Why should I open an account with Zerodha

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Why should I open an account with Zerodha or why should I trade with Zerodha or why should I choose Zerodha as my Broker?

Here is the reasons why you should open an account with Zerodha:

1:Fastest Growing Stock Broker in India:

    Zerodha is one the fastest growing discount Broker in India. From 15,000 customers in 2012, 96,000 customers as of Dec 2015, 600,000 active customers as of Dec 2018, the number is grown significantly.

2:One of the Cheapest Share Broker in India

    Nothing can be more cheaper than trading for Free.Zerodha has made trading in Equity Delivery completely free. For all other trades they charge one same fee of 0.03% or Rs 20 per executed order, whichever is lower, regardless of the trade size. No minimum Brokerage, no software charges, no subscription fee and no minimum amount balance required to open an account with Zerodha.

3:Trading Margins for Intraday and Future

    For Intraday trades, Zerodha gives 5 times exposure for most of the stocks. 5-20 times margin is allowed for stocks that are traded in F&O.

    For Future trades, Zerodha let clients take positions for Intraday with 40% of the SPAN + Exposure Margins.

    No Margin is offered for option trades. No margin is given for delivery trades.

    With Cover Orders (CO) and Bracket Orders (BO) - Clintes can get up to 33 x margin, depend on stop loss limit.

    So with Zerodha is giving best margin in Industry. CO/BO are the key order types for traders with high leverages.

4:Awesome Customer Support

    They have excellent customer support over phone, email and onsite feedback by posting your queries and you get feedback on it.

    Call and Trade facility from 9:00 AM to 11:55 PM.

    Z-Connect, an interactive blog for all the updates, queries, news and all the things related to market.

    Varsity - Notes on Indian Capital Market explained with examples.

    Branches in 21 cities and 69 partner offices.

    Referral Program One month free service of any paid service offered by Zerodha.

5:Technology first brokerage firm

    With Zerodha, you get India's best trading technology in your hand.

    Zerodha Kite: Minimilastic, intuitive, responsive web based trading platform Kite.

    Zerodha PI : Trading, charting, and analysis, all rolled into one next generation desktop platform Pi.

    Zerodha Q and Quant : The next generation backoffice, reporting, and analytics suite.

    Innovative and unique trading tools - SPAN Calculator, Bracket orders & Trailing Stoploss, Market Intel, algoZ, Option Strategy, Market Monitor etc.

Last updated on 7th Apr 2019



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User Comments

1. Rajan  3/17/2016 8:01:33 AM Reply
Can i trade Mutual Funds with Zerodha?
2.1. Vijay  4/7/2016 12:20:48 AM
Yes, Now you can trade MF with Zerodha.

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