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With the standard of living increasing, the common man has more income at his disposal than the mere food, clothing, and shelter. He is looking for ways to invest this money wisely so that he can reap benefits on short and long terms. Thus, there has been a surge in investments in the stock and mutual funds market. The greater returns have been a much more lucrative option for investment instead of the low-risk plans offered by banking institutions that bear very low interest. Understanding this trend, two brothers kick-started a fin-tech firm called Finvasia.

What is Finvasia?

Finvasia envisages on becoming a one-stop shop for all funds. It offers brokerage services for various stock market entities such as commodities, research advisory, equities and forex, corporate funding, mutual funds, structured investment, real estate, financing, asset management, investment banking, and more!

The company was founded in Canada and the founders made their way to India in 2011 as foreign institutional investors (FII). On analyzing the retail market, Finvasia expanded from offering advisory and asset management services to holistic financial solutions for all. In 2016, the in-house products were all in place and the financial ecosystem set off with its headquarters in Chandigarh.

Reasons to Trade with Finvasia

With multiple investment portals available at the click of a button, it is a legitimate concern of an investor as to which platform is best-suited for their needs. If you are stuck between having to make that choice, here are a few reasons to Trade with Finvasia that will help you make up your mind:

  1. Smooth Account Opening

    Opening the account is the first obstacle that one faces when they aspire to trade online. A portal that makes it difficult for users to open and operate an account risks losing the client entirely. Thus, a seamless user experience begins with smooth account opening, as offered by Finvasia.

  2. Real-time Trading Platforms

    The stock market is a dynamic entity with rapid changes taking place in a span of mere seconds. Thus, having a platform that offer real-time trade and analysis options will greatly improve your chances of capitalizing on the market high.

  3. Ability to Invest in Multiple Asset Classes

    Finvasia offers investment in an array of asset classes in an attempt to offer comprehensive wealth management solutions. The diversified business model of Finvasiaoffers users to invest in all trade segments such as commodities, research advisory, equities and forex, corporate funding, mutual funds, structured investment, real estate, financing, asset management, investment banking, to name a few.

  4. Zero Brokerage

    Finvasiais a discount brokerage fintech that runs by the motto “Take the Middleman out of your portfolio,” which basically erodes the brokerage charges levied in lieu of services in the investment sector. Furthermore, Finvasia does not charge any percentage based commission on the trade activities. The customer has to pay nominal fees based on the trading platform that they use. Trading in equities, F&O, and MCX are at zero brokerage charge and every other service charge is nearly negligible (for more information, check ‘Pricing’ below).

  5. Free Demat and Trading Account

    The Demat and Trading Account opening is at no charge with zeroaccount opening fee. Furthermore, customers do not have to pay any AMC for the maintenance of either of these accounts opened with Finvasia.

  6. Smooth User Interface

    The Finvasia platforms operate smoothly and have charts and indicators to indicate the market trends. The user interface is simple and is neither overwhelming nor does it strain the eyes. Additionally, observing the market on real-time basis and on multiple screens allows user to execute multiple strategies.

  7. Strong Global Presence

    Even though Finvasia has an office set up in Chandigarh, it has a strong global presence. It is an ideal platform for Foreign Portfolio Investors who are interested in the Indian markets. In addition to the NRI services, the company offers pragmatic financial and investment advice.Cost-effective clearing services are offered to NSE brokers by Finvasia.

  8. Dedicated Customer and Customer Care Services

    Finvasia offers a range of communication medium to the clients that include web chat services, web forms, phone, and email. Being a discount broker, most channels are available online. The turnaround time for grievance redressal is also small, that is, 20 days.

  9. Robo Advisory

    Robo advisory platforms make use of complex algorithms so as to analyze and research the market trends to offer advice to investors without minimum human intervention.Finvasia makes use of smart artificial intelligence to weed out human errors. With a strong research base at their disposal,Finvasiaeliminates the need for manual analysis. The robust robo advisory platform is one of the strongest reasons to trade with Finvasia.

  10. Absolute Transparency

    Even though Finvasia is a newbie in the field of stock market services and brokerage, it has a strong and dedicated clientele. This is due to the absolute transparency that is maintained by the company. There are no pesky hidden charges or brokerage fees that jump at the user. Every transaction, whether it involves small or large sums, are carried out securely.

Various Trading Platforms on Finvasia

With customers turning more demanding, a single-platform no longer makes the cut to meet all the requirements. To ensure the same, Finvasia has the following platforms for trading:

  1. Scalpert

    Scalpert, offered by Finvasia is a mobile and web-based trading platform with defined features for necessitate trade and market analysis. It is available on desktops and Android devices and the application does not charge any fees for installation or operation.

