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Sharekhan offers its 3-in-1 NRI Account services to NRIs, PIOs, and OCIs that comprises of NRI Trading and Demat Account with Sharekhan and NRI Savings Bank Account with Axis, Indusind or HDFC Bank. NRIs can trade in equities and derivatives, invest in IPOs, Mutual Funds, Bonds, NCDs and FDs with Sharekhan 3-in-1 NRI Trading Account. Sharkhan also offers PMS to NRIs.

Features of Sharekhan NRI Account

  • Call and Trade facility available to NRIs.
  • Services of dedicated Relationship Managers and Research Reports available.
  • Updates on daily market conditions and trends in the stock market.
  • Most reliable and trusted online trading platforms for NRIs across the web, software-based (TradeTiger) and mobile app ( Sharekhan App).
  • Separate NRI Customer Service Desk.
  • Investment in Mutual Funds through NRE / NRO Non-PIS account.
  • Trading in Futures & Options through NRO Non-PIS account.
  • Bonds, NCDs, preference shares payment can be made through NRE/NRO Saving Bank (SB) account only.
  • A huge network of branches and business partners in India.
  • Real-time portfolio tracking with price alerts.
  • PMS offered to NRIs- Proprime Diversified and Wealth Optimizer.

ShareKhan 3-in-1 NRI Account

NRI is required to open 3-in-1 NRI Account with Sharekhan in order to start trading and investing through them. It consist of

  1. NRI Savings Bank Account with Axis, Indusind, IDBI or HDFC Bank

    Sharekhan has a tie-up with these three banks to provide NRI Savings Bank (SB) Account to be linked with Sharekhan NRI Trading and Demat Account. NRI can open two types of Saving Account.

    • NRE Savings Bank Account (NRE-PIS)

      NRE Account is required if you want to repatriate the funds back to the country you live. NRE Account has to go through the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS). NRE PIS Account is needed if you wish to trade-in equity delivery. You can also invest in mutual funds and IPOs through this account. Derivatives trading is not allowed with NRE Account.

    • NRO Savings Bank Account (NRO Non-PIS)

      NRO Account is equivalent to an Indian Resident Account in terms of investment facility. NRO Account does not require PIS through Bank. This allows for transactions under Non-PIS on a Non-Repatriable basis. Trading in equity derivatives, investment in mutual funds is allowed with the NRO Non-PIS account.

    • Sharekhan NRI Trading Account ( NRE PIS, NRE Non-PIS or NRO Non-PIS)

      NRIs with NRI trading account can invest or trade in the Indian stock market. It facilitates to trade in stocks, invest in bonds, NCD, ETF etc on NSE and BSE. Further NRI has to choose to open either NRE PIS, NRE NON-PIS or NRO Non-PIS trading account depending on the NRI Savings Bank Account you choose. Sharekhan NRI trading account can be opened along with Axis, Indusind, IDBI or HDFC Bank NRI Savings Account and Sharekhan NRI Demat Account. Trading is allowed in equity Delivery and equity derivatives (futures and options) and currency derivatives. Intraday trading is not allowed to NRIs in India.

    • Sharekhan NRI Demat Account (NRE or NRO Demat Account)

      Sharekhan offers NRI Demat Account in two forms- NRE Demat Account and NRO Demat Account to be linked with a similar type of Trading and Savings Account. Sharekhan has DP membership with NSDL and CDSL both. Demat Account is required to keep all your holdings of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds at one place in electronic form.

      • NRE Demat Account (Repatriable)

        Repatriable Demat Account is required if an NRI wants to trade in securities in India. As this account allows the investor to transfer funds abroad, it needs to be linked to an NRE Bank account.

      • NRO Demat Account (Non- repatriable)

        If a Non- Resident Indian wants to trade in securities but does not wish to transfer funds abroad he can open a non-repatriable Demat Account. This account has to be linked to an NRO bank account.


Different Types of NRI Accounts offered by Sharekhan

Sharekhan offers different types of trading and demat account for trading in different segments. Bank account also needs to be open accordingly keeping in mind the segment which you want to invest and trade in as a NRI.

