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Kite - Zerodha Mobile Trade App

Kite Zerodha Mobile AppKite officially mobile app from Zerodha . This mobile app has all the features which you need to trade in stock marker. Single sign on for trading in NSE, BSE, Currency and Commodity. This is one of the best and unique mobile trade app from traditional mobile app like NSE NOW, ODIN NEST and so on. Loaded with easy to use features, quick, low bandwidth, visibility on funds, detail watchlist, and many more. Not available in iOS version now, but can be used on iPAD or iPHONE using browser version.

Key feature of Zerodha Mobile App are:
  • Custom Market Watch List
    • Can up to 20 script in watch list and Max 5 marketwatch
    • Add script from search results on signle click
    • Delete Script by swiping left on the marketwatch
    • Rearrange scripts
    • Switch b/w the marketwatch
    • Detailes market depth(Top 5 OFFERS and BIDS), chart , buy and sell button in marketwatch
  • Account Balance or Funds
    • Seprte Fund buckets for Equity and Commodity
    • Current Balance, Free Cash, Margin used, and more
    • Add funds by clicking on "Add" button

  • Trade in equity, derivatives, currency derivatives and commodity
    • For Deivery based equity trade - CNC(Cash and Carry)
    • For intraday trade in equity and F&O - MIS (Margin intraday squareoff)
    • For Overnight/Intraday F&O trades - NRML (Normal F&O trades)
  • For above products Order can be place with different Order types
    • Market(MKT) order - Buy or Sell order at market price
      • Limit(LMT) order - Buy or Sell order at predetermined order price
      • Stpoless (SL and SL-M) order - place order with predetermined loss booking order at a trigger price . Add a trigger low and high limit for script, so auto action can be taken in case of market volatiality.
      • SL - if limit order to be sent when trigger is hit
      • SL-M : if a market order to be sent when trigger is hit
    • Orders can be place as Regular. Bracket, Cover and AMO(After Market Order)
    • Portfolio - Details of Position and Holidings Orders, charts, add, exit and conversion option from portfolio screen.
    • Charting - Intractive chart with lots of option for better decision making
    • Order Book - Details of Pending and Executed Orders, buy and sell option from charts
    • Notifications - Order updates, executed, cancelled or rejected alerts
    • Quick and fast, use low bandwidth
    • Real time streaming quotes
    • Quick order placement
    • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
    • Android App Size: 6.8 MB
    • IOS Version: Not Available
    • iSO App Size: NA
    • .
    • Customer Reviews: Average rating (4.0 out of 5)
    • URL:
    • Contact Email: [email protected]
    • Google Play Store Download Link

    Zerodha Kite Web Base Application

    Zerodha Kite is a light weight and powerful web and mobile app by Zerodha.  Main advantage of Kite is it does consume very low bandwidth with all the feature which you see on desktop base trading platforms.

    Zerodha Kite Dashboard : This section is divided in 3 parts. Shortcut key for dashboard is “A”.

    • Watchlist: You can add new script to track in watchlist as well as if you have script in your portfolio, in watchlist you can see your holdings. You can add 20 script in one market watch and add 5 different market watchlist. So total you can add 100 scripts in your market watch.

    You have option to select between % change or absolute value of change from previous close.

    • Account snapshot - Fund Section: This gives your cash available on your account for equity and commodity, total account value, margin value utilized, position information – holdings, pending orders. You can click on any number to get more details about above data elements. For example if you want to see your holdings, by clicking on your holdings numbers on dashboard, you can see complete list of your holding scripts as portfolio.
    • Holding section: Visual effect of your holdings, this can be view in three different modes – Current Values, Investment Values or P&L basis. Position visualization will tell your current P&L by script and by clicking on green or red line you can directly on the screen where you can take next action on script like square off or add or any other action..

    Zerodha Kite Universal Search:

    To add script in watch list Zerodha has provided advance search option, you can search via the name of script directly or you can add prefix Index, NSE,BSE,MCX followed by script name. Example “index Nifty”, “BSE TCS”, “NSE Wipro”, “MCX Gold” and you have option from popup box to select the required script.

    You have option to add script in your market watch list or directly to take you on order script for buy or sell.

    Shortcut of scroll between market watch is Ctrl+Shift 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    Zerodha Kite Fund Manager:

    Shortcut Key “F”

    You can add or withdraw fund from Zerodha Kite.

    Add Funds

    • Via Online payment gateway –
      • You can add up to 4 banks to transfer funds online.
      • Select segment where you need money – Equity or Commodity.
      • Cost is Rs 9 Per Payment Transfer via Payment gateway.
      • This process will redirect to Bank Gateway.
      • After confirmation, You can see amount update on your fund dashboard.
    • Add Zerodha as Payee in your bank fund transfer process:
      • Information of Zerodha bank details available on
      • IMPS get credited instantly and NEFT get credited in 2 to 10 Hrs.
      • If doing fund transfer from bank vis IMPS or NEFT, please take the print screen of confirmation page and upload on Q under fund transfer section, so funds get credited faster.

