MPS Ltd Buyback 2020 Review

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Founded in the year 1843, Macmillan was a UK-based large publishing company that came in India in 1892. The company provided a purely domestic publishing business and soon became synonymous with quality educational books. In 1976, the company came up with a new publishing division in Bangalore which offered high-quality editorial and production services to international book and journal publishers. Later in 2004, the company grows to provide content consumption to meet the high-end technology and digital-publishing needs with a fully owned subsidiary MPS Ltd.

In 2011, ADI BPO then purchased Macmillan’s stake in MPS and took the management control of the company. The company now totally focuses content creation, full-service production, and distribution to the world’s leading publishers, learning companies, corporate institutions, libraries, and content aggregators.

MPS Limited Buyback 2020 Latest Update

August 14th, 2020: MPS Ltd (BSE:532440 | NSE: MPSLTD) board has approved a proposal for the repurchase of up to ₹5.66 Lakh (Five Lakhs Sixty Six Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty Six) shares at ₹600 (Six hundred) per share, aggregating ₹34.00 Cr (Thirty Four Crores only) (Buyback Offer Size) that is 3.04% of total paid equity share capital.

MPS Limited Buyback Offer Details

      »»   Total Share Capital: Rs 718.05 Cr
      »»   Face Value: 10 Per Equity Share
      »»   Buyback Offer Amount: Rs 34.00 Cr
      »»   Buyback Offer Size (In %): 3.04%
      »»   Buyback Number of Shares: 5.66 Lakh
      »»   Buyback Price: Rs 600
      »»   Promoters and Promoter Group participation:Yes
      »»   Buyback type:Tender Offer
      »»   Can I Invest today to participate in MPS Limited buyback offer :No

MPS Limited Buyback Important Dates

In this section we have covered all important dates related to MPS Limited Buyback. Dates are updated as they are announced. The most noted dates are record date and buyback open and close dates, which one should use to participate in buyback.

    MPS Limited buyback offer important dates
    Buyback Activity Date
    Board Meeting for Buyback proposal 11th Aug 2020
    Buyback Approval date 11th Aug 2020
    Public Announcement of Buyback 13th Aug 2020
    Record Date 24th Aug 2020
    Buyback opens on/Buyback Opening Date 16th Sep 2020
    Buyback closes on/Buyback Closing Date 29th Sep 2020
    Cut-off date to receive completed tender forms by Registrar 1st Oct 2020
    Cut-off date for verification by the Registrar 8th Oct 2020
    Cut-off date to inform Stock Exchange on acceptance or non-acceptance
    of tendered Equity Shares by Registrar
    8th Oct 2020
    Last date of settlement of bids on the stock exchange 9th Oct 2020
    Last date to return unaccepted shares by Registrar 9th Oct 2020
    Last date of extinguishment of Equity Shares 16th Oct 2020

MPS Limited Share Holding Pattern as of Jun 2020

Stock Holding table will give you a clear picture, how many retail investor holding MPS Limited shares, with this you can plan for participate in buyback offer. The less number of retail holding make more chance to get higher acceptance ratio in buyback under ratail category = higher profit.

    Holding Type In %
    Promoter-Foreign 0.0%
    Promoter-Indian 67.77%
    Non-Promoter-Institutions 6.40%
    Non-Promoter-Non-Institutions 25.83%

MPS Limited Public Announcement >>Document

MPS Limited Draft Letter of Offer >>Document

MPS Limited Letter of Offer >>Document

MPS Limited Ratio of Buyback

    For Buy back shares holders are divided in 2 categories:

    • Reserved category for Small Shareholders ("Reserved Category") - Who holds Max Rs 2 Lakhs worth of shares @Rs 399.60 per equity share - in such case Max 500 Equity Shares as of Record Date 24th Aug 2020.
    • General category for all Shareholders other than Small Shareholders ("General Category")

    MPS Limited Ratio of Buy Back

    Category Entitlement Ratio of Buyback Per Equity Shares Entitlement Ratio of Buyback in %
    Reserved Category 1 Equity Share out of every 12 Equity Shares held on the Record date 8.33%
    General Category 17 Equity Share out of every 621 Equity Shares held on the Record Date 2.74%

Buyback Calculator - Check your Profit/Loss and Breakeven point for left out shares.

Current and Upcoming Buybacks Key dates

The table below will give you a complete dashboard view for all open buyback offer in current market.

