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Zerodha, the country’s largest discount broker offers the most powerful trading platform Kite. To trade with Zerodha, customers need to login to the Kite (web and app) platform and then start online trading in stocks, derivatives, commodities, and currencies. Zerodha offers a hassle-free login process by simply entering your Zerodha client ID and password. Once you open an account with Zerodha, you will get Zerodha Login ID and password will be sent to your registered email. Besides Kite, Zerodha further offers Coin mutual fund platform, console reporting dashboard, smallcase, and others. Here is the complete review of the Zerodha Login process including charges, how to log in with Zerodha Kite, console, coin, etc., where to get Login ID, and many others.

Zerodha Login ID

    Once you opened Zerodha account, the broker will send a welcome email to provide the login ID credentials including username and password. It is a 6 digit alphanumeric character, the first 2 letters are alphabets and the last 4 letters are numerical characters.

Zerodha Kite Login

Kite is the best online trading platform that is available in web as well as mobile app versions. Users can also get Kite Connect API to create their own front-end platform.

Steps to login to Zerodha Kite:

  1. Go to
  2. Zerodha Login page will appear, enter user ID and password and click on the “Login” button.
  3. Zerodha Kite Login
  4. Now, enter a 6 Digit PIN and tap on the “Continue” button.
  5. Zerodha Login PIN
  6. Once done, you will be successfully logged in to your account.

Zerodha Console Login

Console is Zerodha’s central reporting dashboard to view complete portfolio summary, download trade book, P&L reports, and others. Zerodha 6 – digit unique client code (UCC) is required to access the Console as it doesn’t have any separate login credentials.

Steps to login to Console Zerodha:

  • Login to the Kite Zerodha platform.
  • On the top right side, click on the “Client ID” icon.
  • Under the menu, Tap on the “Console” option.
  • Zerodha Console Login
  • You will be successfully logged in and the Console Dashboard will appear.

Zerodha Coin Login

Coin by Zerodha is the Direct Mutual Fund Platform that allows investment in direct schemes at zero commission or brokerage. Coin Zerodha uses the same Kite ID and password for login.

Steps to login to the Zerodha Coin:

  • Go to the Zerodha Coin Web platform. (
  • On the top, click on the Login option.
  • Enter Kite client ID and password and press on the “Login” option.
  • Zerodha Coin Login
  • Enter PIN and Tap on the “Continue” option.
  • Your Zerodha mutual fund account on the coin will be successfully logged in.
  • Alternatively, you can also log in with Kite first and then access the Coin platform (As shown in the image below)

Zerodha Smallcase Login

  • Visit the Smallcase Zerodha Platform.
  • On the top right-hand side, click on the Login option.
  • Now, enter Zerodha ID i.e. username and password.
  • Enter Zerodha account PIN no. and press the “Continue” option.
  • Smallcase platform will be successfully logged in. Now, you can discover multiple themes to invest in a ready-made portfolio or can even create a customized portfolio.

Zerodha Varsity Login

    Varsity is a free financial literacy initiative by Zerodha to educate learners about the stock market. Varsity Zerodha is available in web and mobile app versions for Android and iOS devices. Varsity web and mobile app don’t require any login to read the module on the stock market, futures & options trading, commodity trading, currency trading, financial planning, etc.

Zerodha Login Charges

    Zerodha platforms are absolutely free to use at nil charges. The broker doesn’t charge any fee from clients to use various platforms offered.

Zerodha Login Customer Care

    If you face any difficulty to login into your Zerodha account then you can call customer care number 91 80 4718 1888 and resolve your query. The support team works to resolve every query whether related to account opening, client ID, login issue, etc.

Last updated on 22nd Jun 2021



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  1. 1. Where can I get Zerodha user ID?

    Whenever anyone opens an account with Zerodha, then the broker will send a welcome email, in which, the user gets a client ID in Zerodha. In case you are not able to find your welcome email, you need to contact the Zerodha customer support team with your registered mobile number and email address.

    Zerodha Login ID/User ID is a 6 digit unique ID for every Zerodha customer. It is an alphanumeric ID that contains 2 alphabets and 4 numerical characters such as AC4682. Users just need to enter the provided client ID and password to any Zerodha platform to access their Zerodha account.

    At the time of account opening, Zerodha sends a PDF to a client that also contains Zerodha user ID or UCC code. In the provided form, you can check client ID on page no. 7. Here's the screenshot attached for your reference.





  2. 2. How to login Zerodha account?

    Whenever anyone opens an account with Zerodha then the broker sends a unique 6 digit client ID along with the password to the client on his registered e-mail address. Clients have to enter the ID and password to the Zerodha Kite to access their accounts. Make sure to change your password to maintain the privacy and security of your account.




  3. 3. How to login to Zerodha Demat Account on Kite mobile app?

    Kite platform is accessible over the web and mobile trading application that is available for android as well as iOS devices. The Kite Mobile app facilitates trading at your fingertips. Zerodha Kite facilitates 2-factor authentication (2FA) to maintain privacy and security.

    Steps to login to the Kite Mobile App:

    • Download or install the Kite mobile app.
    • Enter Unique Client Code (UCC) and password.
    • Lastly, enter 2FA PIN to log in to the Zerodha account on the Kite app.




  4. 4. How can I login to the Kite for the first time?

    • Go to the Kite web or Kite Mobile app.
    • Enter client ID and password provided by Zerodha.
    • Now set security questions of your choice.
    • Set these and change the password.
    • Once PIN is set, the Zerodha account will be logged in and the Kite dashboard will appear.




  5. 5. Why am I unable to login to the Zerodha Kite platform?

    Sometimes, you may face Zerodha login issues and unable to log in to your Zerodha Trading Account. Make sure to update the browser or Kite app first before login. There may be multiple reasons behind the login failure:

    • Incorrect login credentials like user ID or password.
    • The wrong PIN is entered.
    • Internet connection problem.




  6. 6. I forgot Zerodha Kite password, how to reset it?

    It is possible that you forgot the Kite login password, in that case, it is suggested to reset the password through the below process:

    • Access the Kite platform and click on the “Forgot Password” option.
    • Enter user ID/client code, PAN number, and select either Email or SMS to reset the password.
    • Enter the CAPTCHA code and tap on the “Reset” option.
    • If you have selected e-mail then you will get a password reset link on the registered email address or if you chose SMS then you will get an OTP on the registered mobile number.
    • Go to the password reset link or in the case of mobile, enter the OTP to set the new password & PIN and save it.
    • Zerodha account password will be successfully changed, use it to log in to your account.




  7. 7. How to change Kite password or PIN in Zerodha?

    Zerodha users can change or update the Kite password or PIN anytime whenever they want. They can reset a new password or PIN of their choice by log in to the Kite.

    • Firstly, log in to the Kite platform.
    • On the top right side corner, tap on the client ID.
    • Under the menu, select the “My Profile” option.
    • Zerodha User Profile
    • On the top right, click on the “Password & Security”.
    • Zerodha Password & Security
    • Select “Change password” and enter a current and new password or if you want to change PIN, then select the “Change PIN” option, enter a new 6 digit PIN and enter the OTP to successfully set the new password or PIN.
    • Zerodha Change Password




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