Product Trading Account Bank Account Demat Account
Mutual Funds NRE Non PIS NRE SB NRE Demat
IPO Through ASBA Through ASBA NRE OR NRO Demat
Equity NRO Non-PIS NRO SB NRO Demat
  • SB- Savings Bank Account
  • NRE - Non Resident External Account
  • NRO - Non resident Ordinary Account
  • PIS - Portfolio Investment Scheme
  • ASBA- Applications Supported by Blocked Amount

Sharekhan NRI Account Opening Charges

  • Sharekhan NRI 3-in-1 Account Opening Charges (online KYC) : Rs 2000 (with HDFC Bank)
  • Sharekhan NRI 3-in-1 Account Opening Charges (online KYC) : Rs 1000 (with Axis, Indusind or IDBI Bank)
  • Sharekhan NRI 3-in-1 Account Opening Charges (offline KYC) : Rs 3000 (with HDFC Bank)
  • Sharekhan NRI 3-in-1 Account Opening Charges (offline KYC) : Rs 2000 (with Axis, Indusind or IDBI Bank)

Sharekhan NRI Brokerage Charges

  • Equity Delivery: .5%
  • Equity Futures: .1% on first leg and .02% on second leg
  • Equity Options: 250 per contract note.

Note: In addition to brokerage, GST and statutory charges would be applicable.

Last updated on 13th Dec 2019



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  1. 1. How to open Sharekhan NRI Account?

    Sharekhan account opening process is not fully online. They offer following ways to open NRI Account with them

    • Online Registration
      • Go to> NRI Services > open an account.
      • Register yourself for sharekhan online trading Account by filling information like name, address, mobile no, city name and country.
      • Sharekhan representative will contact you to explain account opening process and share the forms PDF with you.
    • Visiting the branch office in India

      Sharekhan offers account opening at their branch offices in India. If you are in India, you can visit the nearest branch and fill the forms. Provide two set of self attested documents- one for Sharekhan and one for Bank.

    For sending forms from overseas, all the documents should be attested by Indian Embassy/ consulate general/overseas banker/Notary.


  2. 2. How to contact Sharekhan for NRI related issues?

    Sharekhan support all the NRIs related issues over phone and email.


  3. 3. What are the documents required to open Sharekhan NRI Account?

    To open an NRI Account with Sharekhna, Two sets of following documents (one for Sharekhan and one for Bank) are needed:

    1. Passport and Visa copy
    2. Copy of PAN card
    3. Foreign Address proof -Copy of Driving License/Foreign Passport/Utility Bills/Bank Statement (not more than 2 months)/Notarized copy of rent agreement/Leave & License agreement/ Sale Deed
    4. Indian Address proof if any
    5. Two Passport size Photographs
    6. PIS Letter (Sharekhan will take care of it)
    7. Two cheques
      • For account service charges in favor of "Sharekhan Ltd".
      • Cheque of Rs 15000 in favor of "Client Name -Bank Name" as the initial deposit to the bank.


  4. 4. How can NRI invest in IPO with Sharekhan?

    NRIs have to go through ASBA process by Banks to block the IPO application amount through Internet Banking. Sharekhan demat account number is to be fill in the form for allotment of shares. Investment in IPOs is possible only through NRE NON-PIS and NRO NON-PIS Account.


  5. 5. What Portfolio Management Services are offered to NRIs by Sharekhan?

    Sharekhan offer two PMS to its NRI clients. These are

    • Proprime Diversified

      It is a diversified Equity PMS strategy for long term investment with an objective to create an equity portfolio through disciplined investments that will lead to a growth in the portfolio’s value with medium to high risk. Investments are made primarily in the Nifty Fifty or the BSE 100 scrips. Minimum Investment of Rs 25 lac is required.

    • Wealth Optimizer

      It is PMS strategy to invest in the most undervalued stocks of growing companies on the basis of reported financial performance.


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