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Trading and its impact are spreading like wild fire. People are getting aware of the positive aspects of having an ambitious trade setup, which is literally absent in any other jobs. Globalisation has spreaded its impact far over the trade-world too because, people are now demanding convenient online brokerage firms to have an ease and paperless transactions and trades. The hassle of formalities are been lessened to a large extent by the emerging of Online Brokerage Houses. Among the most popular brokerage firms in India, ICICI direct is till now, at the top-most row.


Pioneering the best and the largest retail stock brokering firm in India, ICICI Direct is the award winning trading arm of ICICI securities. ICICI Direct is truly an ionic brand, with which, almost all the beginners or expert traders are familiar. Inaugurating in 2000, this renowned Full-service broker is now accommodating 3 million satisfied clients. ICICI Direct has got all the essence that is needed to become a completely furnished online full-service broker. Offering investment options from Equity, Derivatives, upto NCD, wealth products, Home loans etc. ICICI Direct has a massive reach across 66 cities in India, with 250 offices, which let them facilitate potential customers, with each and every benefit available with their company. 

ICICI Direct boosts of having an active client base of 7,52,138 – the highest in the country.” This clearly reflects why ICICI Direct is the most visited online portal in India.


There are plenty of reasons that would support ICICI Direct, even though they have the greater charge than any of its other competitors. Stats and record expresses itself in support of ICICI direct. The reasons can be summed up as follows:

  1. Offers every type of products available

    ICICI Direct is one stop shop for every product available in the world of trading. Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Futures, MF, Fixed Deposits, Loans, Tax Services, Pensions System, and Insurance. You now, don’t need to rush here and there to get service and investment opportunity in a special segment, which you can now get all, with just a single login. ICICI Direct only lacks the facility of commodity trading.

  2. 3-In-1 Account facility

    Unique and advantageous service, that you can be availed with ICICI Direct is the 3-in-1 account facility, offering customer’s savings, trading and demats account punched together in just a single account.

  3. Offering of ‘Digitally Signed Contract Note’

    ICICIdirect.com is the first brokerage house in the country, which inaugurated the system of offering ‘Digitally Signed Contract Note’ to their valued customers via email. This is no more a unique feature as all the brokers are doing the same.

  4. Availability throughout the country

    ICICI Direct is situated at almost every remote areas of the country making it easy for the common people to reach them through any of the 250 branch offices situated across the 66 cities. Local branch presence of ICICI Bank even make this one more big advantage.

  5. VTC services

    Another unique feature of the ICICI Direct is the VTC or Valid Till Cancel feature, which helps customer to set trigger on the order for Buy & Sell for a definite period of 45 days. Thus their potential customers are relieved of the burden of spending time on daily basis. This is also known as GTC - Good till cancel order, which is lacking in major discount brokers like Zerodha, Upstox, SAMCO, and 5paisa.

  6. Convenient Brokerage Plans

    Keeping in mind, the convenience of their customers and their suitability, ICICI Direct has designed two separate plans for them to choose from, which are as below:

    • FIXED BROKERAGE PLAN(1-SECURE PLAN): This is a plan suitable especially for the casual traders. This plan implements a fixed brokerage charge irrespective of the turnover volume.
    • VARIABLE BROKERAGE PLAN(1-SAVER PLAN): This plan is literally devised for the regular traders and whose trade volume is much more . According to this plan brokerage charges fluctuates as inversely with the volume. As the volume increase, the brokerage charges decrease and vice versa.

    Though these plans covers only Equity Delivery and Equity Intraday sections, while the others are same in both the plans.

