7 Reasons to Trade with SAS Online

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7 Reasons to Trade with SAS Online

About SAS Online

South Asian Stocks Online or SAS Online was founded on 1st April 2013 as an online discount brokerage organization. Soon enough, the company realized that India needed a medium that made investment easy and affordable with a minimalistic brokerage. What started with just 3 individuals slowly evolved into a thriving business with SAS Online touching 1000 clients in just about seven months. The financial firm offers brokering services in a range of assets such as stocks, currency, future and options, and commodities at the MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange), NSE (National Stock Exchange of India), and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) exchanges.

AS of December 2018, the daily average turnover of SAS Online stands at Rs. 7000+ crores, which occupies a greater than 1% of the market share. The discount broker handles more than 60,000 orders daily. In addition to these daily transactions, SAS Online caters to more than 20,000 clients situated across approximately 750 cities in India. Since the organization operates from a single city, that is, Delhi, it cut down on its infrastructural and staffing expenses, which trickles down to its customers through a lower brokerage. The company goes by the motto “By Traders, For Traders.”

7 Reasons to Trade with SAS Online

Given that SAS Online is fairly new in the field of discount brokerage and investment, anybody who is keen on putting their money may act wary of it. In fact, one should overcome their fear since there are a number of reasons to trade with SAS Online. Considering that the firm acts as a discount broker, it would naturally offer negligible brokerage. Additionally, since SAS Online is still trying to establish a strong client base, it is a natural strategy to offer deals that appear too good to be true. If you are still confused about whether it is worth the trouble, the following are some of the reasons to trade with SAS Online that will help you make up your mind:

    High Margin Funding

    The world of stocks is rather volatile. There may be moments where you get an offer that is too good to pass up on. However, a budget is the primary limiting factor in every transaction. Thus, not having enough money when you come across such an opportunity may result in a financial loss. In such a scenario, your broker can offer you a short-term loan that you can avail at an agreed interest to necessitate your purchase. This advance is called Margin Funding.

    SAS Online comes with the EquityPlus feature that allows clients to purchase more stocks in delivery using the same amount of funds available in their trading account. Thus, EquityPlus enables a higher exposure in lieu of delivery. Clients can purchase delivery that is nearly 5 times of the cash balance. However, the maximum funding available is capped at 50 lakhs. Any client who has a minimum ledger balance of Rs. 50,000 only can avail the EquityPlus services. EquityPlus is a paid service and can avail on PA charges of Rs 999 + GST. This service is in auto-renewable mode. The interest on borrowed money will be charged .05% Per day.

    To get an idea about the intraday margins offered by SAS Online, check out the table given below:

    SAS Online Margin
    Type Margin
    Equity Cash - BO/CO - Intraday Up to 20x on F&O Stocks
    Equity Cash - MIS - Intraday Up to 5-8x on F&O Stocks
    Equity Cash - Delivery - CNC 1x margin (No Margin), With Equity Plus - Up to 4x on Selected Stocks.
    Equity Furures - BO/CO - Intraday Up to 5x on all index and Stock Futures contracs.
    Equity Futures - MIS - Intraday Up to 2x on all futures selling contracts.
    Equity Futures - Carry - NRML 1x margin (No Margin)
    Equity Options - BO - Intraday Up to 5x on Options Selling and 2x on Options buying.
    Equity Options - MIS - Intraday Up to 2x on all options selling contracts.
    Equity Options - Carry - NRML 1x margin (No Margin)
    Currency - MIS - Intraday Up to 2x on all futures and options selling contracts.
    Currency - Carry - NRML 1x margin (No Margin)
    Commodity Furures - BO/CO - Intraday Up to 5x on all the futures contracs.
    Commodity Futures - MIS - Intraday Up to 2x on all futures contracts.
    Commodity Futures - Carry - NRML 1x margin (No Margin)
    SPAN Margin Calculator SPAN Margin

    For a client to avail the margin facilities on their holdings (Margin Against Shares), they are supposed to transfer shares from their DP to their beneficiary accounts. Once the shares stand transferred, then the margin available against the transferred shares may be availed by the client.

    Rs. 9 per Trade Plan

    One of the solid reasons to trade with SAS Online is the Rs. 9 per Trade Plan that the firm offers. According to the plan, irrespective of the client’s trade size, they simply have to pay a fee of Rs. 9 flat per executed trade. This Trade Plan extends to commodities, currency segments, or equities. Additionally, when it comes to Equity cash, clients can choose between making a payment of Rs. 9 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) for intraday trade. Similarly, when it comes to delivery, clients can make a pick between Rs. 9 or 0.1% (whichever is lower).