    The key highlights of Scalpert are:

    • Comes equipped with more than 40 indicators and interactive charts for technical analysis of the market
    • Fund transfer facilities are available
    • Ability to place multiple orders of various types through a single application

    The OMNESYS NEST by Finvasia is software that users can download so to install on their laptops or desktops. It is a paid platform with standard plans starting at Rs. 149 per segment and extending to premium plans that charge Rs. 777 across segments. The application is compatible with NSE and offers some remarkable features such as:

    • Availability of online payments and money transfers
    • Order placements for multiple asset classes and varied trading segments
    • Interactive charts and indicators to analyze markets in the real time scenario
  3. NOW

    Neat On Web, or NOW is a free internet-based platform that is powered by NSE. Finvasia is a licensed broker offering NOW services. The platform is available on mobile, laptop, and desktop platforms and users do not have to download or install any application. Even though NOW is available for free for NSE, while for BSE, the premium services on the software are available at Rs. 120 per segment.

    NOW attributes trust, which one of the many reasons to trade with Finvasia. Some features of NOW are:

    • Cross platform trade across currencies, mutual funds, equities, and derivatives possible.
    • It allows After Market Orders (AMO)
    • Users can customize the screen layout as per their requirements and preferences
    • Easily accessible over a range of mobile devices through multiple operating systems whether iOS, Android, and Windows.

    The AMI Broker provided by Finvasia offers technical analysis tools with interactive charts and functionality tools. It is a paid platform with subscription charges of Rs. 299 per month. Users can access the tutorial to have a better understanding of the platform.AMI Broker has built-in integration tools that display scans, custom indicators, and other factors that can help the customers in accessing information offered by trading academies.

    Some key features of AMI Broker are:

    • Availability of interactive charts for easy technical analysis of the market
    • Allows customers to double check their investment strategy and change it dynamically based on the market trends
    • Offers a personalized user interface based on the client’s requirements, risk appetite, portfolio, and investment.
  5. IOB

    The Institutional Order Book, or IOB is a niche service offered to selling-side brokers who need to execute large orders simultaneously. IOB takes advantage of the price differential and intraday volatility between the future scripts of NFO and BFO and cash exchange. It follows more than 50 pre-approved exchange strategies for those actively participating in high frequency trade.

    The advanced features of IOB through Finvasia are as follows:

    • Availability of multiple channels
    • Direct APIs for the customers
    • Accurate VWAP Calculators
    • Algo integration with the investment strategy
  6. Presto

    Presto by Finvasia offers API-based solutions to the clients to allow customized trading. The monthly charges of trading on Presto are Rs. 1599 per month. It is ideal for heavy and experienced traders who carry out the technical analysis on their own and use their knowledge to make trade decisions on their own.

    Presto offers:

    • Customized APIs over .NET, JAVA, Python, C# platforms
    • Live market analysis with real-time data
    • Customized strategies drafted by customers
  7. Blitz

    Blitz is a powerful trading channel offered by Finvasia. It is yet another API model-based platform that is loaded with a number of features. The charges for trading on Blitz are Rs 7777 per month. The key highlights of using Blitz include:

    • Multiple asset trading across various segments with a safe and secure system.
    • Pre-defined strategies such as Cash to Future, Option Twist Leg, Calendar Spread, etc.
    • Completely automated trade activities with optimum risk management.

Pricing and other charges with Finvasia

Finvasia offers competitive prices that are comparable to the other discount brokers. It offers zero charge for account opening and maintaining for Demat and Trading Accounts. The few charges levied by Finvasia are as follows:

Trading Platform Charges

NSE – Rs. 0

BSE – Rs. 120


Standard Plan – Rs 149 per segment (with Rs. 99 bracket order)

Premium Plan – Rs 777 for all segments (with no bracket order fee)

AMI Broker Rs 299 per month
Presto Rs 1599 per month (excluding license cost)
Blitz Rs 7777 per month (excluding taxes)

Transaction Charges

Exposure or Leverage

Equity Delivery



Equity Intraday


Up to 10 times

Equity Futures


Up to 2 times

Equity Options



Currency Futures



Currency Options





Up to 2 times


If you are an experienced trader who is looking for a high end trading platform, then Finvasia is the right choice for you. Opting for their paid platforms will allow users to experience the premium services offered by Finvasia while expanding on their profits. Since the company is a new kind in the stock broking industry, it is working hard to establish itself as a reliable platform and offers multiple investment opportunitiesin various assets using a single medium. The growth of Finvasia looks promising in the sphere of discount brokerage services.

Last updated on 8th Jul 2019



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1. Anwesha Rout  12/14/2018 10:14:03 AM Reply
Good move, Still I am not able to understand how come Finvasis is going able to provide Trades in Zero Brokerage. One thing I have observed that It''s not giving Higher Margin, Any other points user can put who are using Finvasia Services.

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