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  8. The most widespread customer support

    ICICI direct is dedicated to their customers which is evident from the fact that they have different methods to reach their customers directly. They 24/7 support via following methods:

    • Customer Care via IVR: Now customers can get instant support as soon as they enter their 10 digit account number into the IVR.
    • iCommunity of ICICI Direct: Nothing can be better than solving problems via group and community discussions, and walking on the same path, ICICI direct has created their own community where there is a spontaneous doubt clearing discussion takes place. Apart from it, the community is fluently supplied with polls, expert blogs and the best thing about this, is that the customers get this service free of cost. This is an unique initiative of ICICI Direct.
    • Insta-Help: Now customers do not need to run around here and there for getting there query solved. The specially designed software of ICICI direct is here to the rescue. Insta help is software that answers the entire customer query as well as, gives result to their relevant questions also.
    • Easy Mail/Help Desk: Yet another choice to the customers, to get in touch with the ICICI Direct, is the Easy Mail, where customer just needs to write the query to the ICICI customer attendants, who will surely get back to the client within 24 hours of the customer activity.
    • Offline Branches: Apart from all those mentioned above, ICICI Direct, reaches customers directly via their branches, spread all over the country in most of the remote areas even.
  9. The leverages or exposures of ICICI Direct

    This full-service stockbroker has low leverage and not well known to provide high exposure than what their competitor offers. There are three plans- Freedom, Pro and Ultimate, each of which has different leverages as given below:

    Segment/Plan Freedom Pro Ultimate
    Equity 10 times 10 times 20 times
    Equity Futures 4 times 4 times 8 times
    Equity Options 1 times 1 times 3 times
    Currency Futures 4 times 4 times 8 times
    Currency Options 1 times 1 times 4 times
  10. Trading platform

    The widest range of innovative platforms and software for trading, are offered by ICICI Direct. Starting from Mobile app named ICICI Direct Mobile, android version of same, mobile trading site, iPad app; android tablet app and even iPhone app for trading with ICICI are available. Thus it is convenient for the customers to freely abide by the custom trading facilities of ICICI at any platform they have.

  11. Trade Racer software and Web

    Eventually the most updated and modernised feature of ICICI Direct is the Trade Racer which is an executable file. It can be installed in any machine and via that customers can carry out trading without any hassle. The features of this file is astonishing:

    • Trending scripts can be viewed within a single screen or interface.
    • Clients can easily and instantly trace the stocks which are making high or low, with the live scanner feature installed in it.
    • Again for more accuracy and convenience, heat maps are provided that can identify the stocks that are high or low, which are shown by just simple colour coding.
    • Innovative market charts and colour layouts that can be customised.

    Even for those, who are not willing to take the burden to install any application, ICICI Direct has created a direct Trader Racer Web to trade directly into it. The aforesaid web has:

    • Quotes those are live and streaming.
    • The facility of Drag and Drop widgets
    • Upto 5 watchlists together
    • User notifications and alerts.

    Nevertheless, these products had already won thousands of demands and earned rapid popularity. Clients who generates brokerages in 750 INR excess, gets this service for free, otherwise they required to pay 75 INR as subscription fee.

  12. Exclusive facilities in call-n-trade(CnT)

    In the call-n-trade option by ICICI, there are exclusive options available to the customers to take the advantage of it. It charges Rs. 25 per calling but they offers first 20 calls free, for every month.
  13. eLocker Facility

    Whenever you need utmost safety and hassle free storing of your important documents all in a single place, there can be nothing better than the eLocker of ICICI direct. Keeping in mind the users all round safety, ICICI Direct devised this new way, which eradicates and relieve you of the burden of carrying copies of important documents. Customers can now store all their liabilities in one central online locker and access them whenever and wherever required. Key features of this locker includes:
    • Complete security.
    • Anytime and anywhere accessibility.
    • Longevity and Durability.
    • No hassle in storage or retrieval.
  14. Wealth Accumulation calculator

    Quite obsessed with the trail of your long term investments? Want to know where will your investments stand after definite number of years? ICICI Direct is to the rescue with their advanced tool to create an estimate of your profits of investments. Wealth Accumulation Calculator is the tool that helps you with this. Enter the credential to calculate fast and efficiently.
  15. ICICI Direct’s Classroom programs

