Discount brokers growth in 2014 and outlook for 2015

Posted on 1st Jan 2015
by team

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With Year-on-Year growth of 43%, India discount Brokers/Flat Rate Brokers/Fix Price Brokers still have immense potential for growth.The active clients for all the stock brokers in NSE India has maintained its year-on-year growth of 12.5% in 2014.Full service brokers are still leading the market with max number of market share with 14% growth YOY (from top 5 full service brokers).Discount broker are growing 3 x faster than the full service broker with the rate of 42% growth YOY. (From top 5 discount brokers).According to trading members report on NSE, the overall active clients for NSE stood at 4.8 million, with 12.5% increase this year(Till Nov 2014) as compared to last year growth. The YoY growth can be attributed to both full service and discount brokers. Back-to-Back volume growth in trading is also being noted due to the strong market sentiments post-election results.

Top Five Discount Brokers in NSE

  • Zerodha, With more than 25K customers and 45% YOY growth, Zerodha is the outright market leader in discount broker segment. There is huge potential for Zerodha to grow as the discount broker in coming year.
  • SAS Online (SOUTH ASIAN STOCKS LTD), with more than 3.5K customers and 75% YoY growth.
  • My Value Trade (MASTER CAPITAL SERVICES LIMITED), a discount broker: With more than 33k customers (overall with the master capital services Ltd) and 15% YoY growth,my value trade is one of the heavyweights of the industry. Their group turnover exceeds Rs. 4500 Crore per day across segments making one of the largest retail brokering houses in the country.
  • RKSV(RKSV SECURITIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED) with more than 6K customers and 36% YoY growth, RKSV is holding good growth in Discount broker segment., Trade Smart Online is giving others a fair competition with its different low cost unlimited trading plans.
  • Trade Smart online (VNS FINANCE & CAPITAL SERVICES LTD), with more than 6.5 k customer and 50% YoY growth.

Top Five Full service Brokers in NSE


Why discount brokers have potential to grow in 2015?

As per our analysis currently discount brokers segment hold only 2% of total active customers in NSE .As technology is growing and increase in use of internet, smart mobiles, mobile apps discount brokers/fix price broker/flat rate brokers are getting the momentum. Few big DP services are also planning to move into the area of discount brokerage in 2015 that will change the way current Indian stock broker firms doing the business.In summary,with more competition in stock brokerage houses, end-customer/investors are going to get best, cheap and quality service.


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