    Through this plan, clients can avail a margin against their share and follow the same trade plan for their regular intra-day or delivery trades. Traders can enjoy leverage up to 20 times in Equity cash and on the other hand when dealing with MCX and NFO, they get a 5 times leverage. Thus, through the Rs. 9 per Trade Plan, a client can enjoy all the advantages without having to maintain any account minimums or setting any prior commitment.

    Variable Unlimited Trading Plans

    If the Rs. 9 per Trade Plan does not woo you, there are other options also available that will suit your trade requirements. The major trade plans offered by SAS Online are as below:

    • 999 per month Trade Plan (MCX): With this plan, you can participate in unlimited trade in commodities
    • 999 per month Trade Plan (Equity): Through this plan, you can trade in equities without having to deal with brokerage at every trade. You gain access to BSE Cash, NSE Cash, and NSE F&O available at zero brokerage.
    • 499 per month Trade Plan (Currency): The Rs. 499 per month plan allows you unlimited trade in currency derivatives.

    Thus, depending on what item you are eyeing to trade in and how frequently do you carry out trade activities, you can choose a plan that is perfect depending on your needs.

    ALPHA Platforms

    To further simplify the process of trading, SAS Online has introduced the Alpha Platform. The company aims to make Alpha the fastest and most reliable user-friendly platform for its clients. Alpha servers are co-located along with the exchange and hence clients can get quick and accurate updates on the prevalent rates so that they can quickly place orders. As per the company’s claims, these servers experience zero downtime.

    A few of the additional features of Alpha includes:

    • SPAN calculators allow clients to calculate their intra-day and carry forward margins
    • The Auto Pay-in is a built-in feature that allows users to transfer through the payment gateway to get an immediate limit update
    • Once the client has confirmed their contact, SAS Online will keep you updated on your trades by sending you SMS alerts
    • Higher margins offer a higher leverage through cover orders and bracket orders.

    Alpha is available over multiple platforms, namely:

      ALPHA Trader

      Alpha Trader is the desktop version of the superior charting and integrated trading platform. Alpha Trader offers power, flexibility, and speed to meet an active trader’s demand. The platform is equipped with dynamic market-scanning tools that constantly scour the market, completely customizable charting that allows you to keep a track of stocks that you have been eyeing, super-fast trade execution, and advanced order management along with the facility to trade from charts.

      Using Alpha Trader, you can have a single window for BSE, NSE, and MCX trading and quotes. The charting contains more than 80 technical indicators in addition to the 10 types of charts (such as Bar, Candle, etc.) to perform a Technical Analysis. You may also set up Scripted Alerts that notify you of any emerging opportunity by comparing your ideas with the real market data that is available.

      ALPHA Web

      Alpha Web is a web-based platform to carry out lightning fast trade. Using its advanced socket technology, the platform offers real-time market feed. You can make use of keyboard shortcuts that you may be familiar with to execute orders or navigate through the platform. The availability of keyboard shortcuts allow clients to instantly make sales and purchases to capitalize on high market volatility. The customizable chart feature of Alpha Trader is also made available on Alpha Web, with over 100 technical indicators. The live market filters allow clients to locate hot stocks, such as highly active stocks, 52 week high or low breakers, volume shockers, etc.

      ALPHA Mobile

      Alpha Mobile brings live trading to your mobile device. Through this application, you can sync your data that is available on other platforms. Thus, using Alpha Mobile, you can monitor stock quotes, perform chart analysis, place and execute orders, trade, and check your position while you are on the run. You will be provided with real-time market data and indices of individual contracts along with access to advanced order types, which includes cover orders, after market orders, and bracket orders. Through Alpha Mobile, you can get live alerts for price variation and order execution at the palm of your hand. The application does not limit or restrict your activities and even allows Pay-in funds feature through app.

    5:Multiple Trading Platforms

    In addition to the newly released Alpha Platforms, SAS Online is still sticking to terminal-based and web-based trading platforms. Users can also make use of the following medium:

    • SAS NEST: NEST Trader is a terminal-based platform that users can download and install on their computer and desktops to trade in BSE, NSE, and MCX using a single window. It initiates faster executions of orders along with real-time monitoring.
    • SAS Mobile: SAS Mobile is a mobile-based application that allows iPhone, Android, and Windows phone users to real-time market feed along with live tracking of positions and orders.
    • SAS Web: For lighting fast trade, users can also make use of SAS Web HTML 5 which is compatible with all browsers. Since the live webpage can be viewed over an internet browser, users do not have to download or install any extension or application. To access this website, you may head over to trade.sasonline.in
    • Call and Trade: In addition to all the online modes, SAS Online also offers the offline method to call and place orders. However, it must be noted that this feature is available at an additional cost of Rs. 20 per trade.

