8 Reasons to Trade with Edelweiss Broking Ltd

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About Edelweiss Broking Ltd

    Edelweiss Broking Ltd is a part of the Edelweiss Group, a leading company offering diversified financial services in India. The organization offers a variety of financial products and services to a large client base, making it one of the strongest reasons to trade with Edelweiss. Headquartered at Mumbai, the company's product and services cover various asset classes and cater to a diverse consumer segment including institutions, corporations, and individuals on a domestic and international level. It deals in the capital market, asset management, credit, insurance business, and commodities.

    Catering to a client base of over 12 lakh users, the Edelweiss Group manages to enjoy a strong online and offline presence through its 250 branches located across 128 cities across India and globally. Its subsidiary, Edelweiss Broking, offers financial products and services spanning across segments such as equity, derivatives, currencies, mutual funds, Gold ETFs, and IPOs. 4,700 sub-brokers operating in over 680 cities offer the brokerage services of Edelweiss Broking. The company is a registered member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). It is also a depository participant with the NSDL and CSDL.

8 Reasons to Trade with Edelweiss Broking

Founded in 1995, Edelweiss has established a stronghold on online and offline channels in India. The following is a list of 8 reasons to trade with Edelweiss Broking and reasons why it continues to be a leading full-service stockbroker.

  1. Extensive Experience and Brand Value

    The company has expanded from a single office in Mumbai, to 475 branches present in 200 locations. Their team of nearly 11,938 staff members provides their services and assistance to nearly 12,00,000 clients. These achievements by the company is a feat in itself. The company has acquired big names such as JP Morgan, Forefront, and Anagram Capital during its rise. Additionally, the firm has been the recipient of many notable awards such as the "Best Broker in India" at the Finance Asia (Hong Kong) country Awards in 2016, "Best Equity Broking House" (mid-size) at the BSE - Dun & Bradstreet Equity Broking Awards 2015, to name a few.

    Through this stellar journey, the Edelweiss Broking Service has gathered experience spanning over more than two decades. Over the years the company has understood that inclusive growth aimed at clients, stakeholders, and individuals will result in the overall growth of their organization. Thus, when you invest through a mature company as Edelweiss, you are bound to benefit from their experience and brand value.

  2. Approachable Customer Care Service and Accessories

    Having a fleet of professionally groomed, customer care agents who are readily available to offer aid can greatly improve the user experience. The customer care associates at Edelweiss Broking are available from 8 am to 8 pm all seven days in a week. Their toll-free contact number is 1800-1002-3335. The company bears such great confidence in its interface that they are sure that their clients will hardly use this feature. If you wish to opt for call and trade facility, then you may also drop a line on the mentioned toll-free number. You can also reach the customer care agents over email over [email protected]

    Furthermore, every client who signs up to invest through Edelweiss is allocated a relationship manager (RM), who is responsible for facilitating offline trade. They are also helpful in clarifying trade-related doubts and queries. Contacting your designated RM is easy by locating them on your ‘My Profile' portion of the website. One of the best reasons to trade with Edelweiss is that this provision of call and trade and allotment of a dedicated relationship manager is available at no additional cost!

  3. Availability of Multiple Platforms

    What really works in the favor of Edelweiss and features as reasons to trade with the Edelweiss Broking Service is the variety of platforms to initiate and finalize any trade activity. The available trading medium includes the following:

    • Website and Mobile WAP - Edelweiss.in is the official website that acts as a free online trading platform for those wishing to trade and/or invest in financial products. It also allows the users to track their portfolio, keep updated through charts, and make quick transactions through instant fund transfer services. The website is also available in a low bandwidth mode, which allows even mobile users to operate the website on their mobile browser.
    • Edelweiss Broking Xtreme Trader - Edelweiss Broking Xtreme Trader is a trading software that needs to be installed on your device before operation. Through this medium, users can gain access to live quotes, technical trading tools, and advanced charting tools, especially for high frequency trade. The interface is extremely user-friendly as they can customize it as per their preferences. One can even set up stock alerts based on the conditions that you may deem favorable. Edelweiss Broking Xtreme Trader is largely aimed at individuals that carry out heavy trade on a daily basis.
    • Edelweiss Broking Traders Lounge - Edelweiss Broking Traders Lounge offers browser-based channels, which users can access through their dedicated username and password. The platform contains live news that can offer users an insight on the market leanings.
    • Edelweiss Xpress - Edelweiss Xpress replicates the terminal trade environment without the need for installing any software on your system. If you are using a proxy server or have a robust firewall in place, you can carry out trade over Edelweiss Xpress. The application is powered by Java-based scripts and is actually a browser dependent application. Users can quickly and easily carry out trade directly through its Xpress screen.
    • Terminal X3 - TX3 is an all in one platform that allows charting, trading, analysis, and calculations in a single destination. Advertised as the terminal with the ‘X' factor, Terminal X3 gives users the access to extensive and in-depth share market information, advanced charting options, live reports supported by a separate research section, calculators, and calendars to schedule timely decisions. All the features are easily modifiable wherein the screens can be converted to widgets that allow you to keep a track of multiple screens. All the configrable tools available over TX3 make it easier for any trade-related activities.
    • Edelweiss Mobile Trader (AMT) App - Mobile-based applications are becoming largely popular with the user base. Thus, to cater to such a clientele, Edelweiss has introduced a dedicated mobile trading app at no additional cost. It is available for the iOS and Android environment. With customizable alerts and indicators paired with a live feed, you can stay always updated and never miss an opportunity. What really stands out as one of the reasons to trade with Edelweiss, especially through the mobile application are the exciting offers that pour in regularly and allow the users to save more.
  4. Wealth Management and Advisory Services

    In addition to trade services and financial products, Edelweiss also acts as an investment adviser with the aim of empowering the users to capitalize on market gains. The advisory services are dedicated to encouraging the clients to maximize their gains or returns with little to minimalistic risk. Additionally, once you create an account with Edelweiss and record your basic expectations, the company will guide you in portfolio creation suiting your budget and risk appetite.

    The company offers portfolio management services (PMS), which are registered at SEBI, at an additional cost. This can be broadly classified as the following:

    • Edelweiss Event Arbitrage PMS - Through the Edelweiss Event Arbitrage PMS, users can gain returns by engaging in corporate events through open offers. The strategy is available for domestic individuals and corporate and the ideal time horizon is 18 months.
    • Dynamic Value PMS - Dynamic Value PMS deals with returns generated through equities. It aims for a lower risk than general equities and is open to NRIs, domestic individuals, and corporate. The ideal time horizon for this strategy is 24 months.
    • Edelweiss Smart Asset Allocation PMS - The Edelweiss Smart Asset Allocation PMS allows the development of multi-asset allocation with dealings in gold, equities, and debt. The investments are kept dynamic and vary depending on the macro factors. The Smart Asset Allocation PMS strategy is open to NRIs, domestic individuals, and corporate and the ideal time horizon for it is 24 months.
  5. Asset and Portfolio Diversity

    Due to the various offshoots of the Edelweiss Financial Group, the Edelweiss Broking offer a large variety of investment avenues. Diversifying your portfolio will positively affect your investment, enabling you to maximize your capital gains. Not only in investment, but Edelweiss Broking also offers investment advice on all the major asset classes such as:

    • Equity
    • Futures & Options (F&O)
    • Derivatives
    • Commodities
    • Currencies
    • Mutual Funds
    • Gold Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs)
    • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
    • Fixed Income
    • Bonds
    • Non Convertible Debentures (NCDs)

    As mentioned before, Edelweiss Broking offers a variety of platforms and each of them is capable of allowing the user to invest in mutual funds, equities, debt, IPOs, currency derivatives, etc.

