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Indira Securities Private Limited or Indira Trade, the full-service brokerage house keenly focuses to offer the cutting edge technology benefits to customers to win their trust and confidence. Indira Securities Algo Trading platform is one of the most important examples of its breakthrough innovation. Based on the fact, that 60% of the trade volume at exchanges comes from Algo trading, the brokerage house firmly believes that Algo Trading is the future of trading in equity as well as commodity markets that keeps investor away from the emotional bias. Indira Securities, through a tie-up with Tradetron (Algo Trading Strategy marketplace), is providing cloud-based Algo trading services to its clients to execute orders automatically based on pre-programmed algorithms or computer programs.

Get the complete review of the Indira Securities Algo Trading platform including its features, benefits, cons, and Indira Securities Algo desk details.

Algo Trading Meaning

    Algo Trading also called Algorithm Trading and Automated Trading is a mechanism that executes trade orders using computer software based on advanced mathematical tools and in-built intelligent algorithms. The mechanism is particularly useful to trade at a high frequency that is outside an individual’s capabilities. For instance, you can start Algo trading through creating Algo strategies to buy a stock when its 100-day moving average crosses 200-day moving average or sell it when its 50-day moving average is below 200-day moving average. Manual trading in the following cases will not be easy and even very challenging thus, Algo trading is the simplest way to place automated trade based on your trading strategies.

Online Algo Trading with Indira Securities

  • Head to the broker’s website.
  • On the top menu, under the “Service” tab, click on the “Algo trading” option.
  • A new web page will open, click on the “Tradetron” option available at the top on the right-hand side.
  • Now, click on the “Login to Tradetron” option.
  • It will redirect you to Tradetron, Algo strategy marketplace page. Once you sign in with Tradetron, under the “Strategies” option, you can create, deploy, and backtest your strategy.

Indira Securities Algo Trading Benefits

  • Algo Trading doesn’t incorporate human emotional experience henceforth, it is emotionless trading.
  • Algo trading is automated or machine trading, therefore, helps to execute very high-frequency trades.
  • The Backtesting feature allows Algo users to backtest their trading strategy.
  • Zero auto square off charges.
  • 1000+ Algo trading strategies are available with Tradetron.
  • Start Algo trading across segments i.e. cash and futures & options.
  • Less time consuming: Traders just need to create, backtest, and deploy their trading strategy and the order will be placed accordingly, thus, saves time.
  • Usually, traders require programming language for Algo trade, however, here with Indira Securities, you can start Algo trading without even having any coding knowledge.
  • Algo trading allows us to manage multiple open positions at a single time.
  • The full-service broker offers free of cost API.
  • Zero human errors to place trade (buy and sell) orders.
  • Indira Securities offers unlimited free telephonic support for Algo trading.
  • Free of cost API service.

Indira Securities Algo Trading Risks

Algo Trading is never risk-free and comes with many risks, several important of them are presented below;

  • Human error: Although if you’ve created the right trading strategy then there will be no human error possibility, however, if the strategy is programmed or coded inaccurately in Tradetron Algo trading platform, then it can lead to wrong trade execution. Thus, Algo trader must assure to accurately program his/her trading strategy.
  • Power failure and network error.

Indira Securities Algo Support Desk

Indira Securities has the Algo Desk where Algo associate provides telephonic as well as e-mail support to customers. Check here the Indira Securities Algo Desk support number and email address as follows;

  • Indira Securities Algo Desk customer support number: 91-97547-29942
  • Indira Securities Algo Desk customer support email: [email protected]

If you’re a sub-broker, an employee of any broking or advisory firm, investment advisor, financial planner, research analyst, or insurance advisor, then you can also become Indira Securities Algo Associate or partner and earn commission income.

Last updated on 25th Jul 2020



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