    Fund Withdrawal

    On Kite click withdrawal request, this will take you on “Q” [Zerodha Back office Software]. You can see what your clear balance for withdrawal is. Add the amount which you wish to withdraw, once request submitted, this will take up to 24 Hrs to get money back in your primary bank account.

    All equity fund withdrawal requests are processed once every trading day at around 7.30 pm. Any request placed after is processed only the next trading day. So any withdrawal request placed on Friday after 7.30 pm will be processed only Monday which is the next trading day.


    Short Cut Key “B”(Buy)/”S”(Sell)

    Fastest and user friendly Order window.

    For Equity Cash and F&O – Three different Product Types are available:

    • CNC: Cash n Carry , you need 100% fund.
    • MIS: Margin intraday square off, for intraday traders in Equity and F&O. All MIS positions auto-squared off 10 to 15 minutes before close of markets or when losses exceed 50% of margin (Auto-square off rule can vary based on market conditions).
    • NRML -Normal F&O trades, for intraday/overnight F&O trades without additional leverage. Exchange stipulated margins, positions taken as NRML can be held until expiry, provided required margins maintained.

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    Order Type:

    • MKT : Market order - Place an order to be bought or sold at the best available market price.
    • LMT : Limit order - Place buy or sell order at a predetermined price.
    • SL : Stop Loss on Trigger price - SL if limit order to be sent when trigger is hit.
    • SL-M : Stop Loss on Market Price - SL-M if a market order to be sent when trigger is hit. SL-M is always guaranteed execution.

    You can cancel or modify your pending orders in order book window.

    On Notification Popup - Order confirmation / rejection can be tracked.

    Advance order type:

    • BO - Bracket Orders: Order with Buy Price, Sell Price and Stop Loss all bundle in one order.BO are available for NSE, NSE F&O. Bracket orders (BO) valid only for intraday, all open BO positions automatically squared off normally 10 minutes before market close.
    • CO - Cover Orders: Orders with a predetermined stop loss order. CO’s are available for NSE, NSE F&O, Currency, and Similar to bracket orders, higher leverage due to fixed stop loss and all positions auto-squared off before market close.
    • AMO – After market Orders: Place orders in advance before market opens, Timing for placing AMO are 4.00 pm to 9.14 am.

    Holdings and Portfolio:

    • Holding report shows stocks available in Demat account with qty, average buy cost, LTP, current value, P&L, Net changes in %, day’s changes.

    Advance Charts

    • Zerodha Kite has advance charts with over 100 indicators, 6 different chart types, 19 drawing tools and pop out as many charts at a time. Set chart templates, intraday data from 2014 and daily charts for over 7 years for stocks, commodities, F&O, and currencies.
    • You can open multiple charts on your screen.
    • By default you see 1 minute chart on screen which can be modify as require.
    • Advance option to compare scripts with charts.

    Zerodha Coin - Mutual Funds Direct Investment

    Zerodha started fixed monthly fee in mutual funds investment, i.e above 25,000 investments you just need to pay Rs 50 per month fee to do investment in Direct Mutual Funds. Max borkers provide free investment with mutual funds but take commission from Mutual funds house, where Zerodha is charging upfront fee of Rs 50 PM and allowing direct mutual funds investment. In Direct Mutual fund investment Zerodha is not taking any commission from Mutual funds AMC. So if you are long term investor and have good amount of investment, in such case direct mutual fund investment with fix monthly charge of Rs 50 is much beneficiary.

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    Zerodha "Q" - Web base Back office software

    “Q” is Zerodha’s one stop back office which has features like:

    • Financial Dashboard – Summary of your account represented in graphical way.
    • Fund Transfer and tracking – Online fund withdrawal request page. IMPS transfer proof upload page to get fast money in your account for trading.
    • Holdings Report: T1 & T2 holding report with Quantity, Buy Avg price, Buy Value, Previous closing price, Present value and Profit and Pledge details.
    • Reports in Excel: Historical Open position and download all reports in excel format.
    • Refer Friend and check earning.
    • Zerodha Wallet to check your earning and withdrawal request and report.
    • Trade book – with heat map to see your trend.
    • P&L Statements:
      • Absolute P&L report with your buy and sell actual.
      • Indicative P&L: This report tells you P&L in given time frame, for executed orders.
    • Tax Report: P&L report with capital gain calculation, downloadable version to be used by your CA to fill tax return on your trading earning.

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