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    ICICI Direct is a leading and iconic full service broker under the ambit of ICICI Securities, which is a part of the ICICI Group. With its association with one of the top financial service providers, ICICI Direct has a lot to offer, including a host of investment products including, online equity, currency, and derivatives trading, non-convertible debentures, fixed deposits, home loans, ETF, investment opportunities in mutual funds and IPO, wealth management and products, eLocker, bonds, and much more. Basically, all the financial products are available on a singular platform - ICICI Direct.

    ICICI Direct: Account Opening Process

    Anybody who is a resident Indian, non-resident Indian, or an individual residing in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) Countries of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar can avail the ICICI Direct services.

    NOTE: Anyone wishing to open an ICICI Direct account must also have a savings bank or DEMAT account with ICICI. In case they are not holding an account, they will also have to apply for fresh banking and DEMAT account along with the trading account.

    You can open an ICICI Direct bank,trading and demat account through the following ways:


      To open an ICICI Direct account through an offline channel, you need to first visit to download and print the account opening form. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest ICICI Direct branch and request for an account opening form.

      In the ICICI Direct Account Opening Form, enter the mandatory details such as:

      • Customer/Corporate Office Details
      • Bank Account Details [ICICI Savings Bank account holders can link their existing account (by filling out part A of Section 2), whereas new bank account holders will have to apply for a new bank account (by filling out part B of Section 2)]
      • DEMAT Account Details [ICICI DEMAT Bank account holders can link their existing account, whereas new users will have to apply for a new DEMAT account]
      • Declaration, Signatures, and Photographs

      In addition to the duly filled out form, you need to produce self-attested copies of the following documents (for individuals):

      1. PAN card of the individual
      2. Two passport size photographs
      3. Identity and Address proof - this includes PAN, valid passport with photographs and signatures, Voter ID card, Driving license issued by Regional Transport Authority, Aadhaar card (with Unique Identification Number)
      4. Bank passbook or bank statement for a period immediately preceding three calendar months; along with a cancelled cheque containing details of bank account
      5. Latest Networth certificate duly signed by a Chartered Accountant
      6. New users will have to furnish an introduction by an existing bank account holder
      7. If the individual is enjoying credit facilities, they will have to furnish a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the lending bank

      For Companies, Corporations, and Partnership Firms, the following documents are required (relevant documents may be selected depending on the kind of establishment):

      1. PAN card of all associated individuals including promoters, partners, trustees, and members of the board of directors.
      2. Two passport sized photographs of each authorised signatories, directors, or partners
      3. Identity proof, PAN, and Address Proof of all the authorised signatories, directors, partners, or direct and indirect promoters
      4. Proof of Communication Address (if it is not stated in the Certificate of Incorporation)
      5. Certificate of Incorporation
      6. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
      7. Articles of Association (AOA)
      8. Certificate of commencement of business
      9. Board or Governing Body resolution
      10. Share holding patterns
      11. Updated list of all directors along with their addresses
      12. Partnership Letter
      13. Partnership deed

      Cross-check your documents with the checklist and place your signatures in the relevant spots. Once everything is in order, you can mail or courier the documents at the following address:

        ICICI Securities Ltd.

        A-Wing, 7th Floor, Autumn Estate,

        Chandivali Farm Road, Opposite MHADA Colony,

        Chandivali, Andheri (East)

        Mumbai - 400 072.

        Maharashtra, India.

      You can also drop off the documents at the branch closest to you and they will forward your documents to the Head Office.


      To open an online account, visit to register for an ICICI Direct account.

      Alternatively, you can visit www.icicidirect.com. On the right tab, you can also check out the “I am interested in” tab and select the appropriate option amongst the type of accounts available in the drop-down menu. Click on the ‘Open my account’ button and you will be redirected to the registration page.

      Once again, choose the correct account type in the drop-down menu and enter all the relevant details such as:

      • First Name, Last Name
      • City, State, and Pincode
      • Email ID, Mobile Number
      • And the CAPTCHA

      Click on Submit. If you are an NRI Customer, register on ICICIDirect NRI Account Opening page.

      You can even choose your preferred User ID (which is case-sensitive) and the password linked to it. Remember to note down the ARN ascribed to your application. This ARN should be written on your physical applications so that the same User ID and password can be allotted to your application.

      On submission of the form, you will be contacted by an ICICI customer executive and they will visit you within two working days to carry out the account opening formalities.

