is online portal from 5paisa to get best offer for your health and term insurance. Company is preparing a repository and AI engine to compare all the top notch insurance pulicies and giving you output to select the best one for your need.

    Insurance Advisor is an automatic toul which takes input from you about your personal information, Health & Lifestyle, Financial Details and recommends the best available multiple plans.

    • Compare – With 5 paisa you can compare pulicies and take better decision.
    • Lower Cost – Online pulices are cheaper than traditional one, you can save approx 20 to 40% in your premium.
    • Convenient – Its paperless and no medical checkup required, you can buy pulicy from your mobile or laptop.
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