STOCKNOTE by SAMCO Mobile Trading App Review

Posted on 26th Jun 2018
by Vijay Jain

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STOCKNOTE by SAMCO Mobile Trading App Review

Stock markets and trading seems to be quite complex and need expert support while executing in the best possible way. But to make it as smooth and simple, Samco’s proprietary Giga Trading Engine improvised a handy app that will help to trade, and analysis to occur, right from your pocket. Stocknote, an extraordinary trading app is the outcome of the endless effort of Samco!


The popularity and acceptance of an app greatly depend upon the dignity and supremacy of the developer over the existing area, on which the app is designed. From that perspective, SAMCO is holding a supreme-monopoly over the market for the past 20 years! It has their own trade to be offered across all the leading stocks and commodities. When comes to the matter of brokerage charges, they are quite in range than the other competitors (Max Rs 20 Per Trade). SAMCO has been proved to be far-vision player in the trading area. They devised unique plans and features to let their clients make the most of them. They strictly adhere to their fundamentals while dealing with securities and tools. Their 100% brokerage cash back for the 1st month on trading via StockNote as well as Demat account opening, deserves an applaud.


With the assumption of a milestone of one million downloads by March 2019, StockNote has made its debut in the home of apps, in both Android and iOS platform. The application is bound with artificial intelligence and morphed with modernized tools for analysis. Stocknote basically surfs through World Wide Web, churning crispy and latest contents and incorporating them within one fold for better access of the users. The effectiveness scale can be easily imagined by the fact that the app has already crossed a massive 50, 000 downloads in just a week! The app aims to rectify the gap between institutional algo traders and the investors.

The app is made with state-of-art modern technology and is provided with current news feed, advanced analysis, generating alerts for the traders, when to dive in or out. Stocknote lets the users to keep a hawk eye on several aspects in a single platform. Sensex, Bank Nifty, MCX, commodity prices etc. comes under the manipulation o the trader. In fact, for fluency in generating a classy digital pocket-trading interface, the app lets users to generate separate individual widgets on their home screen.

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The salient features of stocknote that make it the first priority of the users over other platforms like Zerodha Kite and Upstox:

  • Comparatively enhanced and completely easy manuals and interface, which can be well understood even by newbie traders, than that of the Zerodha and Upstox.
  • Unlike the Upstox or zerodha, stocknote provides an excellent and all round stock tips, and specially researched reports and recommendations.
  • It includes margin funding that is absent in its competitors.
  • For the first time, personalized and even bundled trigger alert are introduced into this app.
  • Unlike the former platforms, Stocknote is braced with customizable and personalization features, which will lead you to edit and customize your feeds to see what you want, not what we want you to see.
  • Ever thought of initiating efficient trade with just one touch experience? Well, you are going to get availed with it, in here.
  • Portfolios of your trade can easily be monitored at bulk from here. No need for jostling with them.

Instead of so many pros of Stocknote, yet there are some points that still, are holding it back, as compared to its competitors, Kite and Upstox apps:

  • Stocknote has not mutual fund investment platform, though both Upstox and Kite has so.
  • Referral credit system has strengthened the Kite’s stronghold over Stocknote. Kite provides free one month access to coin (Mutual Funds Mobile investment App), Screener, Streak and Sensibull (Any One) of the referral bonus, to individual refers.
  • Since Stocknote is comparatively younger player in the apps arena, the Zerodha’s Kite, had already confirmed inflow of about 7L+ customers and 8% daily volume at NSE, MCX, BSE etc.  (As of March 2018)


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User Comments

1. Kartik P  Jun 9, 2018 3:52:31 PM IST Reply
True- StockNote is a great app...Love it.

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