      You will have to submit self-attested copies of the following documents when visited by the executive:

      1. Two passport size photographs
      2. One passport size photograph of the nominee
      3. PAN card
      4. Address proof

      Also, keep the original documents at hand for verification by the executive.

      Once all your information has been verified, your ICICI Direct account will be made operational.

      The service of verification of documents at home is subject to the availability of the customer executive. In case the agent does not visit you within two days, you may raise a ticket with ICICI Direct.

      In case the house visiting service is not available in your region, you can courier or mail the documents at ICICIDirect Head Office.

      ICICI Direct Insta Account

      In addition to the 3-in-1 account, ICICI Direct also offers Insta Account for dealing in Mutual Funds. The process of opening an ICICI Direct Insta Account is entirely paperless and hassle-free. It offers the following advantages:

      • Research repository to choose the correct Mutual Funds as per their requirements
      • Ease of access and convenience of anytime investment
      • Statements of Capital Gains and Dividends available in a single click

      To open an ICICI Direct Insta Account navigate to and complete the following 3 steps for getting an instant mutual fund investment account:

      1. Check your eligibility - Enter your PAN card details along with your date of birth (applicable only for a resident of India)
      2. Verify your details - Verify the details acquired from your PAN card information
      3. Generate User ID and password - choose a unique user ID and password to complete the process.

      Your account will be ready in no time!

      Branch Network

      Having a formidable presence in the Indian market, ICICI Direct is supported by a strong and widespread network of physical branches present all over the country. There are nearly 1500 ICICI branches existing in various cities where you can seek help regarding their products and services.

      Additionally, there are 75 dedicated ICICI Direct branches, which are available at the following locations:

      • ICICIDirect Branch at Agra
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Ajmer
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Allahabad
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Ahmedabad
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Amritsar
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Aurangabad
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Bangalore
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Bhopal
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Bhubaneshwar
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Chennai
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Chandigarh
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Coimbatore
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Dhanbad
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Dehradun
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Dombiavali
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Erode
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Faridabad
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Ghaziabad
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Greater Noida
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Gurgaon
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Guwahati
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Hyderabad
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Indore
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Jaipur
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Jalandhar
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Jamnagar
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Jamshedpur
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Jodhpur
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Kalyan
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Kanpur
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Kochi
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Kolhapur
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Kolkata
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Kota
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Kozhikode
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Lucknow
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Ludhiana
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Madurai
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Mangalore
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Meerut
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Mohali
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Mumbai
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Mysore
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Nagpur
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Nashik
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Navi Mumbai
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Nellore
      • ICICIDirect Branch at New Delhi
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Noida
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Panchkula
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Panipat
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Patna
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Pondicherry
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Pune
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Raipur
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Rajahmundry
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Rajkot
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Ranchi
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Salem
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Secunderabad
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Surat
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Thane
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Thrissur
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Tirunelveli
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Trichy
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Trivandrum
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Udaipur
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Vadodara
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Vapi
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Varanasi
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Vijayawada
      • ICICIDirect Branch at Vishakhapatnam

    Types of Accounts Offered by ICICI Direct

      ICICI Direct offers 3-in-1 accounts to its users, which acts as a single window for all investment requirements. A 3-in-1 account integrates your banking, trading, and DEMAT account. Through this feature, you can enjoy a seamless experience while selling or purchasing share without having to deal with settlements.

      Once your account is operational, it is accessible over various platforms, such as web, mobile, and call and trade, for carrying out any trade. Since the 3-in-1 account also is a savings bank account, users will be required to maintain a minimum average balance.

      In addition to the 3-in-1 account, ICICI Direct also offers an Insta Account for those aiming to invest in mutual funds. Unlike the 3-in-1 account, where it is mandatory for you to have an existing account or to open an ICICI account, Insta Account allows you to invest in mutual funds using your existing active bank account.

    List of Documents to Open an Account with ICICI Direct

    For opening an account with ICICI Direct, you will have to furnish the following details/information in your account opening form:

    1. Name (exactly as mentioned in your Identity proof)
    2. Up to date photograph
    3. Joint account holders will have to fill out the page number 14 of the account opening form and each applicant will have to submit the documents mentioned below.