    To spread the light of knowledge of trading and market among common people, beginners or the experts, the ICICI Direct has their own ‘Centre For Financial Learning’ initiative that helps to spread comprehensive knowledge regarding trade to the retail traders, online as well as provide the Classroom program for the retail investors. Via this programmes, the customers and investors are exposed to wide ranges of insights in trading world, like Shares, MF, derivatives etc. There complete course is divided into 11 Modules divided into 2 chapters.
  16. Investor Conference Call

    When comes to the matter of understanding, everyone would want to get taught by the best. And a serious group discussion with the senior and experienced members can bear fruits in this matter. If this initiative looks impossible to take lace then just hold on! CICI Direct has devised a revolutionary attempt to let common customers connect t the senior financial experts over conference call. This feature has been named as Investor Conference Call.
  17. Least Number of Customer Complaints

    Complaints generally exposes the weak side of a company or another business. So when complaint numbers can be lessened, then only the name and fame of that specific company and their dignity will elevate naturally. In this case the ICICI Direct is one step ahead.
  18. Solution for slow internet for mobile trading

    No wonder why ICICI Direct is the top rated brokerage firm in the country; because ICICI lay emphasize more on the customer satisfaction and their convenience. Following the trail, ICICI Direct has found a low bandwidth website for the customers having mobile trade and slow internet connection. The web is laced with GPRS and data card for accomplishing the purpose.
  19. Demat Account and Bank account maintenance via same portal

    There are many online trading companies in India, which helps in transferring money towards broker’s pool. But being more convenient, ICICI Direct provides a single online portal, ICICIdirect.com that helps in managing both of your demat as well as bank account.
  20. Trading opportunity in both BSE and NSE

    ICICI Direct renders opportunity to trade in both BSE and NSE section.
  21. Widely designed research baskets

    Needless to mention, ICICI Direct, with its advanced and expert research team will definitely provide the customers with a neat and clean and valuable market research products, and they did exactly the same. ICICI now has, Pre-Market Open View, Intra-Day Technical Recommendation, Weekly Recommendation, and Short-Medium Term recommendation. Having delivered consistent research and financially focussed services, ICICI Direct has already been voted as the ‘Most Preferred brand of Financial Advisory service’ at the CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards, 2007.
  22. Seamless Fund Transfer with ICICI Direct

    There will be no hassles of tracking settlement cycles, relieved of writing cheques and transfer instructions, and thus they ensure completely paperless and seamless transaction. When you opt of 3 in 1 account, transfering fund from and to your ICICI bank account is very easy and just in single click.
  23. ICICI Direct Equity Advisory Service

    Another reason to go with ICICI direct is the availability of this premium service. The specially designed service is for the privileges of the customer with an assigned equity advisor who will guide them in placing trades. This service can be directly reached via [email protected]
  24. ICICI Direct IPO investment

    Coming to the IPO investment through ASBA, ICICI Bank is part of Self Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs). As ICICI Direct account is a 3 in 1 account so applying in IPO is just one click process. You can login to ICICI Direct site, select IPO and just apply. Rest of all processing will be taken care between ICICI Bank and ICICI Direct automatically. To trade in IPO with ICICI, the customer will also get the benefits of FPO and OFS of shares. Each and every process will be seamless and paper-free. You can apply IPO via ICICI Bank Net banking also under investment section.
  25. ICICI Mutual Fund Service

    Investment in MF is designated one of the best investment options in the modern share market premises. And with ICICI Direct this benefits are going to get boosted! ICICI Direct lets you initiate the MF investments with just a minimal balance of 500 Rs. and maintaining a SIP or lump sum investment thereafter. Enriched with monthly MF reports, ICICI Direct offers features like switching within same funds, access to vast and flexible choices of plans, well researched funds that would impose lesser risk factor and lots more. The only criteria required for inaugurating the MF plans with ICICI Direct online, is to have your KYC done positively.
  26. Corporate Bonds

