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Posted on 2nd Jul 2018
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Thematic investing as the name suggests is a theme based readymade bunch of stocks put into a portfolio for you to invest in. Themes are based on a particular idea or sector or trend and chosen carefully by the broker and also the stocks and ratio of stocks that constituent a particular theme is also pre chosen by the broker. All you have to do is to have a trading and demat account with Fyers and pick your theme that suits your trading style and start investing. Depending on your investment preference, you can invest in single or multiple portfolios at the same time. You can also track the performance of themes by tracking the index value. The index value is set to 1000 by default. If the index value goes up, it means the theme is going up.

You can also rebalance the theme which is doing changes like replacing, adding or removing of stocks from your portfolio.

Benefits of Fyers Thematic investing platform:

  • It is an efficient and innovative way of building long-lasting portfolios.
  • You can invest in several different portfolios at the same time without the hassle of detailed fundamental research.
  • The stocks in a theme are chosen based on merit and their historical performance is displayed.
  • It allows you to choose from intelligently designed portfolios of stocks.
  • You get exposure to different types of trends in the Indian stock markets.

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Features of Thematic Investing:

  • Customize your portfolio depending on your risk profile (High, medium, low). Choose from equi-weight, maximum return or low risk.
  • Themes are based on various parameters like social belief and causes, government policies, sectors, business group, dividend strategies etc.
  • Each theme constitutes around 2 to 20 stocks.
  • More than 100 themes are available to choose from.
  • Minimum limit of investment in particular theme is fixed based on value of shares and quantity. There is no maximum limit though.
  • You can do selection of themes based on 10 best performing themes.
  • Recommendation on themes are also available.
  • Investing in or rebalancing a theme is charged at flat fee of Rs 100 + brokerage charges.
  • The stocks within a theme are subject to change from time to time. 


Theme: Retail shopping Stores

Category : Current Trends

Minimum Investment: Rs 3,729

Yearly return: + 66.48%

Monthly return: +9.41%

Category, companies and their percentage in this theme

Jewellery and Accessories: Titan Company Limited: 33.33%

Retail Infractstructure Leasing: Future Enterprises Ltd: 33.33%

Multi Brand Shopping Stores: Vmart Retail Ltd: 33.33%

Investing in this theme means your money will be invested in these 3 stocks, 33.33% in each one. Also you can choose from Low Risk, Equi Weight or Max Return. Companies, weightage and no of shares will change accordingly.


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