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Zerodha Contract Note

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A contract note in Zerodha is a legal record of all the transactions carried out by a client. It represents complete details of all the transactions for the particular period including date, price, time, quantity or no. of shares traded, etc. Zerodha sends an electronic copy of the combined contract note for all the trades including equity trading on BSE and NSE, equity F&O trading, and currency trading and a separate contract note is sent for the commodity (MCX) segment.

Zerodha Contract Note Charges

No charges, yes every day Zerodha sends an electronic contract note (ECN) in the pdf format to the client’s registered email address. However, it charges Rs. 20 + courier charges on a physical copy of the contract note.

How to Interpret Zerodha Contract Note?

On the top, the note shows Contract note no., settlement no., trade date, client code (UCC), name, PAN no., and address details. Thereafter, the contract note provides all the trade details of BSE and NSE equity and futures & options.

  • Order No.: It shows the exchange order number placed on BSE and NSE exchange. In the case of commodity contract notes, it displays the MCX order no.
  • Order time when the order was placed on the exchange.
  • Trade No. on the exchange.
  • Security/contract description shows the scrip symbol, the order was placed for.
  • Order type whether Buy or Sell.
  • Gross rate per unit on which the order got executed.
  • Net rate per unit will be the same as a gross rate because all the brokerage charges details are presented separately in the contract note.
  • The closing rate per unit is only visible in the case of carried-over derivative contracts.
  • Net total (before levies) shows the amount due from or to you before deducting any brokerage charges and taxes.
  • At the end, the sub-total and net-total amount is displayed.
Zerodha Contract Note Sample

How to check brokerage charges in Zerodha contract note?

All the brokerage charges details is displayed on the 2nd page of the contract note. The page provides information about GST, STT, SEBI turnover fees, Exchange transaction charges, Stamp duty, and others.

Zerodha Contract Note Brokerage Charges
Contract Note Meaning
Pay In/Pay Out Obligation Transactional value before taxes and brokerage charges.
Taxable value of supply (Brokerage) Brokerage charges on all orders placed, Zerodha offers free delivery trading and charges Max Rs. 20 per executed order brokerage on intraday and F&O trading.
Exchange Transaction Charges Charges levied by stock market exchange (BSE and NSE) and commodity trading exchange (MCX) platform.
Clearing charges Charges levied by clearing agent appointed by Zerodha.
GST GST is charged on the amount of brokerage, transaction and clearing charges. The contract note clearly presents GST charges details that is again segregated into three parts;
  • CGST: Central GST @ 9%.
  • SGST: State GST @ 9%
  • IGST: Inter-State GST @ 18%
UTT Union Territory Tax on clients living in any union territory.
Security Transaction Tax (STT) STT is a tax by GoI (Government of India) on transaction of different securities. STT is only chargeable on sell side of equity intraday, equity futures & equity options segment while charged at 0.01% on both buy & sell transaction in equity delivery segment.
Stamp Duty It is a government tax that is charged on trading across segments i.e. shares, commodities, and currency derivatives.
Net amount receivable by Client / (payable by Client) It represents net amount receivable or payable after deducting all charges i.e. brokerage, STT, GST, stamp duty, exchange transaction fee, and others. Net amount inside bracket indicates that client will be charged with such amount on stocks purchased and losses incurred.

Note: Customers can request trade-wise breakup details of all the charges i.e. brokerage and others. The contract note is digitally signed by Zerodha Broking Limited.

Zerodha Contract Note Download

Zerodha provides contract notes online on its console backoffice platform from where users can download it.

Steps to download contract note in Zerodha;

  1. Log in to the Zerodha account on Kite.
  2. Access console backoffice platform.
  3. On the top menu bar, tap on the “Reports” option and click on the “Downloads”.
  4. Now, select “contract note” from the dropdown, filter date, enter a category (Equity, currency, and commodity), report type (pdf, XML, XLSX).
  5. Click on the “Email” and the contract note will be sent to your registered email within a few minutes.


  • You can download the contract note on Zerodha from April 2017 onwards.
  • Contract note is a password-protected document, and PAN number is its password.

Zerodha Contract Note Cons

  • DP charges and call and trade charges are not shown in the contract note. One can check the ledger to know such deductions.
  • The contract note does not include details about Demat account charges.

Last updated on 31st Oct 2021

Save 60% to 90% Brokerage

Start your investment journey with India's number one discount broker - Zerodha. Free delivery trade and free mutual funds Investment. Flat Rs 20 for Intraday,F&O, Currency and Commodity Trade.
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The contract note that Zerodha sends to the customer is a combined contract note that displays the trade details of NSE & BSE Equity and NSE F&O trading. Customers can also get the contract note for the currency and commodity segment through the Zerodha Backoffice console.



Zerodha provides equity, commodity (MCX), and currency contract note to customers on the console back office portal. Here are the steps to get Zerodha commodity contract note;

  1. Log in to the Zerodha console backoffice using the Kite login credential.
  2. Go to the “Reports” option on the top.
  3. Click on the “Downloads” option.
  4. Enter below details;
    1. Statement: Contract Note
    2. Enter date
    3. Category: Commodity
    4. Trade Type: Contract Note
  5. Click on the “Email” option to download the commodity contract note. The broker will send the requested contract note to your registered e-mail address.



The contract note presents the complete brokerage details including brokerage, exchange transaction fee, security transaction fee (STT), GST, stamp duty, and shows the net amount deliverable or payable. However, it doesn’t represent DP charges, Demat charges, and call & trade charges.



Zerodha sends an electronic copy of the contract note on the registered email address to every client for free at zero charges. On the contrary, a physical copy of the contract note is charged at Rs. 20 + GST.



As per exchange regulations, contract note sent to customers by Zerodha over their registered email address is password protected and the password is your PAN number in upper case.



Digital or electronic copy of the contract note in the pdf format is sent by Zerodha to the customer’s registered email address at the end of every day at around 7 PM, called Electronic Contract Note (ECN). The note represents a complete summary of all the trade transactions including no. of trades, price, order quantity, brokerage, and net amount receivable or payable by client.



The second page of the contract note displays the net amount receivable or payable or available transaction value. If the net amount is in bracket, it means Zerodha will charge the amount from you from the sale proceed or fund balance in your trading account.



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