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Shubh is the web-based and mobile app-based trading platforms of Indiabulls. The broker launched a new subscription-based unlimited monthly trading plan for Shubh platform users. The plan is club together with margin funding for equity delivery at zero interest.  Subscription starts from Rs 1000 till Rs 100,000 for 30 days.

Subscription Plan for Equity Delivery and Intraday

There is a range of subscription fee or monthly charges client can choose to pay to get margin funding accordingly for equity delivery trading. In the base plan of  Rs 1000, no margin funding is provided. The broker offers 5x exposure in the equity Intraday trading and Margin Trading Funding (MTF) with Zero Interest for equity delivery. Pay Rs 2000 and get 1 Lac MTF, Pay Rs 3000 and get 2 Lac MTF. The higher subscription plan you choose the higher is MTF. Max Rs 1 lakh plan with 50 lakh MTF funding. There are 15 different plan options.

Equity Delivery Plan with Margin Funding facility
(For 30 Days)
Margin Funding
Zero Interest
1Rs 1,000Rs 0
2Rs 2,000Rs 1,00,000
3Rs 3,000Rs 2,00,000
4Rs 5,000Rs 3,25,000
5Rs 7,500Rs 5,00,000
6Rs 10,000Rs 6,50,000
7Rs 12,500Rs 8,50,000
8Rs 15,000Rs 10,00,000
9Rs 20,000Rs 12,50,000
10Rs 25,000Rs 15,00,000
11Rs 30,000Rs 17,50,000
12Rs 35,000Rs 20,00,000
13Rs 45,000Rs 22,50,000
14Rs 50,000Rs 25,00,000
15Rs 1,00,000Rs 50,00,000

Subscription Plan for Equity and Currency Derivatives

Under this plan, the client can do unlimited Equity and Currency derivatives (F&O) trading for 30 days by paying Rs 1000. There is no margin funding available for the derivative segment. Intraday exposure is 2x for F&O trade.

The company offers a free 30 day trial for its subscription plan with auto-renewable.


  • Unlimited plan or zero brokerage on Equity Cash, F&O and Currency Derivatives.
  • Interest-free margin funding.
  • Transparent fee structure.
  • Intraday Exposure up to 4X in F&O, 5X in Equity Cash segment and up to 4X for margin trading.
  • Free 30 days trial for new accounts.
  • Auto-renewable.
  • Call & Trade is free with the plan.


  • The plan is not starting from the calendar month. It is for 30 days, on 31st day it gets renew or moves back to default plan.
  • User needs to pay separately for trading in equity cash and F&O segment.
  • Margin is not attractive for intraday traders, as they may get much higher margin in CO/BO with other discount brokers.
  • Zero Interest in the margin is taken care in the brokerage plan. For example, if you take 1 lakh plan and get 50 lakh MTF, which is around 2% interest pm on 50 lakh. Where other brokers offer you per day interest. If you have not used the margin amount, you don’t have to pay interest. But with Shubh, you are paying upfront interest.
  • In the base plan of Rs 1000, no margin funding is provided by the broker.

Last updated on 19th Sep 2019



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