    Attractive Referral Schemes

    Amongst the many reasons to trade with SAS Online, the one that stands out the most is the referral scheme. Users can share their unique code with friends and family while referring SAS Online as a suitable platform. The referral program allows clients to refer friends and earn from 20 to 50% of the brokerage paid by them.

    Nominal Account Charges

    Opening and operating an account on SAS Online is not only extremely easy but it also involves minimalistic charges. The portal does not bill any Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) to its clients. However, opening a trading account involves a one-time charge of Rs. 200. Similarly, the one-time cost for opening a Demat Account is Rs. 200. The yearly fee for the AMC of Demat Account is Rs. 200 (for individuals) and Rs. 500 (for non-individuals).

    Additionally, when an individual subscribes to monthly or yearly brokerage plans then the charge will be imposed according to a calendar month/year. In the duration of the brokerage plan, irrespective of the volume of trade, until the brokerage amounts to Rs. 999 or 499, no charge will be levied. Thus, if you do not participate in any trade in your account, you will not be charged any brokerage.

Few Frequently Asked Questions While Trading with SAS Online

After reading all about the reasons to trade with SAS Online, you may be plagued by certain questions about the portal. Thus, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions when trading with SAS Online:

    Can Brokerage Plans be changed? If yes, then how?

    Yes! If, due to some reason, you may wish to modify your brokerage plan, then you can do so on SAS Online. Simply shoot a message to [email protected] from your registered mail ID. Do bear in mind that the change in brokerage plan will be made applicable from the following working day.

    Can Accounts be Auto-settled? If yes, then how?

    According to the guidelines set down by SEBI, auto-settlement of account should be carried out at least once annually (for a calendar year).

    However, if your account satisfies any one of the conditions mentioned below, then the account may be auto-settled without the necessity of transferring funds or securities to the client account.

    The conditions for auto-settlement of any account (on any given day):

    • In case intraday/delivery turnover in the cash segment is equal to or greater than the total funds and securities
    • Minimum 50% of the total margin deposited, including cash and collateral, is being used by the outstanding FO position.

    How does the user know if the funds transferred have been updated?

    To track the status of a fund transfer, you may follow the steps given below:

    • Navigate to the “View Order and Trade Report” tab
    • Click on “View RMS Limits” and then on “Show all clients.”

    If your funds have been successfully transferred, the transaction will reflect in the ‘Pay-in’ column.

    Which Banks are linked through Payment Gateway for transfer of funds?

    The following banks can be linked through a Payment Gateway to transfer funds:

    • Axis Bank
    • Bank of India
    • Bank of Maharashtra
    • Catholic Syrian Bank
    • City Union Bank
    • Karnataka Bank
    • State Bank of Travancore
    • Deutsche Bank
    • Dhanlaxmi Bank
    • Federal Bank
    • HDFC Bank
    • ICICI Bank
    • State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
    • Yes Bank
    • IDBI Bank
    • Indian Bank
    • Indian Overseas Bank
    • IndusInd Bank
    • Jammu and Kashmir Bank
    • State Bank of Patiala
    • Karur Vysya Bank
    • Kotak Mahindra Bank
    • Lakshmi Vilas Bank
    • State Bank of Hyderabad
    • State Bank of India
    • State Bank of Mysore


If you are a regular trader who understands the basics of trade then SAS Online may be an excellent platform for you. Given that SAS Online charges almost negligible brokerage, you may greatly maximize your profits. Additionally, it helps to have a single window when you are trading in NSE, BSE, and MCX. The customizable charts and user-defined alerts make the online medium even more attractive for users. The Alpha platform is fairly new and still in its nascent stages, which means that SAS Online executives and technical team will be working hard to make the user’s experience as seamless as possible. With a stiff market, it is projected that SAS Online may also introduce further deals, features, and discounts, to attract a larger clientele. The company offers customer support through voice, mail, or chat. However, be wary of the hidden charges levied by SAS Online, least you feel cheated. So far on the surface, SAS Online appears to be a broker that will give you your money’s worth.

Last updated on 7th Jan 2019



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