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Kotak securities, a leading stock Broker India, is providing the NRI services at the most competitive Brokerage rates. NRIs can trade in equity, future and option in India. With Kotak, you can open all three account for NRIs i.e. Saving Bank Account, Demat Account and Trading Account under Kotak's NRI- Trinity Account or you can link any other Bank and Demat Account with Kotak Trading Account. You can also trade in equity, derivatives, IPO, ESOPS, bonds, derivatives and ETFs through your seamless 3-in-1 account. You can use Kotak Payment Gateway to transfer funds between your Saving and Trading Account. With NRI Account you can avail facilities like:

  • Free access to Kotak's trading platform and tools, call and trade, SMS Alerts, Research Reports, Trade After market Hours and can avail 80% margin against your executed & unbilled delivery marked trades.
  • Cost of trading with the basic NRI Account:
    • Account Opening Charges : Rs 3750
    • Brokerage : 1% per volume or 25 paisa per share whichever is higher
    • Average Quarterly Balance in saving account : Rs 10,000
    • Security Transaction Cost( STT) : .1%
    • Account Maintenance Fee ( AMC) for PIS account : Rs 1000 per year
    • AMC for Demat account : Rs 75 per month.
  • Note: Short term Capital Gain Tax of 15.45% on profit is applicable if stocks are sold within a year of purchase.

Document Requirements - Personalize Cheque leaf, Passport copy, Visa Copy, PIS Permission, For 60 (If PAN Card not submitted), Electrict Bill, Bank Statement, Lease or Licance, Bankers verification - Notarised Copy

Last updated on 9th Oct 2019



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User Comments

1. Sanjeev  6/2/2016 8:58:20 AM Reply
Would like to know if I can open an account as NRI. I have some stocks certificates of Tata Powers, which I like to deposit and sale it. Do you have option to have checking account also?
2.1. Vijay  6/2/2016 8:58:51 AM
As NRI, you can open an account in India but to do paper work you need to physically present in India. You need to present your passport and visa status. You need to open a bank account also with specific bank by RBI.
Once you open trading and demat account, you need to convert your physical share into digital shares and then you can sell your shares.
Please let me know if you need more details.