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When the matter comes to the blend of cash and experience, SAMCO is definitely the best option for it. It’s an old and customer-oriented player in the platform of online share broking. They had confronted customers with their excellent infrastructures and authenticating offers that are sure to add value to your investments.


For the last 20 years, SAMCO is having a strong hold over the capital market. They are one of the most trusted online discount broker firm, that had been brought up by the SAMCO securities. They are expanded widely on offering investment bases over commodities and equities, trading at NSE, BSE and MCX as well as depository services like Demat account via CDSL. SAMCO is said to be the lowest-cost broker in India, that is evident from the fact that, people got a savings of around 80% to 90%  in commission when the migrated to SAMCO from Sharekhan, ICICIDirect, HDFC Securities, Axis Direct or any traditional full-service brokers. SAMCO has morphed itself to get transformed into an E-broking platform also for, a convenience if the customers. Getting one step ahead, SAMCO fixed a maximum of 20 Rs charges for each order that would get executed. SAMCO is on the front foot for making their clients avail with a greater range of trading platform choices.


It’s an important aspect of strengthening the base of any product, business or industry is to offer some discounts or special offers for people. It’s just like providing some additional reason to the people to join them instead of the other competitors in the market. SAMCO, from this perspective, has leased a number of offers and discounts for the people to opt for them as their former prior option. They had completely made the opening charges of Trading account, Demat Account, Trading annual maintenance charges totally free and imposed the least charge of just 400 INR P.A for demat account AMC.

Besides the free account opening services, SAMCO has few more attractive offers circulating now for the limited time period.

  • The above mentioned free account initiation services.
  • 100% cashback on operating trade for 1st month via the Stocknote app.
  • Referral Commission - 10% referral for new customer addition.


Recently SAMCO has played a master shot by developing a complete trading app, called Stocknote by the Giga Trading platform. It is designed in such a way, which can easily help a newbie to flourish just being on this platform only. This app targets numerous websites to churn data and analyze and present them under one roof. This app has set a wildfire in the online brokerage market. People are claiming this platform rapidly.

So how can you too, be eligible for the mega cash back (100% refund of the first-month brokerage via StockNote)?

It’s simple. Start with the opening of an account with SAMCO. Nevertheless, you can also trade in any other application but the point is, you can get the offer only via trade done on StockNote Mobile app. Anyway, after you are ready with your account, you can start accessing markets and your customizable news feed and trade through Stocknote. And after you have traded via the app for a complete month, you would get your cashback credited right back to you. The developers and SAMCO administration has made another convenient method avail for their customers; the date of cashback will be counted from the day of logging into the StockNote App, not the date of account activation.! As per exchange concern and legal boundaries, the company has to mention the brokerage charge while having the primary contract, but that’s ok! You need not to worry as the cashback will be safely returned to you on your back office very next day.

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In respect to Zerodha, Upstox, Karvy, it's a hard truth that SAMCO has some inferiority to the clients. Though their newly played masterstroke, is certainly going to change the course of usual system. According to their spokesperson, SAMCO developers are confident to get 1M downloads of their app. The app has all the complete features that a perfect trading platform should consist.  Especially, their attractive 100% cashback has now become their motive to attract client on its basis. Besides having complete trade margins against share baskets, SAMCO also ensures 4x margin for equity delivery trade. There are still numerous areas to be covered and amended by SAMCO to get preference over their prevalent market opponents, like provision of 24*7 support, Live chat and promotion of Branch offices. Finally, whatever negativity it had, the inauguration of the journey was initiated with the bright and strategic advertisement campaign. They strictly adhere to their transparent policy, well furnished with good track records and decency in discount broking industry, for long, which cumulatively forbids people from thinking them uncertified.

Last updated on 10th Jan 2019



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1. P Muralidharan Menon  6/11/2018 1:08:35 PM Reply
Why is this not for all the investors, why only for trading with StockNote App only?