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Fyers Securities Account Opening

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    Fyers have invested a good amount of energy in building great trading platform with best in class user experience. Fyers currently have a trading membership with NSE only and recently (Oct 2018) they are moving towards Commodity trading via MCX. Account opening process is still offline mode. Fyers don’t force you to open a demat account if you have an existing demat account with any broker you can open an only trading account. Fyers has a tie-up with IL&FS for demat service.

    Opening account with Fyers is a very easy process, you need to download the form and send a signed copy with all the required documents to Fyers sales office. Basic documents required are PAN card, Aadhar card, photo, bank statement, canceled cheque. After Fyers team receives your document there is IPV (In Person Verification) process. Once all document related requirements are complete, you will get the welcome kit in your email. Fyers representative will help you to start online trading. The Company has posted online demo videos for tutorial purpose, which can guide you to learn on your own.

    You can use Fyers Web, Fyers One or Fyers Mobile App for start your trading. Fund transfer can be down via Payment gateway, NEFT/RTGS or via cheque payment. Fyers don’t have Mutual fund service and applying in IPO you can use Fyers Demat account when you are submitting your application via ASBA process.

How to open an account with Fyers?

Tarding Account Opening Charges: Free

Time to Open an Account: 3 days to 7 days

Opening an account is an online process with Fyers, but submitting physical form, POA form and document verification process will make this process bit longer. Below are the steps to open an account with Fyers:


  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card or Address Proof
  • Digital Photo
  • Signature on White Paper in Digital format
  • Cancelled Cheque - Digital Copy
  • Bank Statements - Last 6 Months
  1. Request

    Request for open an account with Fyers.

    Contact Fyers


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  2. Call Back

    Wait for a sales representative call from Fyers. He will explain you plan details and charges.

  3. Online Form

    Visit Fyers website to start account opening process online by provide your personal details – PAN Number, Aadhar Number, Bank Details and so on. You will get an email with the link and process explained by Sales team. You need to upload all prerequisite documents - PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Photo, Cheque, Bank Statement in Digital format. Size of each document must be less then 1MB. Possible format of files are .png or .jpg. Incase broker allow digital signature, then you need a photo of signature on white paper.

  4. Online Payment

    Pay Fyers account opening fees, if any.

  5. KYC Process

    Complete online KYC Process with help of Fyers support team.

  6. Download Form

    Download PDF file - if it Aadhar integrated (paperless) account, then you need to submit only POA form. For an offline process, you need to download complete form including POA form.

  7. Sign and Courier

    Sign required documents and courier back to corporate/registered office of Fyers. Document pickup facility available on selected location.

  8. Document Varification

    Documents verification by Fyers support team.

  9. Account Activation

    On approval/ account activation, you will get an email with user id and password from Fyers support team.

  10. Download Trading App

    Download Fyers mobile app or login using web-based trading platform.

  11. Fund Transfer

    Do online fund transfer into your Fyers trading account..

  12. Start First Trade

    You are all set to start your first trade with Fyers.

    Is Fyers Good and Reliable Broker?

    Fyers, best in class and competitive trading platform, higher leverage for intraday and CO/BO request, competitive brokerage plan including Free delivery trades, aggressive management make Fyers a good choice for traders and investors. Customer support via helpline number or online support helpdesk, you can post your query24x7 and support team will try to resolve your query ASAP. Online presence on traderji.com and one on one communication for all questions about Fyers service responded by Fyers Management team on priority, makes the dedication of customer service focus by the management team.

    New Account Opening - How to join Fyers?

    Joining or Opening a Trading account with Fyers is quick, Please provide your contact details and Fyers Representative will call you ASAP to explain you the process. As we have mentioned opening a new account with Fyers is an offline process, so with the guidance of Fyers representative, you will be in a position to open an account quickly and hassle-free.

Request call back from Fyers

    New Account Opening offers with Fyers

    Fyers is not giving any offer to open a new account, but Free Delivery trading is the biggest permanent offer given by Fyers to all its customers. Join Fyers for new account opening.The 30-day challenge by Fyers to make you a discipline investor/trader. In 30 days challenge, if you are in profit after all expenses, company will return your 30 days brokerage.

    Fyers Promo Code

    To open a new trading and demat account with Fyers there is no promo code available.Still, you can get Free Delivery Trading with Fyers without any Promo Code.

    Fyers Referral Code

    Fyers referral - earn 20% of your friends and family brokerage when you refer an f&f to fyers.

    In this section we have covered most frequest scenario you have about new account opening. Does Fyers have any promo code? Does Fyers have any special Offers? What are the refferal benefit with Fyers if I refer my frineds or family? How can I start my trade with Fyers? Is Fyers good and reliable?

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