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ProStocks brokerage calculator is first of its kind specially designed for investors and traders in Indian share market. It is the most efficient and effective tool to know your Total Brokerage Charges & Taxes, Breakeven Point (Per Share) and Net Profit & Loss upfront in an easy way. You can use this tool for standard as well as flexible brokerage plans.

ProStocks Turnover & Brokerage
  SAMCO Charges ProStocks Charges
Turnover 10,000,000.00 10,000,000.00
Brokerage 40.00 30.00
STT 505.00 505.00
SEBI Turnover Fees 15.00 15.00
Stamp Duty 200.00 50.00
Exchange Transaction Charges 190.00 190.00
Professional Clearing Members fee(PCM) 20.00 0.00
GST 45.00 39.60
Total Brokerage & Tax 1,015.00 829.60
Breakeven (Per Share) 0.203 0.1659
Net Profit or Loss 98,985.00 99,170.40
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Are you a day trader?

Use ProStocks brokerage calculator to effectively calculate the brokerage, taxes, GST, breakeven point in a trade and total profit and loss. Our goal is to help you accurately estimate equity delivery, Intraday, Future and option and currency derivatives trading costs before even placing a trade. This will give you an idea how much you will gain or loss in a trade. The calculator is good enough for comparison of brokerages that different brokers charge and find out who is the lowest in the Industry.

You can calculate brokerage for following segments:
  • ProStocks Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator
  • ProStocks Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator
  • ProStocks Equity Future Brokerage Calculator
  • ProStocks Equity Options Brokerage Calculator
  • ProStocks Currency Options calculator
  • ProStocks Currency Future Calculator

To start with share market brokerage calculator, input your buy price, sell price, quantity, state and segment. The calculator will automatically calculate the brokerage and other charges (Turnover, STT, SEBI Charges, Exchange Transaction Charges, Professional Clearing Member fee, GST) using default brokerage percentage/standard plan or you can use our flexible brokerage field if you have varying brokerage percentage than standard. All our calculation is for NSE only.

We have included a special feature which is called Flexible Brokerage, so in case you are trading with any sub-broker, who has offered you a special plan with flexible brokerage, you can use our tool to calculate your brokerage. Generally, franchise or sub-brokers customize your plan depending on your trading pattern so flexible brokerage calculator will help you to get up to 99% accurate brokerage. You can match your Contract Note with 100% accuracy


    If the broker has a predefined pricing structure, then just input your buy price, sell price, quantity, state name and segment to calculate your brokerage. Standard brokerage rate of the broker will be automatically applied in this scenario. We recommend you to put both buy and sell price of your script to get best results in terms of profit or loss in a trade.

Brokerage Calculator Standard Plan

With Brokerage other than Standard Brokerage (flexible) & Minimum Brokerage:

    If you have opted for any other brokerage rate than standard then you can feed your brokerage rate in flexible brokerage tab.

    Minimum brokerage tab is also provided to input minimum brokerage if any. It helps you give more accurate brokerage calculation.

    Example: Imagine broker XYZ has a standard plan for Equity Intraday @ .05%, but if you have opted a different plan where you can trade in Equity Intraday @ .02%, then you can use flexible brokerage field.

    Suppose if broker XYZ also charges minimum brokerage of  Rs 25 or .01% whichever is higher. In such a case you can put your minimum brokerage. This is an optional field.

Brokerage Calculator Flexible Plan With Min Brokerage

    By using flexible brokerage and/or min brokerage field, you actually overwrite standard brokerage plan.

    To effectively use the Options calculator,  provide Buy Price, Sell Price, Quantity, State, Segment and Strike Price. Standard brokerage rate of the broker will be automatically applied in this scenario.

Options Brokerage Calculator Standard Plan

    For brokers who charge brokerage per lot, mandatory fields are Strike Price, Lot Size and Number of Lots.

    Feel free to input the brokerage in flexible lot brokerage field that your broker charges to you other than the standard brokerage. This will overwrite the standard brokerage.It is an optional field.

    Mandatory Fields – Strike Price, Lot Size, Number of Lots

    Optional Fields: Flexible Lot Price

Options Brokerage Calculator Flexible Plan

    This is the second case of Lot Brokerage, where broker charges different brokerages by the leg. We have standard first and second leg brokerage already feed in.

    In case you have flexible first and second leg brokerage charged by your broker which is different than standard brokerage, then only use the flexible first leg and second leg brokerage fields.

    Mandatory Fields – Strike Price, Lot Size, Number of Lots

    Optional Fields: Flexible First leg and Flexible Second Leg.

Options Brokerage Calculator Flexible Plan Multi Leg

1. Kunal B  Oct 14, 2016 6:36:10 AM IST Reply
Nice calculator,Very helpful. Thx Team. Good Job

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