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Zerodha Console Family Portfolio

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  • Zerodha Single Sign-in for Family Portfolio from the console

    Zerodha has released a multi-user management feature. Family Portfolio allows its clients to add multiple sub-accounts under one account. With this you can track complete family's investments (Stocks, MFs, ETFs, SGBs, etc.) in one place.

    The feature doesn’t provide you the access to order execution on behalf of other accounts. It helps you view a combined portfolio in a single place. As per the SEBI regulation, one can’t place the orders on behalf of any other client even if he/she is a family member. In Summary, only analyzing and viewing facility is available for your portfolio.

    What is the need of the Zerodha Family Portfolio?

    Finding winners by looking at a growing chart may seem easy, but it is quite difficult to pick such stocks and review them on a periodic basis to analyze the risk of the portfolio. There will always be asset classes, sectors, and stocks that underperform your expectations. The analysis becomes even more difficult if you have kept stocks in different accounts in the names of different family members.

    For analyzing such disordered portfolios in a single place, by looking at invested value, present value, asset allocation, net profit and loss, and exposure to different sectors, ZERODHA has come up with a feature named FAMILY PORTFOLIO.

    Family Portfolio Key Notes

    • Single Sign in for Family Portfolio from console.
    • Real time tracking of Portfolio.
    • All family members account must be Zerodha Account.
    • View only, you can’t execute any trade from this facility.
    • You can add up to 15 family members in one Portfolio.
    • Analyze Portfolio on:
      • Assets: e.g Equity (stocks), Debt, Equity MFs/ETFs, Debt MFs, and Gold
      • Sectors: e.g Financials, Energy, Materials, etc
      • Market Cap: e.g Large-cap, Mid-cap, Small-cap.
      • Stocks: e.g TCS, ICICI BANK, etc.
    • Limitation - This feature is not available for NRIs.
    • Security - To get access the family member portfolio, one need to approve the request.
    • Beta Version – This feature is in beta testing phase and many advance features can be added in the near future like goal setting, alerts and so on.

    How this will help a Zerodha client?

    • You don’t have to log in to different accounts every time to analyze the invested amount, P&L, etc.
    • For a beginner investor, capital preservation should be first priority by not increasing the risk of the portfolio by investing in a similar type of stock or sector. So diversifying your portfolio into different sectors reduces the risk, which you can monitor by using this Family feature at Zerodha.
    • To make a sound portfolio it is very much needed to recognize wasteful investments and remove them on time.
    • Often elder family members or parents give the money to the younger ones to invest or they directly invest it in their family members' accounts. But if the person with the new account is new to the market, then out of greed and fear they blow their account, which is a common case with most novice traders. With this feature, one can keep an eye on his/her family portfolio and protect their younger or beginner ones from doing mistakes.
    • This was a nightmare before to get an accurate value of investments and drawdowns across different portfolios, now Zerodha made it possible to track the total investments, profit, and loss on a real-time basis. The prices will be updated in the console in real time as per the last traded price.

    Steps to add a family account in Zerodha Portfolio

    To add a family account in Zerodha first

    • Login to Zerodha Kite>Dashboard>Holdings>family or visit the link
    • Click on “link a Sub-account”.
    • Fill in the required details such as sub-accounts Kite user ID, PAN, and mobile number.
    • Click on “Continue”.
    • Then the sub-account holder will receive a verification SMS on his mobile number and he has to authorize it by clicking on the verification link. The link expires after 2 hours, if missed you have to reinitiate it again.

    Last updated on 16th Jun 2022

  • Ranked #1 Broker in India(5*)
  • Get 100% Free Delivery Trading
  • Risk Free Account Opening

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