    Corporate bond is an efficient category that allows the customers to invest in Debt securities ranging from non convertible debentures and corporate bonds, upto Structured Products like Equity Linked Debentures (on Principal to Principal basis). For the convenience of the customers, to be eligible to transact in this bond page, ICICI Direct has rendered offer to the resident individuals, HUF, Corporates and Partnership firms registered with ICICI Securities. The most advantageous issue of while trading with ICICI in this respect is that, you need not to worry about hassle opening separate portal as you can directly do that from the bond page of www.icicidirect.com.
  27. ICICI NRI Service

    ICICI Values even their customers residing abroad. That’s the reason why they have carefully upgraded their NRI services, which aims in rendering a full satisfactory service, offering the opportunity to trade in various segments at nominal charges. ICICI Direct offers NRI service for trading in Equity, ETF, Derivatives, MF and IPOs.

    As ICICI is offering 3-in-1 account so ICICI Bank offers PIS, NRE and NRO accounts. With NRO account now NRI’s can do invest in market like resident Indians.

  28. Shares As Margin

    Margin against share is an innovative initiative that lets the long term investors to convert in a fresh asset for trading . Curving out of this, ICICI Direct has devised a unique policy to help the traders utilise shares as margin. ICICI had equipped this service since the January of 2012, and now it has been running through enormous demands. The facility is assigned such that, it lets the customers bring funds by T+2 and buy stocks using the idle shares lying in the demat account. Thus they can generate limits for trading and investing. This limit has a biphasic application; it can be used in F&O as well as applied to, In Margin trading. Though, until now, this facility is only imposed in trading cash segment, equity delivery and equity derivatives.Inerrst need to be paid on borrowed money @18%PA.
  29. ICICI Direct Margin Trading (Margin Funding)

    With ICICI you can do margin trading, in such case you can do intraday trading as well as carry f/w position. Carrying f/w position is called Client Square off where you can square off your position in T+5 Trading days for NSE and T+180 Calendar days for BSE scripts. Interest will be charged on borrowed money @18% PA.
  30. ICICI Securities MarginPLUS

    MarginPLUS is an intraday cover order product, where you will get extra margin for trading as you are placing cover order (specifying SLTP and a limit price) when you are placing your order, with this clients are limiting their losses or maximum downside involved in particular position, so you will get much better leverage.

    ICICI Security have FuturesPLUS and OptionsPLUS product where selected script/ contract are part of this group and one can avail up to 5x to 33x margin depend on script/contract and SL price.

    MarginPLUS also offer cover profit order which will allow you to protect your gains at a limit price, executed when your profit price has reached.

  31. Systematic Equity Plan (SEP) by ICICI Direct

    SEP or Systematic Equity Plan is equal to SIP in mutual fund. This is really a unique feature which lots of investors are looking for long term.

    Lets discuss what is SEP?

    In SEP, you decide your stocks/equity which you wish to invest in regular basis, for example, I want to buy 2 shares of TCS, 2 Share of SBI and 2 shares of NTPC every month for 2 years. In such case SEP is the best option which will do Rupee Cost Averaging for your equity investment. This approach is very common in mutual fund, but difficult to find for Equity.

    It’s a more disciplined way of investing over a certain period of time, that makes it advantageous over investing in one time investment or lum-sum investment.

    But it should be kept in mind, that SEP request and SEP orders are completely different terms as because the former is the authorisation that you get for placing orders, by I-Sec, whereas, the later is the actual order that you place as per instruction you feed into the online portal of www.icicidirect.com.

    By virtue of this facility, anyone can buy orders for a pre-specified amount or quantity in scripts of their own choice, and of course at regular intervals that is selected by the customer only. After specifying the details like scrip, amount/quantity to be invested, and getting vided by I-sec, they will place the SEP buy orders at market price, to help customers to bring down the average cost of acquisition of shares.


