How to open online account with Zerodha

Posted on 2nd Jul 2018
by Admin

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This article cover below frequently asked queries -

  • How to open demat account in Zerodha?
  • How to open Zerodha account?
  • How to open online account with Zerodha?
  • How to open paperless account with Zerodha?
  • How to open Aadhar base online account with Zerodha?

Now you can open online trading and demat account with Zerodha using your Aadhar Number. This is paperless and hassle free account opening process.

What documents I need to open my online trading account with Zerodha?

  • PAN Number
  • Aadhar Number linked with your Mobile Number
  • Netbanking or debit card to do online payment for account opening
  • One cancelled bank cheque (Scanned Copy)
  • Income Proof Document (Scanned Copy – Any one)
    • Bank Statement for last 6 months
    • ITR Acknowledgement
    • Salary Slip – Stamp and Signed
    • Form 16
    • Demat holding statement
  • Current signature (Scanned Copy)

After aadhar integration, you can open your trading and demat account online. This process takes 15 to 30 minutes. To start with, you need to have your PAN card number, Aadhar Number integrated with your primary phone number to get OTP, canceled cheque to upload as your bank verification and to get branch IFSC code and account number, Income Proof (optional) and picture/scanned copy of your signature on white paper for digital signature.

Note:Due to some changes in UIDAI policies, Now UIDAI is not offering eKYC verification. This is not limited to Zerodha, UIDAI decision is for all the vendors.However good news is,Zerodha technical team has found an alternative solution for this. This has included few extra steps in your Aadhar verification. Now you need to register on and if you are registered user of this site, you need to allow Zerodha to access your information. If you are not register user, you need to registered with digilocker which is 2 step processes.

  • New registration on
    • Sign up -> enter your mobile number -> OTP verification
    • Provide your Aadhar Detail -> OTP verification
    • After this your account is active.
    • Now go to Issued Documents – click on Aadhar -> share button -> select Zerodha

With this, your Aadhar basic information (photo, name, DOB, Address, email) has been shared with Zerodha and next steps are same as it was previously.

Step by step process to complete online account opening with Zerodha:

  1. Register your primary email and mobile number here to start. Mobile number should be register with your Aadhar number (mandatory requirement).

  2. After registration click here to start your online application.

  3. Enter your email Id and click on Forgot Password.

  4. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Steps-Login-Page

  5. You are going to receive an email on your registered email id to reset your password.

  6. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Password-Reset

  7. After login, Provide your PAN number and Date of Birth to start the application.

  8. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-PAN-Number

  9. Pay here for Equity and/or commodity account, you can select both the accounts or just one account.
    • Rs 300 for Equity
    • Rs 200 for Commodity
    • Payment can be done via netbanking/debit/credit card.

  10. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Payment

  11. Enter the Aadhar information for eSign.

  12. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Aadhar-detail

  13. After entering Aadhar number, CDSL window will open for online verification. You can receive OTP on mobile or email id.

  14. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Aadhar-Varification

  15. After Aadhar verification – validate personal information and update below information.
    • Marital status
    • Father's name
    • Mother's name

  16. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Aadhr-Personal-Info

  17. In next step, provide your bank information – This information is available on your personal cheque.
    • Branch IFSC code
    • Bank account number

  18. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Bank-Information

  19. Provide your financial information

  20. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-earning-status

  21. In Person Verification(IPV) – In case your PAN is KRA verified, you don’t need to do IPV. For IPV, just take your picture with OTP given on your screen with webcam and save.

  22. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Steps-In-Person-Varification-IPV

  23. Application submission process - Till previous step, you have completed your online application, now you have two options to submit it:
    • Via online with digital signature or
    • Download, print, sign and courier


  24. If going with online submission, upload following documents.
    • Bank Proof
    • Income Proof (optional)
    • Current Signature (digital)

  25. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Document-Upload

  26. eSign process need OTP verification - Aadhar number with registered phone number

  27. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Digital-Signature-Process


  28. Demat Power of Attorney(POA) – This is mandatory requirement from SEBI where POA need to be download, print, physical sign and courier to zerodha office.

  29. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Demat-POA-Physical-Document

  30. Final status update - You will get this window for successful online submission of your application.

  31. Zerodha-Online-Account-Opening-Success-Message

Final Note:

Process of opening an online account with Zerodha is quick and easy if you are the techno-friendly guy. The process is smart enough to get your personal details from Aadhar database so you don't have to type your name, address and so on. You just need to enter your PAN number, Aadhar number, some extra information like Marital Status, father and mother's name, bank Information and few OTPs. With this, you are able to complete around 40+ pages application with 40+ signatures online(Digital).

As there is minimum third party intervention to complete this process, sometimes its make things challenging for people with limited computer skills. Online payment process needs access of your net banking/debit/credit card information, Aadhar verification process needs OTP to get your personal information and the digital signature on the application (eSign) also need OTP. So working on multiple OTP verification make this process bit complex. Other than above technical part, submitting online application is quite simple and hassle-free.


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