  6. Research-backed Investment Options

    The greatest point of differentiation between a discount broker and a full-service broker will always be the availability of research material, advisory services, and availability of a dedicated broker or relationship manager. Being a full-service broker, Edelweiss Broking offers the same, making it one of the strongest reasons to trade with Edelweiss Broking. The experience that Edelweiss has gathered over the span of two decades has allowed the company to record and maintain the historical data related to the market. Understanding the nature of the performance, the company creates detailed reports to aid the investors.

    This also means that using this information, even the advisory team can offer accurate predictions for the future of a particular financial product. Thus, first-time investors can make use of the guided portfolio suggestions to start investing. The organization offers both, technical calls and fundamental calls to its clients. It is ideal for those who are still finding their footing in the investment market as they will greatly benefit from the research-backed services. Furthermore, all this wealth of information and research is made available through online and offline channels.

  7. Variable Brokerage Plans and Accounts

    When dealing with a volatile market, the amount and volume the investment may vary depending on the market conditions. Thus, flexibility becomes an important factor while choosing a brokerage platform. In that aspect, Edelweiss Broking offers flexibility in terms of plan availability and user accounts. Users can choose a plan or an account that may be much suited as per their requirements.

    Firstly, the Brokerage Plans offered by Edelweiss are bifurcated for investors and traders. Accordingly, the plans offered are as below:

    Edelweiss Default Brokerage Plan (aimed at investors)

    The default brokerage plan has higher rates, but does not levy any upfront fee, allowing the investor to pay as they go. There is no time limit of validity imposed on the default brokerage plan.

    Edelweiss Investor Plan 1

    Mutual Fund Transaction Charges


    Demat Annual Maintenance

    Free for the first year; Rs. 500 p.a. from the second year

    Cash Delivery Rate


    Intraday Cash & Equity Futures


    Equity Options

    Rs. 150 per lot

    Currency Futures


    Currency Options

    Rs. 50 per lot

    Edelweiss Investor Plan 2

    Mutual Fund Transaction Charges


    Demat Annual Maintenance

    Free for the first year; Rs. 500 p.a. from the second year

    Cash Delivery Rate


    Intraday Cash & Equity Futures


    Equity Options

    Rs. 120 per lot

    Currency Futures


    Currency Options

    Rs. 30 per lot

    Edelweiss Subscription Brokerage Plan (aimed at traders)

    The Subscription Brokerage Plan is dedicated to traders where the user is required to pay a subscription fee before availing the services. The plan is valid for 12 months or as per utilization limits, beyond which, post utilization brokerage rates will be charged.

    Edelweiss Trader Plans

    Segment Plan1 Plan2 Plan3 Plan4
    Subscription Fee (inclusive of taxes) Rs. 13,800 Rs. 27,600 Rs. 62,100 Rs. 1,28,800
    Validity Period 12 12 12 12
    Cash Delivery Rate 0.30% 0.22% 0.17% 0.10%
    Intraday Cash & Equity Futures 0.03% 0.02% 0.02% 0.01%
    Equity Options Rs. 90 per lot Rs. 60 per lot Rs. 40 per lot Rs. 25 per lot
    Currency Futures 0.04% 0.03% 0.02% 0.01%
    Currency Options Rs. 22 per lot Rs. 15 per lot Rs. 10 per lot Rs. 6 per lot
    Personal Accident Insurance Cover Rs. 0 Lakhs Rs. 0 Lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs
    Criticare Insurance Cover Rs. 0 Lakhs Rs. 2 Lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs
    Medical Insurance Cover Rs. 1 Lakh Rs. 2 Lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs

    Furthermore, the Edelweiss Broking Limited Service also offers a discount brokerage plan for online traders. It offers absolute autonomy to the user and minimum inputs from the broker. However, this plan is applicable only to select clients and is liable to change without any prior notice from Edelweiss.

