10 Best Share Brokers for Cheap Trading in India

Posted on 14th Jul 2015
by TopShareBrokers.com team

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I have personally observed when it come to services, most of the traders would like to go with money saving services. Like in airlines tickets, passengers look for cheap fare for short journeys without caring much about quality service.

Switch to Discount brokers and Save up to 70% on your brokerage fees.....

Same concept is also getting popular with discount share brokers in India, where investors are getting services at low cost. In Indian trading environment, it's very rare where investors are using complete services provided by full service brokers. So if you are not using all the services like research and so on, then why to pay high brokerage?

For this review, we are not only looking for the lowest broker commissions for trading, but we also focused on brokers that were easy to use and had minimum account opening fee and demat charges. Our top broker recommendations for 10 best share brokers for cheap trading in India are below:

  1. Zerodha: Incorporated in 2009, Zerodha is the number one discount broker in India. They have best offering, best customer service, best trading platform with brokerage of maximum Rs 20 per trade and free delivery trading. Read and follow more details about Zerodha Review.
  2. 5paisa: Incorporated in 2016, 5paisa is the number two discount broker in India. They have great customer service with Flat Fee Rs 10 Brokerage Plan. Read and follow more details about 5paisa Review.
  3. Upstox(RKSV): Mumbai based discount broker is giving brokerage at Maximum Rs 20 per trade and free trading on equity delivery trades. Read and follow more details about Upstox(RKSV) Review.
  4. Fyers : Banglore Based Trading House - "Fyers Securities" is offering brokerage plan of Maximum Rs 20 per trade Plan with Free delivey trading. Read and follow more details about Dyers Review.
  5. Prostocks: Mumbai based discount broker offering brokerage at Flat Fee of Rs 15 per trade, Monthly Unlimited trading in Rs 899, Yearly unlimited trading in Rs 8999. Read and follow more details about Prostocks Review.
  6. SAMCO: Again Mumbai based broker, offering Trade in Maximum Rs 20 Per executed order.Read and follow more details about SAMCO Review.
  7. SAS Online : Delhi based discount broker is giving brokerage (Rs 9 per trade) and monthly plans for volume traders.Read and follow more details about SAS Online Review.
  8. Tradeplus : Tradeplus Online offers lowest refundable unlimited trading plans of Rs 99 per month. Read and follow more details about Tradeplus Online Review.
  9. Trade Smart Online Review: Rs 15 Per trade plan.Read and follow more details about Trade Smart Online.

  10. Traderjini : Rs 20 per trade plan.Read and follow more details about Traderjini Review.

Straight forward pricing structure: Discount Brokers' pricing structure is very simple, compared to traditional or full service brokers. Everyone pays the same brokerage either they buy 1 share or 1000 shares. Making the price clear and easy to understand is part of making it easy to adopt. Discount Brokers are trying to get more business from word of mouth publicity rather than high cost advertisement and media research.

Never skimping on quality - It would be a mistake to think that low cost share brokers skimp on quality of service, Software quality, Speed of trade and customer support is as competitive as full service brokers.

Here at TopShareBrokers.com we update our website daily to ensure you are getting the best deal possible for your new account.

Before choosing a broker for cheap trading, make sure to read their full broker review and compare them side by side to determine the best share broker for you.


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1. sandy  Apr 19, 2016 11:59:38 AM IST Reply
Zerodha is cheaper broker in India. Zerodha charged only Rs.10/- brokrage for 1-lakh intraday transaction.
Future & Option he will charge flat 20/- per transaction and no hidden charges.

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