10 Reasons to trade with Angel Broking

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Angel Broking has been within the top 3 retail broking houses of India since its inauguration in 1987. Angel Broking is an established wealth management company which provides a diversified number of services ranging from Portfolio Management services, Life Insurance, to Depository services, etc. Located mainly in Mumbai, the reach for this retail service broker is vast and they had already established their branches over the peninsula over about 900 cities and have over 1 million active clients and 8500 sub-brokers! Their services didn’t remain confined to India only but rather spread over as NRI service to over 800K and all the retail clients over 143 nations worldwide. They had pocketed 'Best Equity Broking House' award, D&B Broking Award, and some notable others, which has kept them to the top row of the Indian brokerage houses.


Surely the question may arise, why Angel broking? There are several other retail brokers, but there must be something special that would go in favor of them. The reasons to trade with Angel Broking are as given below:

    1.Convenient Trading Platforms

    Angel Broking offers five different, completely unique and technologically morphed trading platforms for their potential clients to choose the most suitable out of them. The platforms are as follows:

    1. Angel Eye: Basically, it is a trading application which is browser-based and lays emphasis on portfolio tracking mainly. Apart from its specific features, it has a feature for the common screen for segments, regular market updates, etc.
    2. Angel SpeedPro: As the name implies, its a fast paced application based trading platform which provides auto updates, accessible markets from various terminals and convenient manipulation.
    3. Angel Trade: It's principally a browser-based platform which also has the auto-update feature. It can be said as the browser version of the Angel SpeedPro.
    4. Angel Lite: Another browser based but a mobile trading tool which is designed especially for low GPRS connectivity. The so-called tools have the feature of live rates viewing, the percentage change of the stocks and last traded price too!
    5. Angel Swift: It's an app for mobile trading. It can be accessed on the Smartphone, as well as tablet devices. Trade on equity and commodity market!

    2.Cheap brokerage charges

    Angel Broking seems to be relying on a pocket-friendly approach, which can be seen clearly in their brokerage charges. Now you can trade online in any segment, Max @Rs 30 Per trade. So the company has decided 2 brokerage slot depend on your volume. If the trade amount is <50000 Rs your brokerage will be Rs 15 else Rs 30. But this is very easy and convenient plan offered by Angel Broking.

    3.Elite Market Research

    Angel Broking posses an excellent elite market stock research team, which works in complete collaboration to chalk out the hottest and latest market trends by conducting in-depth research. Complimentary advice based on those researches were also delivered that helps the traders to plan their next move with ease.

    4.Longer Market experience

    The time span ranging from 1987 is not a small one! Angel Broking has been flourishing gradually overtime and dominating other retail service brokers over this time span. They are well-versed with prevalent market tactics as well as traditional trading knowledge, which makes them stand out as the unique house out there.

    5.Diverse Investment Vehicles

    Angel Broking has its unique perks for their potential clients. With Angel Broking, potential customers enjoy the benefit of investing in private funds as well as hedge funds, either of which will not be accessible to the public.

    6.ARQ Advisory Service

    A new tactic devised by angel broking is the Portfolio health manager or ARQ Score checker for both stocks and Mutual funds. Simply this service lets the traders put their stock or MF credentials and get a certificate of their heath, and also diagnose the weaker portions to remove it.

    7.SMS Advisory

    Every trader wants to have advisory delivered right to their pocket without any hassle. And if the same happens for free? That will be the ice-breaker for sure. Angel Broking has incorporated a promotional perk of free premium SMS advisory for the first 3 months.

    8.Extremely personalized and sophisticated support

    Angel Broking believes in delivering the utmost care to their valued customers. Their customized and personalized help desk is always ready to provide assistance via phone, E-mail, Live chat or SMS.

    9.Angel Portfolio Management Services

    Angel Broking offers PMS service to HNI customers. This is customized service.

    10. Angel Bee

    To invest in Mutual Funds, Angel BEE is the platform provided by broker. This is free MF App for investor.


    Whenever you are going to trade, your assets or portfolios should be in healthy condition to gain greater benefit. And to check whether your assets are in good condition or not, this automated software has devised that checks and eradicates the weak areas of your portfolios and render valuable advice


    Sometimes we are left with no choice either than selling shares to meet our monetary requirements. But in that case, we are bound to sell shares sometimes even a loss to get money. But why do that, if you can just keep your shares enclosed for loans? without actually selling them? Yes, Angel Broking has made it possible for their clients.


Angel Broking is considered to be one of the most complete retail broker houses of India that has been in a run of dignity since 1987. With over 900+ pan-India presence, this broker house has accumulated trust from over 1 million potential customers. They devised some unique policies by merging traditional trading methodology and modern technology. Despite some minor drawbacks like the absence of much demanded 3-in-1 account and online money transfer options, there are many positive reasons to trade with Angel Broking. Their unique Life-2500 scheme helps the customers to get relieved of yearly AMCs. They provide a cutting edge Forex trading platform to keep the pace with the technological revolution in the fields of trading. Angle Broking knew the depth of providing trade at the customer's doorstep, which led them to devise different trading platforms. Overall, Angel broking can undoubtedly be the first choice for expert traders to get their trades to a level of perfection.

Last updated on 18th May 2019



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