  8. Attractive Referral Program

    Edelweiss offers Edelweiss Trade Mate, a unique and rewarding referral program for all the users. Under the scheme, one needs to refer their friends to open an online Edelweiss free Demat account to earn attractive rewards. Once your friend opens an account at Edelweiss using your unique referral link, you will be rewarded with a shopping voucher worth Rs. 300 while your friend will also receive a shopping voucher worth Rs. 500. Additionally, if your friend's referred account transitions into a Value Account with Edelweiss, you will get additional benefits and goodies as mentioned below:

    Edelweiss Referral Program

    Silver Value Account (transfer of Rs. 5,000 or more within 30 days of opening the Demat account)

    Gold Value Account (transfer of Rs. 5,00,000 or more within 30 days of opening the Demat account)

    Platinum Value Account (transfer of Rs. 50,00,000 or more within 30 days of opening the Demat account)

    5 value accounts - Shopping voucher worth Rs. 5,000

    5 value accounts - Smartphone

    5 value accounts - Smart Watch

    10 value accounts - Tablet

    10 value accounts - JBL Xtreme Portable Speaker

    10 value accounts - iPad

    20 value accounts - Victorinox Cabin Bag of 21"

    20 value accounts - Laptop

    20 value accounts - Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Final Thoughts

    On the whole, Edelweiss Broking Limited Services offers all the advanced tools and products that you would expect from a full-service broker. The quality customer service aims at building long and lasting contacts with their clients. However, what it can improve in making a 24x7 live chat facility available to the clients. The primary aim of the company is to empower its users so that they can reap gains from the market conditions. Support across various segments and multiple assets also make Edelweiss an invaluable brokerage platform.

    Another factor tipping the scales in favor of Edelweiss is its strong offline presence. With the availability of physical branches and sub-brokers, one can address issues or carry out a trade even without internet access. Dedicated relationship managers can enhance the user experience by making it hassle-free as they assist any transactions over the many Edelweiss platforms. Furthermore, the free call to trade facility will also be greatly appreciated by the old school traders.

    The flexibility in carrying out any trade of varying volume can be regulated through choosing a suitable brokerage plan. Despite the flexibility, it would be a wise move to first get a thorough understanding of the offerings and limitations of each plan and then choose accordingly. All the assistance offered by Edelweiss can act as a great foundation for newbies looking to make an investment. It will be a great learning experience, thereby, justifying the relatively higher brokerage and account opening charges that you may have to pay. However, it must be noted that most features and offerings are more suitable for a regular investor rather than a one-off trader.

Last updated on 31st Jul 2019



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  1. 1. Am I eligible to open an Edelweiss Trading Account?

    If you are a resident Indian or a Non-resident Indian (NRI) residing in Gulf Countries (GCC), Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, UK, and Hong Kong, you can open an Edelweiss Trading Account.



  2. 2. Am I required to maintain a minimum balance to operate an Edelweiss Trading Account?

    No, there are no specific criteria for the minimum amount that should be maintained in your account.



  3. 3. Does Edelweiss offer a 3 in 1 trading account?

    Unfortunately, no. Edelweiss does not offer a 3 in 1 trading account.



  4. 4. What are the Account Opening Charges for Edelweiss Broking Limited?

    While opening a trading account with Edelweiss Broking, users have to make a one-time payment of Rs. 1000/- and no annual maintenance charge. On the other hand, Demar account may be opened at no charge and is free for the 1st year, beyond which, an annual maintenance charge of Rs. 500 needs to be paid.



  5. 5. Does Edelweiss Broking Limited Service offer GTC Order facility?

    Yes, the Edelweiss Broking Limited-Service offers Good Till Cancelled or GTC Orders facilities.



  6. 6. Can I invest in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) through the Guided Portfolio?

    Yes, you can invest in SIP through the guided portfolio. Right from the second investment in any scheme, the transactions will be initiated and debited by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) following which the allocation of units of the fund takes place.



  7. 7. Is the Edelweiss Mobile Trading App available in the Windows Store?

    Unfortunately, no. The Edelweiss Mobile Trading App is not available for Windows mobile phones.



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