Why IDBI Direct? Know broker in detail & FAQ

IDBI Capital LogoIDBI Direct Broker QnA (Frequently Asked Questions) and overview - IDBI Capital provides well rounded services like 3 in 1 account, support to NRIs, research reports and analytical tools but comes with subscription fee thus not suitable for casual trader. But it can suit active investors with its competitive broker... Know more about IDBI Capital

Frequently Asked Questions about IDBI Direct Trading plans and Account opening

IDBI Direct Broker QnA (Frequently Asked Questions) - Get answer of all basic question on trading plan, account opening process, fees, charges, trading tool, performance and customer care.

  1. IDBI Direct falls in which Broker Category?

    Full Service Broker

  2. Which Stock Exchanges I can trade on with IDBI Direct?

    IDBI Direct support trading at - BSE, NSE.

  3. Which all segments I can trade in with IDBI Direct?

    Equity (Delivery,Intraday,Future and Option),Currency

  4. What is the Trading Account Opening Charges with IDBI Direct?

    IDBI Direct charges Rs 700 to open account.

  5. How much is the Trading Account AMC with IDBI Direct?


  6. What is the Demat Account Opening Charges with IDBI Direct ?


  7. How much is the Demat AMC with IDBI Direct?

    Rs 350

  8. Is Demat Account Mandatory with trading account at IDBI Direct?

    Yes, Demat Account is mandatory when opening trading account with IDBI Direct.

  9. Is there any monthly plans available with IDBI Direct?

    No,IDBI Direct don't have monthly plans.

  10. Is there any yearly plans available with IDBI Direct?

    No,IDBI Direct don't have yearly plans.

  11. Is there any minimum Brokerage to trade with IDBI Direct?

    Yes, The minimum brokerage charges with IDBI Direct is Rs 25 per trade or 2.5% of the trade value whichever is lower.

  12. What are the Brokerage Charges with IDBI Direct's per segment?

    Equity Delivery - 0.50%
    Equity Intraday - 0.08%
    Equity Future - 0.08%
    Equity Option - Rs 100 per lot
    Commodity - NA
    Currency Derivatives (Future) - NA
    Currency Derivatives (Option) - NA

  13. Please refer unique and accurate IDBI Direct Brokerage Calculator

    Contact IDBI Direct

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  14. What are the Transaction Charges with IDBI Direct's per segment?

    Equity Delivery - Rs 325 Per Cr
    Equity Intraday - Rs 325 Per Cr
    Equity Future - Rs 190 Per Cr
    Equity Option - Rs 5100 Per Cr
    Commodity - NA
    Currency Derivatives (Future) - Rs 110 Per Cr
    Currency Derivatives (Option) - Rs 4000 Per Cr

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  16. Does IDBI Direct offers IPO investment?

    Yes; you can invest in IPO's with IDBI Direct.

  17. Does IDBI Direct offer Mutual Funds investment?

    Yes; you can invest in Mutual Fund's with IDBI Direct.

  18. Can I buy or trade Bonds and NCD's with IDBI Direct?

    Yes; you can trade in bonds and NCD's with IDBI Direct.

  19. One on One Comparison of IDBI Direct with popular brokers in India

    Comparison of All Brokers

  20. Can I open 3-in-1 account with IDBI Direct? Account which include share trading account, demat account and a linked bank account for seamless transitions.

    Yes; 3 in 1 account is available with IDBI Direct.

  21. Does IDBI Direct offer automated trading (algorithmic trading) for retail investors in India?

    No; IDBI Direct doesn't offer automated trading to its retail trading customers.

  22. Does IDBI Direct offer After Trading Hours Order or After Market Order (AMO) or Off Market Orders? Can I place orders after trading hours; the orders which gets executed when market opens next time? Can I place an order when the market is closed?

    Yes; you can place 'After Trading Hours' Order with IDBI Direct. The After Hour Sessions enable you to place orders even when the market is closed. The timings of the After Hour Order varies by broker to broker. Most brokers allows to place the AMO orders between 3:30 PM to 9:00 AM on trading day and 24 hrs on non trading day (weekends or trading holidays).

    Note: After hour facility for order placement may not be available certain segments. Please check with the broker for more detail about this service.

  23. Can I place Good Till Cancelled (GTC) orders though IDBI Direct? With Good Till Cancelled trading orders; order remains in the system until you cancels it or they gets executed.

    Yes; you can place GTC Orders with IDBI Direct.

  24. Does IDBI Direct offer Margin Funding for share / commodity trading?

    Yes; Margin funding is available when trading with IDBI Direct. Please contact IDBI Direct for more detail as this feature may not be available to all the customers.

  25. Does IDBI Direct back-office provide combined ledger for Equity and Commodity?

    No; combined ledger for Equity and Commodity is not available when trading with IDBI Direct.

  26. What is the Intraday Square-off Time for Intraday Trading in Equity segment at IDBI Direct?


  27. Is there any 24*7 customer support available for IDBI Direct?

    No; IDBI Direct doesn't provide 24x7 customer service.

  28. Does IDBI Direct provide customer support though live Chat on website?

    No; IDBI Direct doesn't provide customer service through Chat service online.

  29. Is there any toll free number for customer support with IDBI Direct?

    Yes; IDBI Direct provide toll free number for customer support.

  30. Does IDBI Direct offer customer service through local branch offices or broker franchise?

    Yes; IDBI Direct offers customer service through local branch offices, local partners and franchises.

  31. Does IDBI Direct publish Daily Market Research Reports?


  32. Does IDBI Direct provide any Stock/Commodity trading tips or investment strategies to its customers?

    Yes' IDBI Direct provide free tips for stock and commodity trading to its customers.

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