In fact there are back-to-back reasons to consider unique among the entire broker house from every respects. Being an award winner broker house, usually the expectations and demands for convenient services increase. And that have been successfully managed by ICICI. There are numerous features those asides ICICI Direct from the other full service brokers, which are mentioned below:


    This is one of the unique services that ICICI direct is offereing to their clients which is related to a systematic plan in investing on equity. According to SEP or Systematic Equity Plan, which is more or less equal to the SIP or systematic investments plan, you can opt for buying shares in different regiments over a pre-fixed time period, on a periodic gap. This feature is common in MF but hard to find for equity and thus this policy generally got tremendous response. Recurring investment in such a disciplined way makes it advantageous over lum-sum investments.


    For the knowledge of potential customers as well as beginners, and to solve any of their doubt in the most convenient and easy manner, ICICI had laid their emphasis on the customer attending services, making their questionnaires solved in an advanced way. Some of their unique facilities comprise of the iCommunity, Instahelp, Investor Conference Call & Online and offline classroom programs. The iCommunity of ICICI Direct is generally a pool where numerous polls, questions and doubts are attended by the aid of group discussion of the customers itself. The InstaHelp is a self help tool that clarifies any doubts whenever question is fed to it. Likewise, the Conference call for investor is an extremely helpful means of getting connected to the experts in an original call-ending. These facts surely contribute to the positivity of ICICI Direct.


    Irrespective of the turnover volume, ICICI Direct has imposed two separate and distinct plans for two different groups of investors- SECURE PLAN for the casual traders and SAVER PLAN For the regular traders. Both of them have variability in just Equity Delivery and Equity Intraday sections while others are the same. Depending o the term of each plan, investors can choose what is right for them.


    Keeping in mind the all over technological boundaries and accessible areas, ICICI Direct has successfully created trading platform in every boundaries, be it Desktop, Mobile, Web anything. Back to back platforms, morphed with latest equipments and technologies are gifted to customers among which Trader racer web and exe. Desktop, online portal and mobile app, each and everyone has got individually the best interface and easily understandable features.


    Probably the best initiative taken by the ICICI. It’s really irritating to carry the hardcopies of your documents and other liabilities with you every time when it is required for opening some account or completing other formalities. Eradicating this issue, eLocker facility is enforced that served convenience to the users to keep their softcopies stored under utmost safety and can be accessible anywhere and anytime.


    With the flow of time, ICICI is upgrading their service to retain their position in the topmost position in the rank for broker houses. That’s what led them design facilities like Margin against shares, 3-in1 account, myGTC service, VTC service or Valid Till Cancellation service, and lots more uniqueness. These attractive features are bound to mesmerize customers deciding broker-house to enter trading world.

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Beyond doubt, the ICICI Direct, has got the best collection of unique features and has got all the possible aspects of trading, morphed with convenient and efficient platform. The products offered with ICICI Direct can be stated as follows:

  • Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Currency
  • Mutual Funds
  • ETF
  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Fixed Deposits/Bonds
  • Loans
  • Tax
  • eLocker
  • NPS


It can no way be denied that the full-service broker has some serious qualities that would make anyone think twice before leaving their services. Number of new unique initiatives, least customer complaints, bright ratings and other properties contribute in increasing their value weight in the market. Their new period option of GTC and VTC, SIP pause for haulting your SIP investment plans, and numerous benefits are quite attractive.

But as far the market is concerned, ICICI Direct is still down trodden in some respects, that need to be amended to get a full control over the share market and drive people towards them. Being a popular broker, it’s a massive disadvantage for them to not have a toll free number, and live chat support, and options in trading in MCX and MCX-SX. The option for trading in commodity is still not enforced, and infact they too don’t have monthly and yearly plans. Despite of all the faults, the ratings and least customer complaints, tells itself, how the broker has curved itself to the level of perfection. With the aid of eLearning programmes, ICICI Direct is no doubt an all round and perfect broker, to have trust on.

Despite of these small and ignorable drawbacks, it can be easily be concludes that, ICICI Direct is far better option, both for the new-comers and usually for the experts. The complexities has been eradicated here with an advanced support systems and modernisation bound morphology of the portal of ICICI Direct.

Last updated on 5th Nov 2019



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