Current and Upcoming Buybacks Key dates
Company NameBuyback TypeOffer AmountBuyback PriceCMPRecord DateBuyback Open DateBuyback End Date
James Warren Tea LtdTender OfferRs 19.836 Cr114108.70 (4.27%)18-09-2020TBDTBD
Cheviot Company LtdTender OfferRs 18 Cr900671.75 (1.68%)18-09-202022-10-202005-11-2020
Dhanuka Agritech LtdTender OfferRs 100 Cr1,000734.90 (2.64%)28-09-202020-10-202002-11-2020
RITES LtdTender OfferRs 257 Cr265239.60 (0.19%)30-09-2020TBDTBD
Magna Electro Castings LtdTender Offer7 Cr175147.40 (-0.03%)01-10-2020TBDTBD
TCSTender OfferRs 16000 Cr30002762.50 (0.87%)TBDTBDTBD
Wipro LtdTender OfferRs 9500 Cr400339.55 (-0.57%)TBDTBDTBD

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Detail Article on Benefit from buyback offer >> Read

MPS Limited Buyback Important dates - Record Date,Buyback Start and End date. Buyback Details - Buyback Price, Buyback Offer Size, Buyback Number of Shares, Retail Investors limit. What is the record date for MPS Limited? How can I apply in MPS Limited Buyback offer?

Company Contact Information

RR Towers IV, Super A,
16/17, Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate,
Guindy, Chennai-600 032
Tel. No.: +91-44 -49162222
E-mail: [email protected]

Registrar Contact Information

Cameo Corporate Services Limited
Subramanian Building, 1 Club House Road,
Chennai - 600 002, Tamil Nadu, India
Tel: +91 44 4002 0700 / 0710 / 2846 0390
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact Person: Ms.Sreepriya K
Request call back from

Last Updated on 2020-09-10T10:19:01+00:00

Buyback FAQs

  1. 1. What is the record date for MPS Limited buyback offer?

    The Record Date for MPS Limited Buyback offer is 24th Aug 2020

    Which means you should hold the MPS Limited share in your demat account by closing session of 24th Aug 2020. Share purchased on and before (24th Aug 2020) - 2 business days will be available in your demat account by 24th Aug 2020.



  2. 2. How much I can make with MPS Limited buyback offer?

    Its all depend on acceptance ratio which usually announce with Letter of Offer. Lets assume if you have MPS Limited shares at ₹400 and buyback offer price is ₹600, you can get ₹200 per accepted share. If you hold 500 shares of MPS Limited and if proportionate acceptance is between 33% and 50%, in such case you are eligible to sell your 165 to 250 shares with the gain from buyback of ₹33000 to ₹50000.

    The percentage of proportionate acceptance varies from company to company. This percentage can be also 100% which means that company buys all of your shares.

    MPS Limited Buyback Profit Calculation

    % Share AcceptedNo of Shared AcceptedGain from Buyback Offer



  3. 3. How to Participate in MPS Limited buyback offer?

    Steps to participate in MPS Limited buyback:

    1. On Record date (24th Aug 2020) you must have share of MPS Limited in your demat account/physical form. Depositing of share in your DP account usually take T+2 days, so you need to plan your buying accordingly.
    2. After that company announces buyback open and close window, so you need to tender your share in buyback process. You can do this online or contact your broker to tender your share in buyback, so he can place a request on your behalf.
    3. Next step is with registrar - depend on buyback acceptance ratio, your shares will be sold in buyback process and fund will directly debited in your bank account. Any rejected share will be revert in your demat account which you can sell in open market or hold for long term gain.



  4. 4. How many MPS Limited share are eligible for buyback?

    Share holders who hold less than 2 lakh worth of shares are consider in Retail Category. All others will consider in General Category. Last trading price on record date will be used to calculate the eligibility criteria.



  5. 5. When I need to tender MPS Limited share for buyback?

    Buyback opening date for MPS Limited: 16th Sep 2020

    Buyback closing date for MPS Limited: 29th Sep 2020

    This is the window when you need to submit your application for proposal for share buyback. If you are submitting tender forms or submitting physical share certificates, it must reach to registrar by 1st Oct 2020.



  6. 6. When I will know how much shares accepted in MPS Limited buyback offer?

    As this is a buyback tender offer, shares are accepted in proportionate basis. Proportionate acceptance / rejection will be returned back to the eligible shareholders directly by the Registrar on or before 9th Oct 2020.



  7. 7. How and when will I get money for accepted shares of MPS Limited buyback?

    Money will be directly deposited in your registered bank account with broker. Usually money will be deposited on and after 9th Oct 2020, which is last date of settlement of bids on the Stock Exchange.

    In case of physical share holding, you will get a cheque.



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