    Additionally, you will have to submit self-attested copies of the following documents:

    • Proof of Identity
      • PAN card bearing photograph (in case of mismatch in name, additional documents to be provided are mentioned below)
      • Passport
      • Voter ID
      • Driving License
      • Mapin card
    • Proof of Residence
      • Bank Passbook or Bank Statement (existing ICICI customers can produce a Bankers verification letter)
      • Ration Card (with photographs
      • Passport
      • Voter ID (not valid for individuals from Jammu and Kashmir)
      • Telephone or Electricity bill (at least 2 months old)
      • Driving license (not valid for individuals from UP and Uttarakhand)

    ICICI Direct Account Opening Status

      ICICI Direct allows new users to check the status of their new account opening request. To check it out, head over to and enter in your Form number or Receipt number along with your Date of Birth. Once you click ‘Get Status’ you will get to see the account opening status.

    ICICI Direct Account Opening Form

    ICICI Direct Account Closure

      Before applying for account closure, ensure that you have no dues pending against your account. Furthermore, transfer all your stocks, if any, to your new account and settle your account.

      Download and print the account closure form and enter all the requisite details. Enclose the self-attested copies of your documents and send it to the ICICI Head Office.

      You may also drop it at the nearest ICICI branch available.

    What is the minimum average balance that I need to maintain with ICICI Direct?

    Since 31st December 2000, ICICI has enforced that bank account holders have to maintain a quarterly minimum balance of Rs. 5,000/-

    Failure to do so will result in the imposition of a fee of Rs. 300/- per month.

How to open an account with ICICIDirect?

Tarding Account Opening Charges: Free

Time to Open an Account: 7 days to 15 days

Opening an account is an offline process with ICICIDirect. You need to submit all documents and form to the nearest branch office or receive and send the application form from the corporate office. As ICICIDirect is not allowing online application process is a bit slow compared to online application processing. Below are the steps to open an account with ICICIDirect:


  • PAN Card - Hard Copy
  • Aadhar Card or Address Proof
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Cancelled Cheque - Physical Copy
  • Bank Statements - Last 6 Months - Physical Copy
  1. Request

    Request for open an account with ICICIDirect.

    Contact ICICIDirect


    Email   City 
  2. Call Back

    Wait for a sales representative call from ICICIDirect. He will arrange a local representative to visit you or courier you the physical form.

  3. Filling Application Form

    On receiving the form, you need to fill the application. Local sales representative can help you to fill the application. Sign the required document.

  4. Payment

    You need to include a cheque with your application form Payable to ICICIDirect for account opening fees, if any.

  5. KYC Process

    KYC will be done offline on the behalf of documents you have submited.

  6. Sign and Courier

    Sign required documents and courier back to corporate/registered office of ICICIDirect. Local sales representative can also collect your application form.

  7. Document Varification

    Documents verification by ICICIDirect support team or sales representative.

  8. Account Activation

    On approval/ account activation, you will get an email with user id and password from ICICIDirect support team. you will also get user id and password detail with courier service.

  9. Download Trading App

    Download ICICIDirect mobile app or login using web-based trading platform.

  10. Fund Transfer

    Do online fund transfer into your ICICIDirect trading account.

  11. Start First Trade

    You are all set to start your first trade with ICICIDirect.

    Is ICICIDirect Good and Reliable Broker?

    Even though the brokerage charges are higher in ICICI Direct, you will enjoy all the products offered by a full service broker. At present, it is one of the most prominent stock broker catering to the largest user base. This fact, in itself, proves how good and reliable ICICI Direct is.

    Plus, compared to discount brokers, ICICI Direct offers a wide range of investment options. Being a leading company, ICICI Direct offers premium customer service whether you are trading, investing, or banking. Finally, the guidance offered by ICICI Direct is unparalleled.

    New Account Opening - How to join ICICIDirect?

    There are many ways to join the ICICI Direct family. You can open your account with great ease through offline and online channels. The steps to open an ICICI Direct account have already been detailed above.

Request call back from ICICIDirect

    New Account Opening offers with ICICIDirect

    Unfortunately, no. At present, ICICI Direct does not have any new account offers.

    ICICIDirect Promo Code

    There are no promo codes for those opening a new ICICI Direct account. However, there are many offers for ICICI bank account holders, which can be explored.

    ICICIDirect Referral Code

    ICICI Direct offers an attractive referral program where the following benefits are available to you and your friends. If you friend give funding cheque between 1 to 5 lacks, you will get Rs 1000 as referral bonus in brokerage. The higher is amount, the more referral brokerage you get.

    In this section we have covered most frequest scenario you have about new account opening. Does ICICIDirect have any promo code? Does ICICIDirect have any special Offers? What are the refferal benefit with ICICIDirect if I refer my frineds or family? How can I start my trade with ICICIDirect? Is ICICIDirect good and reliable?

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